Power and Wealth - Chapter 417 – It’s Confirmed

Chapter 417 – It’s Confirmed

6.30 pm.

Xu Yan’s apartment bedroom.

Xu Yan picks up a piece of clothes and puts it over her shoulders after hearing the doorbell rang. She looked at her damp pajamas and turned to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong, wait for me in the room, ok?”

“Ok. Wear another piece of clothing. Don’t catch a cold.”

Xu Yan nodded and closed the door behind her as she left the room.

Dong Xuebing knows Chief Xu doesn’t want others to know he is in her apartment. Her pajamas are wet with sweat, and others might get the wrong idea if they saw Dong Xuebing with her alone. Regardless of age, being alone with the opposite sex in an apartment is taboo in the government sector.

Dong Xuebing heard the main door opening.

“Oh, it’s Old Song. Did you just finish work?”

“I heard you were not feeling and dropped by to check on you. Are you feeling better?”

“I feel better now. Come in and have a sit.”

Dong Xuebing sat on the bed and listened to the conversation outside. The visitor is a middle-aged man from his voice and sounded quite familiar. He immediately recalls who this person is. Song Shoujie. He is the State Security Western District Branch’s Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary, Xu Yan’s former classmates. They are close, and when he was working in the General Affairs Office, they had helped him a lot.

Song Shoujie asked. “Are you running a fever? Are you alone at home?”

“Yes. I just woke up, and my fever had subsided.”

Song Shoujie signed. “Xu Yan, you cannot carry on like this. You are so sick, and no one is looking after you. It’s about time to consider looking for a partner. We are not young anymore, and it will get worse when we get older. Although my daughter is useless, at least she is by my side. But you? Who is going to care for you when you are old? I know you don’t like to hear these, but I must still say it.”

Xu Yan shook her head. “I prefer to be alone, and how long more can I live? Just let nature take its course.”

Song Shoujie could tell Xu Yan is feeling down. He frowned. “Your transfer… is not successful?”

Xu Yan sighed. “It’s not that easy. Feng Zhou City is too complicated. Although I had gotten my connections to help me, many others have stronger connections than me. I know at least three people are eyeing this position, and all of them are more experienced and have strong backings. Anyway, I do not have high hopes for it to be successful. This transfer will be across provinces, and the position is two levels higher. By right, this position should be succeeded by at least a No.1 Deputy Chief. You should know what position I am in the Bureau. It is too difficult.”

Song Shoujie paused for a second and asked. “How about asking for a Deputy Chief’s position?”

“I had thought of this too. This will allow me to leave the Western District Branch, but Deputy Chief positions are not easy. On the contrary, a Deputy Political Committee Chief is easier.”

“Sigh… why did things sour between you and Zhen Anguo?”

“It’s too late to say anything. He is the one who keeps finding trouble with me. If all else fails, I will just fight it out with him. I am also not a pushover!”

“You are still young, and it will be better for you to develop your career at the grassroots level. Don’t destroy your own career.”

“I had thought about this too. But if I take on a lower position like the Deputy Political Committee Chief… sigh… that will be my position until I retire.”

Song Shoujie kept quiet. If it is not a position with powers, Xu Yan might remain in the Western District Branch. The State Security’s system is about the same as the Public Security. A Deputy Bureau Chief and a Deputy Political Committee Chief might be of the same rank, but the authority level is different.

Xu Yan is unhappy when he mentioned this. It’s just like what she told Dong Xuebing about her work at the Bureau. Chief Zhen had been suppressing her, and her subordinates are not listening to her orders. Basically, all her powers had been removed, and some subordinates even dare to defy her. She had fallen sick this time because her son had not visited her for almost two months, and her troubles at work.

Song Shoujie knows it is tough for Xu Yan but doesn’t know how to help her.

After chatting for a while, Song Shoujie said. “Come over to my place for dinner. I will ask my wife to prepare your share.”

“No thanks. I want to sleep a little longer. You should go home early too.”

“Alright. Just give me a call if you need anything. If you are not getting better, go visit the doctor at the hospital.” A few minutes later, Song Shoujie left.

Xu Yan sighed to herself and closed the door.

The bedroom door opened, and Dong Xuebing walks out. He had heard everything and felt he must do something to cheer his former Leader up. “Haha… Leader, I didn’t have the chance to tell you earlier. Err… I have a piece of bad news for you. Can I tell you now?” He joked.

