Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor - 9 THE MONSTER OF KAO REN LAKE 8

In the following week, the monster doesn't have any activities, none of the patrol ships have report any signs of it. So in the next week the fishermen finally have been allow to fish again, but most of them only do near shore fishing, very few dare to ventured far off shore. Two weeks and four days after the battle, things still remain quiet, more and more fishermen ventured far out to fish, the situation is improving. Emperor Lam still remain in Qualoh to overseer the rebuild effort of the city port, with everything remain quiet like this, his hope that the monster has been killed from its injure is starting to solidified. But unfortunately his optimism is short live, on the end of the third week, a far shore fishermen ship returned with a bite mark on its stern, luckily the crew only suffered light casualties, only three injure and no death. They reported the monster's still alive. The news sent distress throughout the citizens, all marine activities ceased immediately. After reassured the mass, Emperor Lam quickly order the fleet prepare to set sail in two days.

Two days passed, the fleet launch again. And this time Emperor Lam will do everything to kill this monster one and for all. First, they scout the area where the monster had been seen at the latest encounter with the fishermen ship, but found nothing after few hours. Then they kept patrolling to cover more area with no prevail, finally Emperor order the fleet to return to Qualoh as daylight is dwindling. The next day is the same with no result except when they're returning to Qualoh the monster suddenly attacks the Junk ships on the back of the formation, the beast's ramming and biting has damaged the rudder and hull of three ships causing water leak and then the monster swiftly dive back to the depth. Although suffer no casualty, but those Junk ships have to anchor at the port for repair. At midnight of the same day, another bad news came, a fishing village one-hour from Qualoh had been attacked at night by the monster, causing four deaths, five missing, and dozens injured, ten buildings were destroyed.

On the third day, luck seem to be on their side, a scout ship spotted the monster thirty kelias, north north-west from the fleet position, they changed course, and after one hour they have the monster in sight. They moving in formation parallel to the monster, behind the formation is a large barge, on it, is two brave souls, tasked to pour cattle blood and body part to the water to bait the monster to attacked then escape by small boat. Hours passed yet the monster seem to have no intention to attack. As twilight approaching, Admiral Huan Tah advised, they should return to Qualoh, for hunting the monster at night is too dangerous. Emperor Lam think for a minutes, his left hand stroking his beard. Then he said.

"No, we engage now."

Emperor Lam step on to the ship prow, take a deep breath, his eyes turned white, using his telekinesis to pull the monster out of the water. Upon felling it body being pull, the monster resist immediately, it uses all it strength to dive back to the water. The monster's gigantic tail swinging under the water created rough waves on the surface causing the ships slightly rock, and as the monster being pull closer to the surface, the waves intensified causing the ships rocking more and make Emperor Lam have trouble holding his footing, he gripped hold on a sail rope and keep pulling the monster out of the water. And like the previous battle the stronger the monster resists the more it slipping through Emperor Lam telekinesis grasp. Thus so, forced he channelling more of his qigun to keep hold on the beast. After thirty minutes of struggling the monster now only two lias from the surface, Taosih Tsun and his team attempt to assist by transfer their own qigun to Emperor Lam. But Emperor Lam denied their assistance and order them to wait until he has pull the monster out of the water, then use all their might to strike a killing blow. Another thirty minutes passed, the monster is now only one lia from the surface yet it still has the strength to resist, Emperor Lam at this point is reaching his limit, his noses starting to bleed. Admiral Huan Tah struggling to approach Emperor Lam as the ship kept rocking intensely.

"Your Imperial Majesty! I beg you to stop, you approaching you limited already"

"Almost… there..." The emperor groaned through his teeth.

"Please stop or you will die!" Admiral Huan Tah yelled

Ignored his words Emperor Lam kept going even though his noses are bleed more and more, even his ears now starting to bleed and his vision is blurring. Admiral Huan Tah cannot allow the emperor to risk his life like this, he lunged toward and cover Emperor Lam eyes to disconnect his eyes contact and pulled him backward. Escaped from Emperor Lam's telekinesis the monster quickly disappeared to the depth.

"NO!!!!" Emperor Lam roared and shoved the admiral aside.

He rushed back to the ship prow, but the monster's already gone.

"Huan Tah!!! You dare!" Emperor Lam yelled at the admiral

"Punish me as you will, Your Majesty. I only do what I must, you cannot risk your wellbeing like this." Admiral Huan Tah kneeled down

Emperor Lam stare as the old admiral face, heavy breath and face red with anger, hand raised ready to strike him. But quickly realized his hand was trembling, not only his hands but his legs too. Not from anger, but from exhaustion, indeed the struggler has drained him. The admiral's words ring true; Emperor Lam took a few deep breaths to quell his anger.

"Call off the fleet, return to Qualoh." Emperor Lam sigh, wipe the blood of his noses

"Understood, Your Majesty." Admiral Huan Tah replied and signal the fleet to return to port.