Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor - 51 THE WHITE CHILD 3

Walking back to the inn on a nearly deserted street, now is just late noon and the sun is still bright on the sky, yet houses on the street had shut all of its doors and windows, barely anyone dare to go out of their home. Parents are locking their children inside the house, the town is scared. The taosih returned to his room, locked the door and took off the amulet necklace on his neck, thus the illusion spell on him fade away, review a pair of small antlers on his head and his identity, Emperor Suk Lam. Staring at his notes of all the paranormal cases, deep in though.

"If what the mayor said is true, and particularly on the case of the assistance mage. Before the guard saw the allegedly "ghost" the assistance mage's eyes turned white and he froze on the spot, that would mean he was using his telepathy. But why would he do that if not to defend himself from a telepathy attack? And if the mage indeed was defending himself from telepathy attack from a magic user, then who attacking him? Another mage? But the guards assertively said there was no other soul within their sight when they're there. The guard's testimony said that they were about 20 to 10 lias away from the mansion when it happens. Let just assume that they were right and let give it the shortest distance in this case, 10 lias. Even at that distance the possibility of another mage telepathy attack the assistance mage is nil, because telepathy attack only viable in short range about 3 to 5 lias, and the attacker must maintain constant and undisrupted eyes or physical contact. I never hear of any mage able to pull a telepathy attack beyond that range without killing oneself, not even in the wildest rumour. Even naturally gifted in magic like the Elvas, even my wife, as her best can only pull a telepathy attack at 6 lias. Does ghost able to do such thing? Does ghost truly exist? Aucelen once dismissed the existence of ghost… hum… I not so sure, but she is an Elvas after all, let just say her Elvas brain is right then. There was no such thing is ghost and all these paranormal incident was caused by a magic user, then the only magic user, I think… the only one that might able to do such feat that I can imagine of is… her. Is it possible? Is she still alive, after those years?" Emperor Lam sigh, sitting at the table in the room, he pondering about the possibility.

Nightfall, after a hot bath, Emperor Lam, in his disguise, having his dinner at the inn's eatery, still full of thought, still wondering about the possibility that the girl maybe still alive. It's was quite a scandal in the imperial court 5 years ago. There was a lady named Yuen Tee Hue, daughter of Lord Yuen Wu, a high ranking official in the imperial court. Lady Hue is a very proper noble lady, fair and well-educated by his father, well verse in all matter of scholastic, poetry, literature, chess game, music, artistry. Emperor still remember fondly those time he spent in her company when he still a crown prince, he even considered to marry her when he ascended to the throne.

One day, lord Wu's family face quite a disgrace, lady Hue was pregnant, and for some reason, she remains silence about the identity of the baby's father, and decided to keep the foetus. Time passed and everything quiet down a bit. Then one day, lord Wu announced that his daughter just give birth to a healthy baby girl, also, she had reviewed the father name, and of course it was Emperor Lam. Lord Wu's words express extreme happiness in this good news as so the entire imperial court. It's naturally, for the fact that Emperor Lam, to this day, only have one consort is very odd to everyone. And they also urging Emperor Lam to have lady Hue as his first concubine. This news shock Emperor Lam, and causing trouble, to say the least, for his relationship with his wife. Especially after the banishment of their only son. As wise and reasonable as an Elvas can be, Empress Aucelen is not some infallible goddess, even if she trying to control her emotion, Emperor Lam still can tell that his wife is jealous. Though Emperor Lam had trying to talk to her wife about this subject, Empress Aucelen kept avoiding it by saying that she's understand, that she knows this is Downers custom, and it's understandable and preferable for an emperor to have many wives.

But she's not talking to him if it isn't an utmost importance state matters, and her language turned extremely formal even when they're along together. He's no longer felt that warm and loving feeling from her gaze no more, the gaze of her blue eyes turned freezing cold and disdain is her react to his touch. And she kept sleeping in her private library with the excuse of researching. This show how the news affected her, even when former Crown Prince Tua has been trip of his tittle and banished to the military. Empress Aucelen still express her understanding in her husband decision, their still effuse their thoughts to each other, and her love for Emperor Lam is still remain warm, although she was saddening by their son's fate.

Once again, with the excuse of research, Empress Aucelen avoid sharing bed with her husband. It has been 4 nights in a row already. So this time, no matter how she reacts, Emperor Lam will force her to confront him. When Empress Aucelen came to her library, she finds her husband sitting there in her desk, turned around, she trying to leave but the doors slam shut in front of her by Emperor Lam telekinesis.

"Lam… have not I told you, that… I… understand, and… fully support of you having lady Hue as your concubine?" Empress Aucelen's eyes glistering, voice slightly tremble.

"The baby girl is not mine." With an assuring voice, Emperor Lam said.

"It… heh… are… how can you be sure about that?" Empress Aucelen said after seconds of silence

"Yes, I do meet her from time to time, but that was just friendly meeting, we're just friend." Emperor Lam said, treaded quickly across the room, Emperor Lam grabbed his wife shoulders, turn her to look at him.

"Look at me, look at me. Tell me, why would I lie, huh?" Emperor Lam said, stare into her eyes. "By Quelas'Airuth the supreme, and in the name of my father and his ancestor, in the name of my mother and her people, I swear this to you! The kid is not mine!" after a deep breath he continue "you don't believe me? Then mind probe me, mind probe me, see if I'm lying to you, do it!"

Seeing that glistering pair of black eyes of her husband and those tear about to come out from his eyes, Empress Aucelen sudden realized maybe she had been unreasonable to her husband. She let out a hiccup and rest her chin on his shoulder.

"I… I trust you." Empress Aucelen whimpering in her husband arms.

"By the gods, Aucelen. Even if I want a concubine, I would never do it behind your back, and sleeping around like this." Emperor Lam sigh. "Of all the races in Varlaurea, I thought you Elvas must be the most understanding and level head of all, why don't you just let me talk about this with you, what happened to you, silly girl?" Emperor Lam whispered to his wife.

"Sorry, I… do not know why am I acting like this, it…phew…" Empress Aucelen sigh "oh… this is embarrassing, this is the first time I ever felt this much jealousy."

"It's alright, it's alright." Emperor Lam whispered

Empress Aucelen softly smile "but… if the child is not you, then why lord Wu and lady Hue claimed it is? What are their motive? Why are they doing this?"

"We'll find out, we'll find out, my love, for now… just stay like this for a while, I miss your warm, leaf-ear." Emperor Lam rest his cheek on his wife chest. They just stand there in silence, holding each other tight in their arms.