Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor - 34 THE DISCIPLES OF OCHWESI 4

The next morning, Emperor Lam feel the encounter last night leaved him with more question than answer. Was what Kwanjobo said true? Prince Suk Nin really stole something from them? And what had been stolen really that dangerous? But wants it or not, with what is happening right now Emperor Lam have to believe him. Because now, Prince Suk Nin still nowhere to be find, and by his two wives words and his action, they're all reinforcing Emperor Lam's suspicion. Emperor Lam sitting there in his study room thinking for a while, then decide to pay his brother's mansion another visit. The last time, Prince Nin had been seen by his family is when he locks himself in his study room, maybe Emperor Lam will find some clue there.

After say hello to Prince Suk Nin wives, Emperor Lam go to the study room to look around. The room quite large, except for a desk in the middle of the room, the room filled with shelves and shelves containing books and small decorative statues and potteries, the room's walls hang all kind of landscape and calligraphy painting, especially the wall in front of the table hung a gigantic calligraphy painting with bronze frame and floral carving on the frame, the painting is 1.5 lias wide and nearly as high as the room. Emperor Lam skimming through all the books on the shelves but found nothing noticeable, the same for all the statues and potteries, nothing peculiar. Emperor Lam sigh, toing and froing in the room for a while then he noticed something about the big calligraphy painting in front of the desk. The painting had been hung there for a very long time and leaved a faint shadow on the wall, the shadow won't visible if the painting was neatly hung, but now it learned a little bit to the left revealing the shadow.

Emperor Lam take a closer look and recognized two bronze flower on each two lower corners of the frame is protrude out from the frame, and on the corner of the painting shadow, there's a tiny hole. Emperor Lam quickly realized those two small bronze flower carving is actually a pin, to keep the painting firmly in position and wouldn't swung side to side. And on the wall is small curved scratches nest to the tiny hole. Thus he pushes the painting to the left and it slowly move. He continues pushing and the painting revealing a niche behind it, the niche is about an arm length from the floor, high enough for a man to stand up right, 1lia wide and 1lia deep, step inside the niche, he saw a small wooden box, he took the wooden box put it on the desk and open it up, inside it just letters, standing there looking at those letters, Emperor Lam felt an uneasy feeling raising in his mind, a mixture of felling from the excitement of the discovery of some clues for a mystery, from a vague fear that if he read these letters, they'll broke his heart, and an anger of a treachery that may happen. Gave off a long sigh, he sits down and starting to read those letters.

About ten minutes late, Emperor Lam threw the last letter on the desk, he sitting there, his face rest on his palms, his nose turns red, after a snort he mumbling "damn it! Nin, why? I always treat you with love and respect, and yet you…" he spoke with a trembling and choking voice. All his suspicions had become true; Prince Suk Nin is planning for a coup. Sitting there for a while, then stroke his and wipe away the tears in his eyes by his sleeves.

He still sitting there, in silent, thinking, touching his fingertips together, learning his nose on his hand, staring at the big calligraphy painting on the wall, a flame is slowly growing in his mind, the flame of anger, the anger of a man who has been betrayed, betrayed by his brother, his own kin. But there is one thing he still can understand, what role the Orcs had in his brother's treachery? Or more precisely, what role is the Orc's stolen objects playing in this treason conspiracy? It's seem the answer for this question, only can be found from Kwanjobo's mouth, but how do Emperor Lam contact him? He thinking for a few moments, then put all the letter into his sleeves pocket, and quietly return to the palace.

After back at the palace, he summons Crown Prince Tua, his wife Empress Aucelen, and a few of high ranking officials that he knows he can trust. Then inform them about his finding at Prince Nin's mansion and the meeting last night with Kwanjobo.

"Your Majesty, these letters didn't tell us anything about the scale of this conspiracy, how many there're in collude with Prince Nin. They're just a discussion of Prince Nin and a person named Hua Xia. Besides, what role does those Orcs have in this conspiracy haven't clear yet. I think we need investigate more into this." Lord Dun Xuan said "but for right now, we should let the Brocade Cloak Guard tighten the security at the mansion with the excuse or preventing future break in, but also is to "keep an eyes" on Prince Nin's family."

"father, according to the latest letter, right now Prince Nin may be at Mei Lin city, let me go to there to investigate more of his whereabouts, if he's really there I'll kept a close watch on him." Crown Prince Tua said.

"Your Majesty, I think you should contact with those Orcs again and asking them about the things they're looking for, I think those stolen objects will play an importance role in this conspiracy." Empress Aucelen said.

Thinking about their advices for a moment, Emperor Lam agreed, he also order Lord Dun Xuan look into Prince Nin's financial flow, to find any suspicious expenses, and further investigate from there to find any other accomplices identity. And with the Orcs, Emperor Lam order some Brocade Cloak Guards to disguise as farmer, and herding their buffalos on the field where he meet Kwanjobo last night. On the buffalo body painted with the symbol of Ochwesi and hope that the Orcs get the signal.