The Evil Consort Above An Evil King - 1636 Could Not Even Meditate

Anytime Lu Wu makes physical contact with its master, it would revert to its original form. Gu Xijiu could not help but laugh. Seeing that Lu Wu retook the form of a child and went to sleep again, she decided not to disturb it.

She looked down at the Firmament Stone on her wrist. Once she successfully changed her body, the thing she will feel most sorry for is Little Chang as it would not be able to communicate with her again.

As the Firmament Stone probably felt too bored the last time Gu Xijiu had swapped bodies, it managed to find a spiritual cultivation method from some corner of the universe. Once it successfully masters this spiritual cultivation technique, it would be able to communicate smoothly with Gu Xijiu no matter how many time she changes her body. That spiritual cultivation method is immensely abstruse to grasp. Therefore, it had told Gu Xijiu a month ago that it would seclude itself for half a year to master this technique.

The Firmament Stone is deep in slumber now; it would not awake even if thunder crashes down. Maybe once it wakes up and masters that technique, it would be able to communicate with her new body without any complications.

She looked out the carriage and the night had descended upon the earth. In the darkness, a light flurry of snow began to dance without the light from the moon or stars. Perhaps it would be a bright day tomorrow?

It was already the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar. She hoped that she would be able to see the full moon that is as big as a saucer.

The carriage had traveled for about two hours now. She looked toward the horizon and could already see the Tianwen Mountain, and Long Siye's waving figure

Meanwhile, in Celestial Master Zuo's mansion, Di Fuyi felt a bit restless and agitated tonight and could not even meditate.

He seemed to have some sort of ill premonition. However, he was unable to crystallize his intuition even after performing an augury with his fingers.

He walked around the observatory and took a look at the star chart but did not notice any abnormalities. Even though the night has grown old, he still did not have any trace of somnolence.

He did not want to sleep; he still had plenty of time to rest in the future. Putting on a shirt and walking out to the blizzardy storm, he was greeted by a violent gale of wind and snow in the face.

He walked one round inside his mansion to try to calm down. As he still felt perturbed, he went back into his resting place.

He took out a jade tablet and cast a spell on it. After a while, the jade tablet began to project a crystal clear image that displayed the white jade chariot.

The white jade chariot was empty and barren; there was no one inside.

Di Fuyi knitted his brows slightly and turned his head to the corner of his house to take a look at the hourglass. It was already late in the night and Gu Xijiu would normally already be resting inside the white jade chariot. What happened today?

Could it be that she was studying the booklet used for the selection of heaven's gift disciples for tomorrow and had forgotten all about the time?

That could not be it. In the past few months, Gu Xijiu would stay in this chariot even if she wanted to read because of the absolute quiescence it provides that prevents any disruption.

In this time of night, where had she gone?

Di Fuyi depleted quite a lot of his spiritual power every time he conjures this spell, so for the past few days, he did not check on her quality of sleep daily but once every two or three days instead. If there are any perturbations in her sleep, he would cast a spell and grant her good rest after going to her in spirit through the light reflecting from the mirror.

It depletes even more spiritual power for him to send his spirit to her through the mirror, so he does not cast it lightly.

After failing to notice any other anomalies, he paused for a while, then took out another jade tablet. This jade tablet could establish communication and connect to the jade tablet that he just gave Gu Xijiu.

Making up his mind, he activated the jade tablet. The tablet flickered, but no one picked up on the other end.

Di Fuyi tapped on the jade tablet a few more times, but still, there was no answer.

Di Fuyi furrowed his brows and summoned Mu Feng to him.

Though Mu Feng was just about to rest, he had no grievances being summoned to Di Fuyi. He bowed down and asked, "Does master have any orders for me?"