Power and Wealth - Chapter 418 – Su Jia seeking favors from others

Chapter 418 – Su Jia seeking favors from others

The next morning.

Heping North Road. Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

After getting up, Dong Xuebing went downstairs to buy Soybean milk and dough sticks for breakfast.

Dong Xuebing left Xu Yan’s place at around 8pm, as she is too enthusiastic. She cooked six to seven dishes and even took out a bottle of Chivas. State Security has strict regulations on drinking, and she did not drink when they chatted. He only managed to leave as it was getting late.

Xu Yan’s transfer, Madam Han’s banquet… Dong Xuebing had settled all his tasks in Beijing.

After breakfast, Dong Xuebing crossed his legs and watched TV on his sofa.

Home is still the best.

It’s been a while since Dong Xuebing felt so relaxed.

One hour…

Two hours…

Dong Xuebing suddenly remember Sister Su had come to Beijing yesterday, and he had wanted to host her. He quickly picked up his phone and called her. This time, the line got through, but there are static noises. The signal is not very good.

“Hello, Sis? Where are you?”

“… hello?”

“I’m Dong Xuebing. Can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Su Jia laughed. “The signal is bad. I am in Beijing to attend to some matters.”

“I am also in Beijing. It’s almost lunchtime. Let me treat you to lunch as I still have not thanked you for your help previously.”

“You are also in Beijing? Haha… Don’t mention that. I am your Sister, and I should help.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “My house is in Beijing, and I should play host when you are here.”

There is a long pause. “Alright. I am at Xing Fu Road and don’t know which district is it. Is it far from where you are? Beijing is too big, and it’s easy to get lost here.”

“I know where you are and will call you when I reach.”

“Alright. Be careful on the roads and don’t drive too fast.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing changed and drove over.


Western District Beijing. Xing Fu Road.

This place is along the road with Xin Hua News Agency.

Two women stepped out of a hotel and stood at the entrance. Su Jia is wearing a professional-looking suit with padded shoulders, and her chest looks bigger. The weather is warmer now, and she is wearing a pair of black stockings and heels. Her long legs attracted many stares from young men walking past.

Zhou Xiaoru joked after Su Jia kept her phone. “What Brother and Sister? Who is that? How come I have not heard you mention you have a Brother?”

Su Jia tucked her fringe behind her ears. “It’s Chief Dong.”

Zhou Xiaoru was surprised. “Huh? When did Chief Xiao Dong become your Brother?”

“Haha… recently.”

“Bullshit. We had just arrived yesterday, and he calls you today. He also gave you a ring. What Brother? I think he should be your lover, right?”

Su Jia rolled her eyes. “Sister Zhou, how many times must I tell you that the ring is given to me by an elder family member? Haha… you are the one who gets excited whenever I mention Xuebing. Huh? Are you interested in him? Is your husband losing interest in you? Do you… want me to introduce Xuebing to you? Hehe… I will find an excuse to leave later and create some opportunities for you.”

“Stop your nonsenses!”

“But you are the one who started it first.”

Both women joked around for a while.

When Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru returned from shopping, Dong Xuebing had arrived.

Dong Xuebing alighted from his car and noticed Su Jia is not alone. He smiled. “Sister Su, sorry to keep you waiting. This is?”

Su Jia introduced Zhou Xiaoru. “Zhou Xiaoru, Sister Zhou. She is also from our station’s News team.”

Dong Xuebing shook her hand. “Nice to meet you, Sister Zhou.”

“Nice to meet you, Chief Dong.” Zhou Xiaoru smiled. “I heard you are quite close with Xiao Jia. If our TV station’s news program wants to interview you in the future, you must not reject us. I could not even step into the Public Security Bureau to interview you previously and got a scolding from our Station Chief.”

“Haha… Sure… I will do my best to help you all.”

“That’s great.”

After chatting for a few minutes, they boarded Dong Xuebing’s car. “Where should we go for lunch? Sister Su, Sister Zhou, do you all have any place in mind?”

The ladies sat in the rear passenger seat, and Su Jia replied. “We are not familiar with this area. You can decide.”

