Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor - 57 THE WHITE CHILD 9

When Emperor Lam regain his consciousness, he found his limbs bounded to a wooden table, in a small room dimly lit by the puny light of a small candle, placed over his head, his nose assaulted by the foul smell of death in the air. Emperor Lam struggling, trying to free himself from his bound then a shadow step into the dim light of the candle. A bearded face of a man with a pair of slanted baggy eyes, and a derange look staring at Emperor Lam. That eyes he recognized, but Emperor Lam can't be sure if it's because of the low light or is his face is ashen in colour. Not only that, his beard and his messy mane of hair is nearly completed turn white, with several strands of black hair remain.

"Hua Xia." Emperor Lam spoke.

"Hua Xia???..." the beard man tilled his head "Oh! You mean me."

"Hah hah, yes, yes that was my name. Uh hum… uh hum… yes that was my name… although I don't use it anymore. Hah hah." Hua Xia slapping his forehead

"So what now? Are you going to kill me?" Emperor Lam smirk

"Kill you? What do you mean…" Hua Xia slightly wave his hand "Oh… we have a kind of bad start, aren't we?"

"No, no, don't worry I won't kill you, I just want to talk." Hua Xia smiled

"Talk? Alright, then we'll talk." Emperor Lam said "what are you plotting here? Why're you trying to bring back the Old Gods?"

"Me? Bring back the Old Gods?" Hua Xia said "Oh, so you had met those Orcs. They must had told you about the book then. Why wouldn't they… the Old Gods… hum… what exactly are you afraid of the returning of the Old Gods? My little emperor. Why are you… and those Orcs scared of that premise so much? Is it because of those stories? The stories that said how terrible the Old Gods are? Or because of the new established doctrine of the New Gods?" Hua Xia paused, put his face closer to Emperor Lam "Tell me, when was the last time, yours prays answered by Quelas'Airuth and the Five? Do they care about us? Or. Do they even existed? Hum…? But the Old Gods, the Old Gods… I know they're real."

"How? You may had already know that… I can hear the Old Gods whispering." Hua Xia pointed to his ears "Do you know there was tales of old time, time when the gods walk among mortal. Imagine such a world, with legitimate gods, which can communicate with us mortal and actually care. Now those are the gods I can worship, not just some stone statue collecting dust in some temple. But hearing the Old Gods whispering is not the only thing I can. No, no, that's not all. Throughout the years, I also had peek into the mind of the Old Gods… No, no, not just peek… immerge in it and do you know what I find?"

"Infinity." Hua Xia left out a soft crazy laugh "It's infinity, INFINITY, and it is… beautiful." Hua Xia stare into the darkness of the room, with an eerie smile "do you know how it feel when you immerge your mind into something of that magnitude? I can see things, feel things… that no mortal's word can describe. There are things out there, beyond our world, beyond our plane of understanding, beyond our plane of existence, things so vast and so powerful to imagine. And by just emerge myself in the mind of the Old Gods I had expanded my own mind. I can see things clearer now, imagine if the Old Gods to be return, I won't be just merely emerged in their mind but actually become one with them… become a god."

"Wow, you're even madder than I imagine." Emperor Lam smirk.

"It's seem…" Hua Xia gasped Emperor Lam face, and creepily rubbing his cheek "our mortal tongue had fail to make you see what I see… don't worry I can help with that… I can make you hear the Old Gods, my little emperor. I can help you."

"Thank, but no thanks." Emperor Lam said, his eyes turned white and Hua Xia flung backward into the darkness of the room. With his telekinesis Emperor quickly remove the restrain on his arms. But before he can loose the rope on his legs. The madman Hua Xia lunged on him, knocked over the small candle, threw the room into a pit black darkness, and fleeing to a faint trip of light on the floor, where the door would be. After freed himself, Emperor Lam rush through the door, and find himself in another large dark room with stone floor, dimly lit by a dying small candle on the floor, the large room seem to divided into smaller sections with makeshift wooden dividing panels. And not far from where he standing, Emperor Lam saw Hua Xia, holding a touch and a small bag, fleeing toward an archway, there also a man following him. When they saw Emperor Lam, Hua Xia order his follower to slow Emperor Lam down, Hua Xia's follower wave his hand followed with a spell, several wooden dividing panels near Emperor Lam, broke off and felt on him. Counter the attack with his telekinesis, Emperor Lam throw the wooden panels back to his opponent. The follower put up a barrier around him for defend, caused the panels to broke into pieces upon impact with his barrier. Before the dust and splinters from the broken panels subsided, Emperor Lam closed in and blow his opponent to the stone wall of the room with a close-range lightning strike. Trucked by lightning strike, even the follower's magic barrier had help mitigated the damage. Half of his body still badly burned, a normal person would be dying in agony right now. But to Emperor Lam surprise, the follower's horrible burn wound seem to have no effect on him, he stands up like he felt no pain, grasped a piece of wood from the broken panels and lunge forward. Emperor Lam quickly kick him at the stomach, dropped the follower to the ground and with his telekinesis drive the piece of wood in the follower's hand through his heart. Only by that Hua Xia's follower is completely dead.