Long Live Summons - Chapter 107 – You Dare? I Will Step On Your Head!

In the Yue Clan’s castle, the Clan’s New Year Tournament had officially begun.

It was now Yue Yang’s turn to enter the stage. The Yue Clan had already completed its grand opening ceremony. The emperor Jun Wu You and the Clan Master, Elder Yue Hai had each given a brief speech, and the various representatives had also ceremonially paid their respects to each other. Towards Yue Yang’s wild and impulsive character, not to mention strangers, even the Fifth Elder and the beautiful woman were worried that he might cause trouble during the opening ceremony. Thus, they had intentionally made him and Yue Bing stay in the lounge to await their turns.

Bored, Yue Yang laid down and slept, still trying to sexually harass that big beauty in his dreams.

When Yue Yang woke up, the first round of preliminaries was already over.

Yue Bing had gone up as well, but she did not summon her Hundred Year Treant Defender out for battle. She had instead followed Yue Yang’s shameless tactics that he had taught her before. She rushed towards the opponent, who was in the midst of summoning his beast, delivering a flying-kick straight to his face. This surprise attack, aside from interrupting the summon, caused the opponent’s mind to suffer backlash from the failed beast summon. Weaker warriors would instantly be knocked unconscious.

This move was useless against experts who could summon quickly. It would be extremely dangerous to attempt a surprise attack on such experts; but on beginners, this was a tried and tested move.

Therefore, Yue Bing had easily achieved victory…

The crowd did not scold her. Rather, they scolded Yue Yang for having been the shameless fellow who instructed her.

Because Yue Bing had never attempted this type of sneak attack before, the only reason why she would use one this year would definitely be due to the teachings of that ‘abnormal trash’ brother of hers.

Yue Yang, who was now being called ‘abnormal trash’, due to the crazy antics he pulled recently, caused the boy from the Clan’s outer circle to instantly forfeit. Who would want to fight against that demon-like abnormality? That would not be comparing notes; that was courting death!

Even when he heard from the servants that Yue Yang was thoughtlessly sleeping, the Fifth Elder did not get people to wake him.

Yue Shan and the others also agreed to let Yue Yang directly advance to fight in the second round.

The draw in the second round was quite coincidental too. The Fifth Elder, who represented Yue Yang, drew the ninth son Yue Feng.

The little genius against the abnormal trash, what would the result be?

The crowd eagerly awaited this battle.

Although the Ninth Young Master Yue Feng was only 7 years old, his successful contracting of beasts was astounding. Within half a year, it was said that he had contracted with eight strong beasts, and he was one of the most important individuals of the Four Great Sects that was being cultivated by the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect. Yue Feng was definitely a little genius in reality, but Yue Yang on the other hand… or to be precise the tragic guy who had been replaced by Yue Yang, was a real trash. If not for Yue Yang crossing dimensions and taking the tragic guy’s place, even if the tragic guy were given another ten years to practise his skills, he would not be able to win against Yue Feng.

Yue Yang walked out. The Yue Clan Castle’s main plaza was extremely big. It was probably larger than a soccer stadium, and its spectator seats were completely packed with the clansmen of the Yue Clan.

On the east side, there were people with attires different from those of the Yue Clan’s clansmen. They looked like the people from the Feng, Xue, and Yan Clan.

At the north grandstand, aside from Elder Yue Hai, Yue Shan, Yue Ling, and the other rankers, the most eye-catching individual was a delicate, sharp-looking, elegant middle-aged man. He wore a set of snow-white warrior’s clothing with a fine jade headband on his head. Although he wore a smile on his face, his demeanour showed a kind of angerless might. Yue Yang guessed that this guy was the emperor of the Da Xia Empire, Jun Wu You. Judging from his appearance, he looked like a noble swordsman around forty years old. In reality, Jun Wu You was already a hundred and eighty this year and was a famous ranker in the Da Xia Empire. His strength was measured to be a Level 7 Intermediate ‘Overlord’.

