Emperor is Domination - Chapter 3671: Cute And Gluttonous

The mouse couldn’t help lunging forward and opened its mouth for a bite.

“Ge,ge.” The grains were crunchy as the mouse filled its entire mouth above the limit. Its creeks puffed out like two balls.

Yang Ling could tell that the dish was incredible. Her stomach made sounds repeatedly so she glanced over at Li Qiye, embarrassed.

“Poof!” Suddenly, flames engulfed the mouse. It even came out whenever it opened its mouth. The thing looked like a tiny fire dragon at this moment.

It turned red from the heat. These flames seemed hellbent on reducing it to ashes. It squeaked from the unpleasantness and took out a jade bottle from its chest. Who knows what type of water was in there but it started drinking.

The flames subsided as a result. The temperature became bearable now so it resumed eating from the plate, filling its mouth once more. Crunchy sounds made its gluttonous nature apparent.

This caused the flames to go out of control. This time around, it had a golden color. Mystical runes also appeared on its fur. The hair loosened and became fluffier. It looked like a cute ball of fur.

However, this cute thing was being assaulted by a terrible power. The runes could crush anyone in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, it seemed to be enjoying the burning process. These golden flames felt like a warm bath.

Yang Ling took a deep breath, realizing why Li Qiye didn’t let her eat the grains. The consequence wouldn’t have been pretty.

The mouse eventually finished everything on the plate, not leaving a single grain behind. Yang Ling became jealous because she didn’t get to taste it at all.

It patted its round belly and belched with satisfaction. It had a hard time moving about but didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps this was one of the happiest moments in life - to be filled with delicious food.

Li Qiye finally smiled and raised his hand, showing himself before the mouse again.

“How was it, good?” He smirked at the satisfied mouse.

The mouse became startled. It exercised prudence earlier and saw that no one was around. However, this man appeared completely undetected.

It stared at Li Qiye while being vigilant. Keep in mind that this mouse was a rare spirit beast.

Though it was small, its spirit core far exceeded other top chaos primal beasts. This spirit core was there at birth, something extremely special.

After taking a good look at him, it only had one thought on its mind - to run away as far as possible.

Normally, people had a hard time seeing the mouse. This didn’t mean that it was afraid of people looking for it.

It simply didn’t like humans. In reality, human cultivators should be the ones afraid of its power.

Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance. Once angered, it could take down mighty Heavenly Sovereigns.

Alas, this creature was terrified of Li Qiye. Its spirit core allowed it to sense how dangerous he was. The actual level of danger was still unknown.

The mouse has traveled to unreachable places and saw plenty of experts. Thus, it had a good gauge on others’ abilities. This wasn’t the case here.

It knew that this seemingly harmless man was a terrifying overlord right away.

“Want to leave?” Li Qiye had a friendly expression and spoke with a soft tone.

The mouse couldn’t move its legs at all. It wanted to run but intuition told it to be obedient.

“Let me take a look.” He reached forward.

A spirit beast with a special core like the mouse was peerless. It didn’t like being touched.

It bared its fangs at him and issued a growl. Flames and runes erupted again. Just one wave could flatten the entire region.

He ignored this eruption of power and reached closer.

In the end, the fierce mouse under its empowered state didn’t dare to scratch Li Qiye. It lowered its stance and recalled its flames and runes, begrudgingly letting him touch it like a domesticated cat.

What else could it do? One wrong move and it could become a meal. Some regions enjoyed eating mice; it didn’t want to be subjected to this fate.

“Hmm, you got the foundation of your tribe.” Li Qiye stroked it and smiled: “The truth is that your branch has a brighter future without intelligence and human form.”

The mouse stared at him, seemingly confused.

Yang Ling also wanted to touch the mouse: “It’s so cute… so this is a hug mouse.”

She never thought such an opportunity would present itself before. This was a legendary mouse acting docile in front of Li Qiye.

“May I touch you?” She got the urge and reached forward.

The mouse growled in response, causing her to pull back her hand in fear.

It stared at her in an arrogant manner after the successful intimidation. After all, it didn’t dare to do anything to Li Qiye but on the other hand, it had no reason to give face to this little girl.

Yang Ling was still amazed to be in its presence. She asked: “I heard those in your good graces will soar. How?”

The mouse raised its chin as if telling her that not just anyone can have this privilege.

“Do you have a treasury?” She thought that it was cuter when acting haughty.

The mouse posed as if the answer was - obviously, expressing that it had more than just one treasury.

“Since the girl wants to see, broaden her horizon.” Li Qiye smiled and gently tapped the mouse.

The mouse would have refused Yang Ling but refusing Li Qiye was unwise.

It jumped off the table and after a loud pop, it drilled into the ground and created a hole.

This was different from a regular burrow. The hole seemed to be a spatial entrance.

It went back up to look out the hole and squeaked at Li Qiye before jumping back down.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and jumped towards the hole. He instantly disappeared in the next moment.
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