Xu Yan laughed. “I have enough of bad news recently and is used to it. Just tell me.”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “You might need to leave Beijing soon, and it will be inconvenient for you to meet your family.”

“Huh?” Xu Yan paused for a while, and before she can ask, her phone rang. “Please wait for a minute. I need to answer this call.”

An Old Man said over the phone. “Haha… Yan Zi… Why did you not tell me that you are leaving?”

Xu Yan is confused. “Second Uncle, who is leaving?”

Xu Yan’s Second Uncle laughed. “Are you still trying to keep it from me? Huh? Although I am retired for a few years, I still have many friends. I know about your transfer, and remember to take care of your health with you are there. Come back and visit me when you are free.”

Xu Yan took a deep breath. “I am going to be transferred?! Where did you hear about this from?”

Xu Yan’s Second Uncle paused for a second. “… you don’t know about this?”

Xu Yan asked her Uncle back. “I have not heard about this. Are you sure about this?”

“Then it’s weird. You don’t even know who you asked, and no one told you about this?” Xu Yan’s Second Uncle laughed. “You are so lucky. Your transfer is confirmed, and you will be Fen Zhou City’s State Security Bureau’s Chief. This position is two levels higher, and it is also a cross-provincial transfer. Such transfer is rare within the State Security, and you are going to be promoted to Director rank.”

Xu Yan took a deep breath. “Are you sure? I really don’t know anything about this!”

Xu Yan’s Second Uncle replied. “Yes. It is confirmed, and the transfer order should be out this week or next week. You don’t even know who had helped you get this transfer? I heard Fen Zhou City Government had asked for you only. Because of the previous State Security Bureau’s Chief incident, the Provincial State Security Bureau and the higher-ups need to consider the local authority’s suggestion. That’s why they gave in to their request. If not, the Provincial Bureau would have appointed one of their men over. Haha… but you snatched this position away from them…”

Xu Yan still could not believe this is happening. She had tried asking for a transfer several times, but it was unsuccessful. How come it is successful this time?

The local Government had requested for her?!

Xu Yan wondered who is so influential to do this.

“Yan Zi, you better find out who had helped you and thank that person properly. It should not be easy for that person to help you get this transfer. You ah… are too lucky.”

After hanging up, Xu Yan put her phone on the table in a daze and looked at Dong Xuebing excitedly. She didn’t know anyone within Fen Zhou City Government and had only asked Dong Xuebing sometime ago. That’s why she did not expect too much. But now, other than Dong Xuebing, she could not think of anyone who can help her get this transfer.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Leader, congratulations.”

“Are you the one who gets someone to help me?”

“Yes. I had just helped you ask around, and it is Minister Yang who had helped you. Err… I am also not that powerful to get him to help. It is my mother.”

After getting a firm answer, Xu Yan did not hold back her excitement. “Xiao Dong, I really don’t know how to express my joy now. This is a great surprise!” Many people’s careers are stuck at the Deputy Director rank. She had never expected this transfer to be successful. Now, she will head Fen Zhou City’s State Security Bureau, and it will solve her current work issues. This is also an important step in her career!

Xu Yan could not remain calm anymore. She held Dong Xuebing’s right hand tightly. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Dong Xuebing laughed as he saw his former Leader so happy. “Don’t mention it. Just take care of me if I get into trouble when you are in our city.”

Xu Yan is really excited and did not hide her emotions in front of Dong Xuebing. After all, he is not considered an outsider to her. She lifted Dong Xuebing’s hand and kissed the back of it lightly.

Dong Xuebing immediately blushed. It felt soft and ticklish.

Damn! Are you trying to kill me? Why are you kissing my hand?!

Xu Yan laughed and let go of Dong Xuebing’s hand. “I am too excited. Haha… Did I scare you?”

“Err… no…”

After a while, Xu Yan calmed down and patted the back of Dong Xuebing’s hand, and wiped away the lipstick stains on it. “Sit here. Let me show you your former Leader’s cooking skills. This is to reward you.”

Dong Xuebing quickly stood up. “No… you are still not feeling well.”

Xu Yan laughed. “I have recovered after hearing this piece of good news.”

Dong Xuebing could not stop her and could only wait.