The person sitting to the right of him was Elder Yue Hai.

Elder Yue Hai was only slightly older than Jun Wu You, but he had fought for many years and his body was far too worn out. Now, he looked incomparably old, with a head of white hair that displayed exactly how old he was.

Behind Jun Wu You stood a gigantic general who wore a golden armour that covered his entire body, including his face.

He was built like a bull and was as imposing as a tiger.

This man was the commander of the Yu Lin army; a lunatic referred to by the title of ‘Ten-Thousand Withered Bones’.

Sitting to the right of Jun Wu You were the two representatives from the Feng and Xue Clans. The age of those two people did not differ much from Yue Shan. They were probably the two people who represented the masters of their houses. Since Yue Yang was transported here, he could not recognise who they were. Moving further on, was Yue Shan and a ferocious guy who was donned in blazing red clothes. His appearance was similar to Yan Po Jun’s, but he was far more mature and much more powerful.

Yue Yang guessed that this guy was probably Yan Po Jun’s father.

The few rows in front were the disciples that were directly related to the three families. Yue Yang saw that the ice cube guy, Xue Tan Lang, was also present. At this point of time, he was coldly staring at Yue Yang.

However, Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha did not come. The one thing that made Yue Yang most relieved, was that the imperial swordswoman was not here either.

The person who made Yue Yang’s head hurt the most was the imperial swordswoman. Thankfully, his Counterfeit skill had already risen in level… He did not know if his newly increased Counterfeit skill could deceive the imperial swordswoman. Yue Yang was not certain and hoped that he could now deceive her. If he could do so, he would be able to take liberties with her when the time came, and cause her to go crazy.

“Good, very good!.”

“Xiao Jiu is the best!”

Once Yue Feng appeared on stage, he shook the entire place with his shota appearance, especially those maternal love-filled women who were the craziest. Almost everyone was cheering for him. He politely bowed towards Yue Yang who was slowly walking up the stage. Although his words were respectful, there was inevitably some traces of arrogance hidden behind them. “Brother Xiao San, please exchange pointers with me. Master and Father both reminded me to thank Brother Xiao San for giving the [Spirit Pill] to me.”

Although he did not say it, he implied that it was better for him to eat the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill], and that Yue Yang was a publicly recognised trash and any amount of pills would be a waste on him.

Yue Feng extended his hands and summoned his grimoire.

A cheer resounded from the audience. His summoning grimoire was actually a silver grimoire. This really amazed Yue Yang.

However, Yue Yang immediately smiled.

No matter how much of a genius Yue Feng was, he could not have used his own strength to raise the bronze grimoire into a silver grimoire. Yue Bing, who had attended school for four years, only had an advanced bronze grimoire. Furthermore, he had contracted with the grimoire not long ago, how could it be possible for him to possess a silver grimoire?

The only reasonable explanation was that the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect found people to challenge Yue Feng every day, intentionally allowing Yue Feng to use his summoned beasts to defeat them. This allowed battle points to be accumulated quickly.

This type of method, that pursued instant benefit, did not have any effect on the individual’s cultivation. However, the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect and the Second Branch wanted to show off this genius Yue Feng to the world as quickly as possible. They wanted the world to proclaim his prowess, and be in the limelight during the Clan’s New Year Tournament. It was inevitable that that method would be employed to help Yue Feng accumulate battle points and increase the grade of his grimoire… This was a norm amongst the various great families. Initially, the various great families would seek warriors who would voluntarily become failures. They would then be used to bolster the battle points of younger generation’s members who showed promise. After attaining a certain level of strength, they would then be allowed to go out to experience the real world.

Having a silver grimoire from the start would provide extremely huge advantages during the initial period.

The only flaw was that the battle points that were pumped into it were not genuine. The benefits of the ancient laws that were granted with the increase in the grimoire’s grade would often be inferior, or might not even be granted.