“Alright.” Dong Xuebing is a proud person, and Yang Zhaode had just done him a huge favor. He must play a good host to Sister Su. He thought for a while and drove to a nice restaurant nearby. “How long will you all be staying here? Have you all find a place to stay? Do you need my help?”

Su Jia stopped smiling and shook her head. “We will be returning if we can settle our matter today.”

Zhou Xiaoru replied. “I am also starting to miss home. Haha… Beijing is a nice place, but I realized it is hard to do anything here.”

Su Jia also sighs. “I also thought it will be easy. It is really difficult to get anything done here.”

Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru sounded dejected. Su Jia has a relative in the Fen Zhou City Party Committee, and everything can be settled with just a phone call there. Zhou Xiaoru also knows Su Jia has backings in the City and thought everything should be fine when they come to Beijing. Su Jia had also contacted her connections for help. But after treating dinner, giving gifts, and spending money, there was still no news yet.

It was at this time Su Jia realized her status is useless in Beijing.

Dong Xuebing was about to ask Su Jia what the matter was about when her phone rang.

Ring… ring… Su Jia quickly picks up her phone. “Hello, Brother Lei… I’m Xiao Su… Yes… the favor I ask you… ah? There are no more spots? This… Didn’t you say there is one more spot yesterday? No more?” Su Jia’s face changed, and she sighed. “Err… it’s fine… Thank you… ok… Bye…”

Zhou Xiaoru asked. “It failed?”

Su Jia nodded. “There are no more spots. All the spots have been taken up.”

Su Jia had known this Brother Lei through his father’s connection and is not familiar with him. She only heard that he has some connections in Beijing. Yesterday, Su Jia and Zhou Xiaoru had treated him to dinner and gave him alcohol and cigarettes. But he just called up to tell her that there’s no more spot. He is too unreliable.

Dong Xuebing slowed down and asked. “What is going on?”

Su Jia had lost hope and replied helplessly. “It is the internship exchange program at Xin Hua News Agency. I thought I can go over to Xin Hua News Agency to get some experience.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Oh, is it the exchange program announced two days ago? You all are here for this?”

Su Jia was surprised. “You have also heard about it? Yes, we are here for this matter.”

Dong Xuebing had heard about this, and it was Xie Jing who told him about it. It is her HR department who is in charge of organizing it. “You all want to join this program? Sister Zhou is an editor behind the scenes and is suitable for this program. But you are a host. What’s the point for you to intern at Xin Hua News Agency? Will it be useful?” Xie Jing had not told him about the details. Still, Dong Xuebing’s first thought is that a News Agency and local TV station are different despite both media.

Su Jia looks at Dong Xuebing. “Xin Hua News Agency is not only a newspaper agency. They also have hosts. For example, the CGTN and other overseas English programs are from them. I have been working hard towards this direction, and I had majored in a foreign language during my university. Although I will not get to host if I can enter this program, I can learn from the backend. I will get experiences, and it will be recorded in my records. With the experiences, I will be years ahead of my peers and be good for my future career. Maybe if I perform well, I might get hired by them too.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Oh, I see.”

Zhou Xiaoru smiled wearily. “But after we arrived, we heard there is only around a dozen places for this program, and most of it is taken up.”

Su Jia corrected her. “It’s not most of it. All the spots have been reserved.”

Zhou Xiaoru and Su Jia know this is a wasted trip. It’s their fault for not checking before coming. This exchange program is a rare opportunity for everyone working in the media industry. How can she get a spot by treating a dinner and giving some gifts? It might be possible if there are over a hundred vacancies. But if there are only around ten to twenty spots, it will not be their turn.

The restaurant.

Dong Xuebing parked his car. “Let’s have lunch first.”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t dare make any promises as he knows this matter cannot be solved so easily. If not, Xie Jing would not move out of her quarters because of this exchange program. Also, Su Jia had said that all the spots have been taken up, and he doesn’t know if Xie Jing can do anything to help. But he will still try to ask for her. After entering the restaurant, Dong Xuebing called Xie Jing, hoping to ask her about it. But she might be in a meeting, and her phone is off.

Never mind. I will drop by Xie Jing’s office later.