Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 3069 - Each Harboring Ulterior Motives, An Explosive Situation!  

Chapter 3069: Each Harboring Ulterior Motives, An Explosive Situation!

“Hand the Heavenly Dao Paintings to me. This ancestor can take you in as a disciple! Old Man Heavenless is half-dead. He can’t prevail! You have the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique. This ancestor can let you be reborn anew and reach the Great Beyond!”

Hu Gaoshan did not deny his identity but also wanted to take Ye Yuan in as a disciple instead.

For a moment, everyone was stunned.

Two great overlords, the strongest two great Hegemons of eternity, actually wanted to take Ye Yuan in as a disciple at the same time!

No matter what they were after, with just these words being uttered, it was sufficient to prove Ye Yuan’s monstrousness.

Meanwhile, Kong Tan had already completely become air.

The glory previously had long already been shattered all over the ground.

There was only him and Heavenless above the sky.

He was kneeling on the ground, not knowing what to do.

Unable to leave nor stay, so awkward.

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Luckily, there was already no one paying attention to him now. Everyone was dumbstruck with amazement by the sudden turn of events that came back-to-back.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Ye Yuan.

They were all waiting for Ye Yuan’s choice.

“Hur hur, there’s no problem handing it over to you. It’s just that … someone else probably won’t agree to it!” Ye Yuan said with a light smile.

Take him in as a disciple?


He, Ye Yuan, was not a fool!

Hegemon Samsara turned into Hu Gaoshan and schemed for a long time by his side. This kind of person, how could Ye Yuan possibly hand the Heavenly Dao Paintings over to him?

Ye Yuan was originally banking on the fact that Hegemon Samsara could come forward now that the 33 Heavens were met with a calamity.

But now, through Hegemon Samsara’s various actions and conduct, he made a judgment on his character.

During the havoc of the Labyrinth Divine Palace back then, Hegemon Samsara only came forward at the last moment too.

With his strength, why did he not come forward earlier?

Now, being met with the disaster of the blood race, Hegemon Samsara was similarly quiet and motionless.

Hegemon Samsara reincarnated into hundreds of millions and comprehended on the Dao of Samsara.

Ye Yuan did not believe that this level of existence would not detect the blood race’s unusual movement.

But he did not take any action!

What did this show?

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This showed that Hegemon Samsara was a selfish person!

This time, he was clearly aiming for the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings.

Then what about the havoc of the Labyrinth Divine Palace the previous time?

Was his goal the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings to begin with?

Highly probable!

This kind of person, you were hoping that he could fight to the death with the Chaos Bloodstone for the 33 Heavens?


Giving the Heavenly Dao Paintings to him might not be a good thing!

“Haha, you’re talking about Heavenless that old ghost? This ancestor doesn’t take him seriously yet!” Hegemon Samsara said coolly.

“I’m not talking about him.”

Ye Yuan’s gaze swept across the crowd and he said coolly, “Still not coming out? If the Heavenly Dao Paintings get snatched away by this guy, you’ll gain nothing good out of it!”

Everyone had blank looks, uncertain what it meant.

But right at this time, a figure appeared like a ghost. It was a blue-robed youth.

Ye Yuan had an impression of this person. He was a member of the Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven army too.

He did not expect that these two guys were actually both hiding in his squad!

However, when he saw the blue-robed youth, Ye Yuan’s pupils could not help constricting.

The blue-robed youth smiled strangely, and he said, “Looks like you’ve already discovered it! Got to admit, among these guys, the one that this progenitor thinks the most highly of is you!”

Ye Yuan’s heart sank.

This blue-robed youth was naturally the Chaos Bloodstone.

However, at this time, the blue-robed youth did not deliberately suppress his origin of blood. Ye Yuan had detected it.

This blue-robed youth was not Blood One, Blood Two they all.

This guy was a fused body!

This was also to say that the blue-robed youth was the combined body of several bloodstone clones!

This guy’s strength was unfathomable!

