Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 35 CH 35: A new direction

It's been a few weeks since I let Lil know the new plan. She is working on a cover story to my sudden appearance. Mikhail is talking with the other kings to get them prepared.

We have been training hard to get my light based abilities growing. I have come up with a way to use my light along with the darkness of the abyss.

I call this ability "Stars tear," it is an attacking ability. It causes an explosion compared to the birth of a star.

I gather all my light, add it to a pocket of abyssal material, and condensed to a single point.

The light that I gathered into an orb. Is surrounded by the abyssal material. Then I condense the material on top of my light.

As it's reaching the point of combining between light, and dark. I puncture the pocket causing it to feed off of the surroundings.

This allows for physical materials to enter the pocket. They then mix with the light, and dark energies. This causes a disturbance in the pocket.

When the orb reaches a surface it explodes. The explosion is almost equal to a small star being born. I used the physics of a stars birth that I read in one of the kings books.

Condensing certain materials can cause an explosive reaction. Mix that principle with cosmic energy, and you get object of massive destruction. I shouldn't use it much, but it will be effective in a large scale battle.

The only downfall is that it takes too much of my energy to perform. Definitely a one time use kind of thing. so I have to make it count.

I have learned of a way to use the light to help my speed. By creating disk of light to step on. I can levitate myself for short periods of time. When it comes to my speed, and this ability.

I can use the disk as stepping zones in air based combat. Taking away the need to use my wings excessively. Also providing a sudden change in direction when the enemy can least expect it.

I can use this to block an attack as well. I have chosen to lose my shield in order to better understand the defensive aspect.

I'm working on more techniques that can benefit those around me. That's how I feel about light based energy. They are meant to help others more then oneself. Dark based energies are to protect oneself more then others.

A good balance of the two is beneficial to the person, and those around them. Mixing the two can bring destructive forces into play. If not careful, you can harm everyone, and even yourself.

Also you must remain aware that all light has darkness, and all darkness has light. It's a revolving door of acceptance, and preservation.

The light causes acceptance, and the darkness causes preservation of self. You shouldn't allow one to dominate the other. That's how balance, and equality are achieved.

I have been thinking of using these ideas as my teaching basis. The understanding of balance, and the importance of equality. I'm just not sure how to relate that to our realm though.

I'm only uncertain about it due to the placement system. Some beings here did not have a choice in placement. I think that could be causing the problem of the fallen ones.

I should actually build my teaching theory around them both. Teach my theory about changing the placement system. At the same time, I can teach my theory on balance.

Teach about balance in the current system, and then about balance in a system of choice. One thing I like about my relationship with my Father is that He understands me.

He has always given me a choice on what I want to do. I think that's why I'm willing to do it also. I know I don't have to if I don't want to, but He wouldn't like me much if i didn't.

He is the only thing i know as a Father. No one has ever accepted me into their tribe before Him. I'm not even sure He accepted me right away.

He put me threw a lot of test to get what I'm recieving. I like to think I have earned everything that I'm recieving. I actually think I could do more for the old man...

I think back to when I met Mikhail. How afraid I actually was when I saw him. Now we are brothers, and I couldn't see it any other way.

He always has my back, and he does so when we are not together. I'm sure he was working hard to find a way for me to get in to Heaven.

He knows me well, and has shown me what a true friend is. Then I met Lil, and was taken over by her abilities. She was pretty easy on the eyes too.

Such a graceful presence of the battlefield, and in life. Strong, virtuous, intelligent, and independent. I'm lucky to have someone like her accept me.

She was always standing against men being her security. I don't think anyone will believe that we are together. I think we shouldn't say anything at first.

She has always stood for herself, and I would hate to stop her from shining. I don't think I would have accepted a woman who has just accepted whatever she was told.

Debating with Lil, and seeing her all passionate gets me everytime. The drive to succeed that lay in her eyes is enough to motivate anothers success.

All the kings that I have met are pretty good guys as well. I can't wait to meet the other queens of Heaven. The kings have given me great books.

I enjoy studying them, and the ideas they give me. I can't read enough of the teachings. They are always growing, and I can learn new things each time I read one.

I want to see what kind of things Heaven has in it. Mikhail, and Lil never mention it much to me. They are just being respectful to the fact I'm not in yet.

I don't want to mess anything before I do get in. I'm not sure if The King will still let me in if I do something reckless.

The only issue I'm having in all this is still Samael. The things he said are still with me. Yet I know The King, and the others love me.

I have to figure a way out to catch up to him. Once I'm in Heaven I'm sure there will be some study material on him. If not i should be able to get information on him.

No point in fighting him again until I have a better idea of what I'm up against. I'm not letting him get away with what he did though.

That poison was some nasty stuff. Attacking me in my dreams of all places. I wish I could get information on that technique.

Altogether I can say things have grown very far. I used to be so ignorant to life, and the way things really are. If it was not for the lessons i have learned. I still would be just as ignorant.

This next stage of progress should be fun. I have a feeling it will be much harder then anything I have gone threw this far. Still seems so interesting when I think about it.