Of course, there was only one such individual like Yue Yang who completely received the benefits from the ancient laws when the grade of the grimoire was increased. When the grimoire contractors increased the grade of their grimoires, there was a possibility that they would not get anything. Most people would get a blank page, or a seemingly useless beast. The benefit that most people desired most was for an increase in the grade of their beast.

As for the most prized reward in the hearts of contractors, it was the evolution of their beasts, for example turning from a normal beast into a Bronze one.

Yue Yang was probably the only person in the world who had received abilities for his Guardian Beast, which was a divine gift granted by the ancient laws. If anyone else was granted one, they would be so happy that they would cry for three days and three nights…

“Wow, look! Ninth Young Master’s summoning grimoire is already a silver one! A genius! He really is a genius that does not even appear in a hundred years!”

“Ninth Young Master, do your best!”

The audience started clapping resoundingly.

Aside from rooting for Yue Feng, there were also countless curses mixed in: “Kill that trash!”; “If that trash isn’t dead, the pent up hatred that I have cannot be released!” and other similar words were frequently shouted.

Yue Yang had recently cut down many Yue Clan guards and disciples from other branches. The people who were unrestrainedly cursing him were probably the relatives or the friends of those people.

Yue Yang did not even bring Hui Tai Lang up onto the stage.

The reason was that uncontracted beasts could not be brought up to the stage. Thankfully, this rule had been set a few hundred years ago, otherwise Yue Bing would have flipped again. The ancestors of the Yue Clan were worried that it was easy for people to lose control over uncontracted beasts. When family members fought each other, they might slip and accidentally kill their kin, therefore it was banned. As for this, Yue Yang only smiled and felt that it did not matter. Since he was going to be tyrannical, then he would do it himself. Why would he even need Hui Tai Lang?

Yue Yang kicked Hui Tai Lang, who wanted to go up the stage with him, back down, then drew his crescent blade. Yue Yang, who was full of confidence, yawned: “Little Nine, you know that Brother Xiao San is trash. I hope you’ll be lenient with me. It’s fine to bully me, but at least let me leave here alive, ok?”

Countless people looked towards him with hostility. They wished that their eyes could shoot lasers and instantly kill this shameless fellow.

Yue Feng repeatedly assured that he would not dare to, but was actually calm and collected on the inside.

Since he was wearing an armor, he did not have to be afraid of the crescent blade in Yue Yang’s hands. Using his little hand to press onto the book, he took a long time as he concentrated fully on summoning. A Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger Puppet Beast was summoned.

Although he may be a genius child, he had too short of a time to cultivate.

For Yue Feng to summon the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger was the limit of his limits…

Yue Feng seemed to be completely drained of his energy. He was sweating profusely and gasping for breath, clutching onto the floating silver grimoire floating. The summon that exceeded his limits caused him to be exhausted.

A thunderous applause boomed from the crowds.

Being seven years old and yet was able to summon a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger Puppet Beast, this was an extremely astonishing feat.

Not just for normal people, even Jun Wu You and the representatives from the various families clapped in admiration.

Yue Feng’s father, the Second Branch’s master, Yue Ling was extremely happy.

He only lacked a note stuck to his forehead, which would have indicated: “I’m the father of this genius”. The surrounding people also stood up and congratulated him, flattering him to no end.

As for the three representatives from the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect, aside from the elder at Level 6 [Elder], who had his eyes closed from the start and maintained his calm appearance, the other two middle-aged men at his sides, who were Level 5 [Grandmaster]s, had smiles plastered onto their faces. They constantly shook hands with the people around them. While the praises piled onto them, these two acted humbly and said: “Xiao Jiu has really worked hard, but his cultivation time was far too short and thus can only contract with Bronze-ranked beasts right now. He still needs to put in more effort in the future. Our plan is to let him contract with Silver-ranked beasts next year; then a Gold-ranked beast in five years’ time. We, the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect, will definitely spare nothing in grooming Xiao Jiu!”

