Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor - 19 THE MISTY FOX OF THE BAMBOO FOREST 7

After the white fox is gone and the mist completely dispersed, they tending for the injurers. Emperor Lam then realized the red foxes footprint were all headed to the white fox den, he return to the main chamber of the den and found that strange pod had disappeared and drag mark on the ground lead to another tunnel. Emperor Lam intend to follow the tunnel but Hunter Tao advice they should return for the sun will set soon. So they retrieved the corpses and brought them back to Bai Ni. After a quick examine, those corpses had been identified as the previous missing victims and base on the clothes and belongings found on them, including the missing Taosih Hai. But there are no sign of the latest victims. The merchant and his servants has been given their last rite and transfer them back to their home town for burial, the rest were given a proper funeral and burial, Emperor Lam even attended their funeral himself. The victim's family are extremely honoured by his present at their love one funeral.

After the funeral, thinking only magic can explain the existence of the white fox and its ability, Emperor Lam came to White Cloud academy and re-interrogate all the faculty, apprentices, researchers and scholars present at the academy at that time, but still came up empty hand, all of them still have solid alibi and the testimonies they just gave Emperor Lam are still consistence with what they have given from the previous internal investigation. The academy is truly innocent, and Grand Taosih Wu Lee was not hiding anything to protect his academy. As the night is late, Emperor Lam prepare to return to Lord Lin mansion and get prepare for the hunt to slay the white fox. Grand Taosih Wu Lee came up to him said he may have found some clue. The mage present before Emperor Lam a big dusty book, it was the journal of a late Taosih name Yen who just pass away several months ago due to natural cause. The late Taosih Yen was the librarian of the academy, and she have a hobby of write down everything she heard or saw in the academy and Bai Ni town like a diary of the town and the academy. The journal Grand Taosih Wu Lee is presenting to Emperor Lam was written 2 and a haft year ago before the first missing of the tailor, in the November section Taosih Yen mentioned about the arrival and staying of a scholar name Huan Yu from Chihan. According to late Taosih Yen, the scholar came to the academy and made a hefty donation, then stay at the academy for research purpose. The scholar mostly kept things to himself and not socialize much, so no one pay much attention to him. He stay at the most remote and private northern wing of the academy doing research by himself, though he did not any cause trouble while staying in the academy, his manner made others find him creepy, especially some apprentices said they often heard him talking to himself in his quarter and while walking on the hallways. The scholar also frequently go to the bamboo forest, he said he was going for a troll and taking a break from work, but he always gone very long, sometimes gone for a whole day, and sometimes return with a big leather bag. The journal also noted, he often borrow book in the library about: religion, folklore, ancient tales, and myths, especially myths and tales from and pre Age of Wandering. Apart from that he also frequently request for alchemist equipment and supply, and surgery equipment for his experiment and theory testing. Then on one stormy night, some apprentices said they heard strange voice like animal growling, broken glass, come from his room, and the next day the scholar appear with an injured on his hand. He said the injured cause by accident while doing experiment and he will pay for all the damage, several days later he just pack up his luggage and leave. After his leave, some apprentices on cleaning duty come to the room and while cleaning they found trace of blood, animal furs scattered around the room. Emperor Lam keep reading the journal in hope of finding more information, but that was all the journal recorded that have some relation to current situation. Sit back in his chair Emperor Lam scratching his horn, thinking about what he had learned. Then an apprenticed came into the room and said Bai Ni is being attack, heard the news Emperor Lam rush to the nearest window and before his eyes, the mist veil is slowly swallowing Bai Ni from the west side of the town.