Samsara’s pupils constricted, and he said, “Didn’t expect that you came too! Looks like you’re aiming for the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings too!”

The blue-robed youth smiled sinisterly and charmingly as he said, “This kind of precious treasure that was born in the Eternal River, who won’t be moved? Ye Yuan, you have a trace of this progenitor’s origin of blood. As long as you hand the Heavenly Dao Paintings over to this progenitor, this progenitor can guarantee that you’ll only have one person above you and everyone else under you! In these 33 Heavens, nobody will be able to shake your status!”

“It’s the blood race’s progenitor! This blue-robed youth is actually the blood race’s progenitor!”

“What capability does Ye Yuan have to actually make these three great overlords show favor to him at the same time?”

“Also, what are the Heavenly Dao Paintings that they are talking about? Could it be that those red-green jade scrolls are actually the Heavenly Dao Paintings? Then what did we comprehend?”

… . .

The crowd instantly burst into an uproar.

Many people did not know about the existence of the Chaos Bloodstone, and so they addressed him as the blood race’s progenitor.

Of course, there was no reason to know.

It was just that, Heavenless, Samsara, Blood Progenitor, these three great overlords, could be said to be the apex of the 33 Heavens already.

These three great overlords actually tossed out an olive branch to Ye Yuan at the same time!

Ye Yuan’s weight in these three people’s hearts could be seen.

In comparison, Kong Tan was simply weak to the max!

What was laughable was that he previously actually still thought that he had already obtained it and wanted to harm Ye Yuan.

Thinking about it now, it was really laughable to the extreme!

At this time, Samsara said coolly, “Ye Yuan, that lover of yours seems to already have a part of her divine soul enter samsara, right? In the heavens above and below the ground, only this ancestor can find her! Do you want to consider it?”

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, looking at Hegemon Samsara with a look of shock.

He actually even knew about this!

Hegemon Samsara was really too scary!

This guy had god knows how many clones!

Furthermore, there were not many who knew that Mu Lingxue existed. It looked like this clone even had a considerable connection to him!

Seeing Ye Yuan’s agitated expression, the blue-robed youth knew in his mind that things were not good.

He snorted coldly and directly grabbed at Ye Yuan.

A formidable to the extreme power of origin completely locked onto Ye Yuan.

He could not even move a muscle.

Ye Yuan was horrified in his heart. Was this the superlative of power?

Too strong!

When Hegemon Samsara saw the situation, how could he be willing to yield?

Similarly, he also grabbed toward Ye Yuan.

Samsara origin erupting, it was actually not the least bit weaker than the blue-robed youth!

No one could have expected that a puny little Hu Gaoshan actually erupted with such terrifying strength!

Ye Yuan shouted madly in his heart: damn it, Old Man Heavenless, why haven’t you made a move?

Sure enough, right at the same time when the two people erupted, Heavenless also erupted!

It was only to see him reach his hand out and beckon. Ye Yuan’s figure instantly disappeared from where he originally was.


A large hole was directly blasted out at the place where Ye Yuan was standing.

Hitting thin air, the two people’s expressions were very ugly.

Ancestor Heavenless snorted coldly and said, “These 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings, it can land in whoever’s hands, but it can’t land in your hands! Moreover, you guys are very arrogant! Have you forgotten whose territory this place belongs to?”

Samsara snorted coldly and said, “Old Man Heavenless, in your half-dead state, what can you do to me?”

The blue-robed youth also smiled and said, “Heavenless, now isn’t your era anymore! Go in peace, leave the 33 Heavens to this progenitor!”

When Heavenless heard that, he let out a wild laugh and said, “Hahaha … You guys are also too naive! The two of you are merely clones; that’s all! To also dare act wildly in front of this ancestor! Haven’t you guys always been guessing what this ancestor’s goal of opening up the Labyrinth Divine Palace is for? Now, I’ll let you all witness the plan that this ancestor has been preparing for several hundred thousand years!”