Power and Wealth - Chapter 419 – Seeking favors

Chapter 419 – Seeking favors

After lunch.

At the entrance of the restaurant.

Su Jia rubbed her tummy and laughed. “I am stuffed. The food here is more delicious than our County.”

Zhou Xiaoru is also very full. “Thank you, Chief Dong, for the meal. It’s been a while since I ate so much. Xiao Jia, what time are we going back?”

Su Jia looks at her watch. She decides to return soon since she cannot get the spot.

Dong Xuebing said. “Let’s go to a place first. Come in.”

Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru did not ask anything and boarded the Mercedes.

At this time, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s his mother, Luan Xiaoping. Luan Xiaoping said softly. “Xiao Jia had called your Uncle Yang earlier, and it seems she had failed. Are you with Xiao Jia now? You know lots of people in Beijing, right? Can you see if you can help with your connections? Your Uncle Yang had put in tremendous efforts to help you get the State Security Bureau Chief position. You should return the favor by helping Xiao Jia. Even if you failed in the end, but at least they know you had tried. Do you understand?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Yes, Mum. I will do my best.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing drove to Xin Hua Agency. He looked at the six stories office building and alighted.

Su Jia was stunned. “Xin Hua News Agency? Xuebing, why are we here?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Let me see if I can help you all enter the exchange program.”

Zhou Xiaoru was surprised. She did not expect Dong Xuebing to have connections in Beijing. But there are no more spots available for the program, and what else can he do?

The guard stopped them at the entrance. “Who are you all looking for?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Xie Jing from Human Resource Department. I have an appointment with her.” He lied. Xie Jing had switched off her phone, and he had to come over to try his luck.

The guard looked at them and made a call. He told Dong Xuebing Section Chief Xie’s office is located on the fourth floor in the second building politely.

Dong Xuebing brought Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru into the compound, towards an office building. They went up to the fourth floor and got to an office after asking around. Knock… knock… Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru looked at each other and did not say anything.

“Come in.” A woman said from inside the office.

Dong Xuebing opened the door and saw Xie Jing, in a lady’s suit, sitting behind her desk reading some documents. Her dressing and the way she carries herself are similar to Xie Huilan. Dong Xuebing knows she was influenced by Xie Huilan since young, and most younger siblings will try to imitate and look up to their older siblings.

Xie Jing smiled when she saw Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong, why are you here?”

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “I was forced to come. Your phone is off, and I cannot reach you.”

Xie Jing took out her phone and replied apologetically. “I forgot to switch on my phone after this morning’s meeting. Oh, who are these?” She stood up to pour Dong Xuebing a cup of water.

Dong Xuebing did not beat around the bush. “They are my Sisters, and they are working in our County’s TV station. Do you still remember the exchange program you told me about a few days ago? Don’t smile like this. I know you are in charge of this program. Can you reserve two spots for my Sister Su and Sister Zhou?”

Xie Jing rubbed her temples. “The final spot had been finalized this morning. You should have told me earlier. It’s been a few days…”

Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru were not surprised and knew it will not be easy to succeed.

Dong Xuebing refused to accept it. He sat down. “Then add two more spots. It’s not easy to organize an exchange program, and twenty places are not enough. Xiao Jing, you must help me with this favor.”

Xie Jing did not reply and asked Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru to sit down. After that, she went back to sit behind her desk and rubbed her temples with her knuckles. This is too hard. If it is someone else, Xie Jing will reject directly as all the slots had been taken up. But it’s Dong Xuebing who is asking, and she cannot refuse him. After thinking for about a minute, she picks up the phone on the desk. “Let me ask for you.”

Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru were stunned when they heard Xie Jing.

Xie Jing’s office door did not state her position, and they don’t know her rank.

“Hello, Chief Sun. Can you add two more spots for the exchange program? … Yes… it is for two of my friends… I am not trying to put you in a difficult spot… Yes… I know it’s been finalized… but… that’s right… there will be no changes to the people on the list, and just add two more spots… Yes… yes… it’s hard to coordinate with the departments, and you want me to speak to them? Ok… sure… Haha… Thank you…” After speaking to Chief Sun, she made another two more calls.

About seven to eight minutes later.

Xie Jing put down the phone and smiled. “Alright. It’s settled. The agency will add in two additional slots now. Brother Dong, it’s only two more and nothing else.”

Dong Xuebing felt proud. “Thanks, Xiao Jing. I will treat you to dinner another day.”

Xie Jing laughed. “What’s there to thank, and how can I reject you?”

Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru took in a deep breath when they heard it’s been settled. They quickly stood up to thank Xie Jing. This is a big issue, and they had never expected her to settle it with just a few phone calls. She must be holding on to a high rank within the agency and has strong connections.

Xie Jing waved her hand and took out two documents from a drawer to fill up their particulars. This is only a simple document, and the official exchange program document will be sent to their workplace.

About half an hour later, Dong Xuebing left with Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru.

In the car, Zhou Xiaoru asked excitedly. “Xuebing, I will call you Xuebing like Xiao Jia… Thank you very much.” Adding two more slots after all the spots had been taken up is harder than changing the list’s people.

Su Jia looked at Dong Xuebing from top to toe and laughed. “If I know you have such strong connections in Beijing, I would not look for that Brother Lei. Oh, you still treat us to lunch this afternoon. Let Sister Zhou and I treat you to dinner tonight. You had done us a great favor.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Don’t mention it.”

Su Jia had heard that Dong Xuebing has no backings and maybe only knows a few people in Yan Tai County. But now, she realized that he is influential in Beijing too.

Su Jia felt it’s too weird…