Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2881 - The Blood Race is Full of Treasures!

Chapter 2881 The Blood Race is Full of Treasures!

Ye Yuan slowly walked into the center of the group, not taking those so-called powerhouses seriously at all.

That slap earlier had cowed everyone.

Very strong!

Although Min Wen’s strength was not top-notch, they absolutely could not smack him to death so casually!

“Nobody’s coming? Then I’m coming!”

Ye Yuan did not talk rubbish, rushing right into the group. When he went, he was still like a tiger entering a flock of sheep!

Although their strength was more than a level stronger than Giant Net City’s geniuses, at the very most, they could only withstand three to five moves from Ye Yuan.

Then they would kick the bucket!

These geniuses were all the strongest people in the same rank in the blood race. They all had their own pride and were disdainful to join hands with the others.

Especially Bloodrain and the rest, they kept observing from the sidelines with cool detachment.

However, their eyes held a thick look of fear.

In a few breaths, Ye Yuan killed several geniuses in a row, his power invincible!

The expressions of Bloodrain and the rest became increasingly uglier. It was because, among the people who were killed just now, there were a few people’s strengths that already approached that of a seeded candidate.

But they actually could not last more than ten moves under Ye Yuan’s hands!

Ye Yuan did not have any fancy moves either. He was just unrestrained like that, dealing punch after punch. One punch, beat you until you vomited blood.

Two punches, beat you until your bones cracked!

Three punches, take your puny life! This fist technique looked simple, but the bloodline power contained in it was extremely strong!

“What are you all still waiting for? Attack together and kill him! At this rate, we’ll all die!” Blueblood said in a solemn voice.

Everyone looked toward Blueblood with strange expressions. Wasn’t he the one who postured the hardest?

Now, got slapped, right?

Before this, Blueblood was afraid that Ye Yuan would forget him and even specifically emphasized that he was at the number seven blood pool.

But now, he was wishing that Ye Yuan had forgotten about him, right?

However, they also knew that this could not be blamed on Blueblood.

It was seriously that this Bloodazure was too monstrous!

Who could have thought that an upper Saint Sovereign Heaven was actually powerful to such an extent?

At this time, the most shocked one was none other than Blueblood.

Ye Yuan’s super strong combat power made him feel despair!

F*ck, what did Your Father do previously?

Posturing in front of him?

Mocked him for overestimating his own ability?

It turned out that he was the most laughable one!

This guy’s strength was strong until it made people despair! No way! I have to kill him!

At this time, Bloodrain, who had been silent all along, also said in a solemn voice, “Kill!”

These words were tantamount to tacitly agreeing to Blueblood’s proposal.

These geniuses were going to join forces! Dozens of geniuses pounced toward Ye Yuan crazily.

“Haha, bring it on!” Ye Yuan laughed loudly, his aura rising to a new level.

Those geniuses practically all wanted to vomit blood.

You were actually still freaking hiding your strength!

However, the strength of Bloodrain and the others were really strong too.

With the group of geniuses joining forces, they actually suppressed Ye Yuan.

It was just that they discovered that Ye Yuan’s luck was really too good!

Sometimes, an inadvertent turn of his body could easily evade their certain-kill blow!

If they wanted to hurt Ye Yuan, it was simply dreaming!

“Bloodazure, don’t you want to kill us all? Now, try killing and see! Hahaha …” Blueblood said with a loud laugh.

He was not in a hurry. At this time, Ye Yuan would die sooner or later!

It was just that these words were somewhat shameless. Even the other geniuses could not quite look on anymore as well.

Do you want face or not?

Previously, he said that the opponent was too weak to stand up to competition and would be seeking death if he came. Now, so many people were surrounding and attacking him alone; look how proud you became.

However, many of them seemed to have mocked Ye Yuan before too.

“Huhu, is this the strength of the so-called Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons? I still thought that I could run into some decent opponents when I came to Heaven Absolute Blood Emperor City. But you all disappoint me very much! There’s no use to our blood race at all for you all, these ants, to be living. So … you all can go and die already!”


Ye Yuan slammed a punch out. A massive force exploded on the spot.

More than ten blood race geniuses were directly blown into clouds of blood mist, unable to recover anymore.

Everyone’s expression changed wildly.

Ye Yuan actually still concealed his strength!

This punch earlier was more than ten times stronger than before!

Even if they pulled out all the stops, they completely could not resist it too.

The blood race’s bloodline power actually had similar aspects to the true spirit clan’s bloodline power.

It was just that the blood race’s blood essence had many magical aspects that the true spirit race was not equipped with, such as revival from a drop of blood.

But the true spirit race was born from chaos, especially the dragon race! Their bloodline power was even more powerful until it was incapable of further increase!

Through his research on the blood race’s blood essence, Ye Yuan discovered that refining the blood race’s blood essence into heavenly pills could actually improve bloodline power!

Ye Yuan named this heavenly pill Bloodline Heavenly Spirit Pill!

After Ye Yuan consumed the profound grade Bloodline Heavenly Spirit Pill, his bloodline power already rose to the middle-stage of battle soul level true spirit bloodline.

His combat power was long already significantly stronger compared to before. Previously in Giant Net City, Ye Yuan slaughtered countless geniuses. But the strength that he displayed was merely just around 50%!

At this time, he exerted 80% of his strength. Blowing up these so-called geniuses did not take any effort at all.

It was also because of this that Ye Yuan was very much looking forward to the blood race’s blood pools.

He really wanted to see whether this blood pool had any improvement effect on his bloodline.

Of course, before this, he saw no reason not to kill some blood race geniuses.

While talking, Ye Yuan smashed a punch towards Bloodrain.

Bloodrain’s strength was indeed formidable too. His bloodline power already barely reached battle soul level bloodline according to the division of the true spirit lineage.

It was just that this level was utterly not worth mentioning in Ye Yuan’s view.

Let alone that he even had the improved Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Fist that Mi Tian imparted.

The dragon race’s martial techniques were unparalleled under the heavens!

Each of Ye Yuan’s punches was heavier than the last. Bloodrain vomited fresh blood wildly.

On the third punch, he could not bear it anymore and was blown up by Ye Yuan with one punch!

The current Ye Yuan was akin to a killing god, striking fear into those who saw him!

Outside the martial arena, everyone was stunned.

Bloodrain’s strength was publicly recognized as an existence capable of entering the top ten. But he was actually directly killed by Ye Yuan! This guy’s strength was actually strong until this kind of extent. “Killing Bloodrain with three punches! Just how strong is this guy’s strength?” “Too strong! This Bloodazure definitely has the strength to contend for first place!”

“He really wasn’t joking about killing off these 99 people! There are only a few people left


“Eh, the powerhouses around Blueblood have all been killed off one by one, only he isn’t dead yet! Blueblood this fellow wouldn’t be doing it on purpose, right?”


People discovered to their surprise that the powerhouses around Blueblood were currently falling one by one.

But he was safe and sound.

Blueblood unleashed all of his abilities, but he was weak like a chicken in front of Ye Yuan.


Ye Yuan directly blew a genius up. There was only Blueblood alone left in the entire martial arena.

Ye Yuan stopped.

“Number seven blood pool’s genius, I’m challenging you now. Do you dare to accept the challenge or not?” Ye Yuan looked at Blueblood and said with a smile that was not a smile.


Blueblood knelt right down, his entire body trembling endlessly.

He had already completely lost the courage to continue fighting in front of Ye Yuan.