“Wow, listen to this! There’s still Silver-ranked and Gold-ranked beasts waiting for Ninth Young Master to contract with!”

“As expected of the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect of the Four Great Sects!”

“Beat that trash to death!”

“Go War Tiger! Bite that trash to death!”

“Without that Two-headed Demon Wolf, that trash is dead for sure. Bite him, rip his guts out!”

Yue Bing was extremely depressed and furious at those words. She felt that the Clan was far too biased. They gave her brother five, Level 1 Puppet Mice, but they gave Xiao Jiu a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger… This was too much. She absolutely did not believe that it was a lousy beast that her father had drawn in the lottery. It was definitely the deliberate work of the eldest and the second Clan. The Clan actually possessed so many puppet beasts; even if they had just randomly given a Level 2 Iron Bull Puppet, it would not make others so frustrated, but, they had actually given not just one, but a set of five Level 1 Puppet Mice.

She had seen people being bullied before, but not to this extent. If her brother wasn’t this capable, those despicable people would definitely be snickering behind their backs.

Towards the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger, Yue Yang faked an extremely terrified expression.

His crescent blade was raised high into the air.

As quick as lightning, a ray of light penetrated into the air… While the remnants of the ray of light still lingered in people’s eyes, the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger suddenly rumbled and was sent flying ten metres away by Yue Yang. It fell heavily onto the stage with huge sparks flying out of its mouth; crackling sounds echoed. At first, it looked like it was still able to climb back up, but it began walking lopsidedly as if it was drunk.

“That Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger is so amazing! It scared the wits out of me!” Yue Yang exaggeratedly shouted and kicked down the War Tiger Puppet that was walking unsteadily.

The entire body of the tiger fell onto the ground with a resounding noise.

It had fell headfirst. Within the skull, a compressed exploding sound resonated.

The red glow in its crystallized eyes gradually weakened and finally extinguished. Everyone was flabbergasted and could not believe this. A Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped Beast was finished off just like this?

Yue Yang walked slowly towards Yue Feng with his crescent blade.

Walking in front of the terrified Yue Feng, who had just lost his shield, he showed a harmless smile. “Xiao Jiu, for Brother Xiao San who is like trash, it’s fine to bully a little. If you bully me too much, I will cry, you know?”

As he said it, Yue Feng covered his mouth, and tears started flowing from his eyes.

The crowd looked at Yue Yang angrily. They wanted to jump onto the stage and kill this repulsivly abnormal trash.

Yue Feng’s father Yue Ling clenched his fists tightly. The anger in his eyes wanted to burn Yue Yang to ash.

However, Yue Bing was especially moved. She could not forget that last year at this time, the children of the eldest and second Clan banded together to bully Brother. These memories were vividly etched inside her head. Didn’t this Yue Feng fellow throw firecrackers at Brother’s body? If he was not given a little lesson, he would not know how vast the world was, nor how to respect other people. So what if he found people to grant him his silver grimoire? True strength does not rely on external sources. Only by working hard and cultivating could one walk on the real path of climbing and reaching the status of a peak ranker.

“Uuu, this can’t be possible! My beast is a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Golden Striped War Tiger! How could you defeat it without using a beast? Physical techniques are trash; techniques can’t defeat my Golden Striped War Tiger… “ Yue Feng was acting like a spoiled brat who felt wronged, and started bawling while questioning Yue Yang.

“It’s a little like the Earth Splitting Slash, but it’s not. It was merely a technique. Brother Hai, Xiao San’s techniques are not bad at all. He has some charm inherited from his father!” Jun Wu You was smiling as he saw this. As the emperor of Da Xia Empire, he was the only emperor who thought highly of techniques. Within the entire Soaring Dragon Continent, many people insulted him, saying that he was an idiot emperor. If not for him being a Level 7 [Overlord] with frightening strength, the various city masters would have long since revolted against him.

“This fellow has endured silently, and not revealed his secret for many years. I misjudged him too.” Elder Yue Hai also nodded his head silently.

“…” The expert representatives from the Four Great Families saw Yue Yang’s techniques. Their faces were also a little gloomy.

They absolutely did not hope for a second Yue Qiu to appear.

The Third Young Master, who was the thrashiest in the Soaring Dragon Continent, transformed completely today. It seemed like he had always been cultivating the techniques of his father, Yue Qiu, and he had a tinge of maturity in him now.

Xue Tan Lang furrowed his eyebrows as he saw this. He was not surprised that Yue Yang possessed such power. This was because when they went into the Demonic Abyss, this trash Third Young Master could even bring back his entire team of trash safely after fighting a Demon General… However, he felt that Yue Yang was not just a simple person who possessed only techniques. A ranker who only possessed techniques would definitely have a difficult time killing a Demon General.

Many Demon Generals could only be killed with beasts… For example the Death and Cloud Demon Generals had no material form. No matter how good a person’s technique was, it would be useless against them.

This trash Third Young Master definitely possessed beasts. He had just not showed them yet.

Xue Tan Lang was excited and his heart was full of anticipation.

How much of this fellow’s strength was still concealed? He had to see clearly before fighting him to the death.

Yue Yang did not care how others looked at him. He came up to the stage to be a tyrant and score one for the tragic guy and the beautiful woman. He was acting as the bad guy, and thus was not polite towards Yue Feng at all. He smiled and said, “Xiao Jiu, your mom is calling you to go back and eat!”

He kicked Yue Feng, the genius in everyone’s eyes, flying.

This exaggerated movement by Yue Yang thoroughly caused the two beast grandmasters from the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect to be infuriated. They flew out, one holding onto Yue Feng who had been kicked into midair, the other jumping up on stage, rebuking Yue Yang, “Trash Xiao San, you really have guts. Yue Feng is our Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect’s important grooming disciple, yet you dare to be so evil against him?”

This grandmaster did not allow any explanation. He instantly summoned his beast in midair and allowed it to merge into his body, turning into a wolfman with sharp claws.

The claws ripped the heavens and the earth, and covered the entire sky.

Finally, as if a celestial wolf had descended to earth, he pounced towards Yue Yang’s head.

(Ignis: The Sirius star is known as the star of the “celestial wolf” in Chinese astronomy. The author probably meant it literally as a giant wolf pouncing on him)

“Second Slash, Heaven and Earth Collapse!” Yue Yang threw the crescent blade towards the wolfman grandmaster in a spiralling manner. He then drew the magic blade Hui Jin from his waist, gathering his Innate Qi. A deep, golden sun appeared in his hands and blew up in the chest of that wolfman grandmaster. The claws of the grandmaster were dangerously close to Yue Yang’s head… However, he would never let it have a chance to get even a single inch closer.

The grandmaster let out a miserable howl, and started spurting fresh blood from his mouth while falling backwards.

After all, they were rankers who were Level 5 [Grandmasters]. When the wolfman grandmaster landed on the ground, he instantly rebounded and prepared to dodge Yue Yang’s blade edge, awaiting the assistance of his companion.

However, his thinking was too ideal.

From the sky above, a foot heavily trampled on his spine, causing his entire body to be stomped back into the stone floor of the stage. Yue Yang rampantly stamped on the head of the wolfman grandmaster and looked down at him with the gaze of the reaper: “Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect? That scared me to death. You know all too well that I’m trash, and I have a particularly little amount of courage. If you scare me like this, won’t I get frightened to death? Yue Bing, look, a Level 5 [Grandmaster]! Oh dear, a Level 5 [Grandmaster]! He dared to launch a surprise attack under the eyes of the audience against this trash. Do you really want to beat people to death?”