Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 34 CH 34: Preparations

When I told Lil the news about The Kings plan. She was more excited for it then I was. She said she couldn't wait to show me all the places in Heaven. Mikhail said he would leave all that to her anyway.

I began to prepare myself for a new role in the plans. Before I was playing the outsider, and now I have to play the Angelic advisor. From what Mikhail was telling me about an advisor.

I'm someone that The King trust to state their opinions. This is to help The King make plans, and relay messages. Knowing The King I will mostly be telling others how I view His plans.

I don't think He really needs any opinions. I think He just wants someone else to speak to everyone. He knows I don't care how anyone feels about what I say, and do.

Therefore He must want someone else to do the thinking for once. I can see why it would be easy to introduce a new player to the field like this.

This kind of tactic can make it seem as though He has had me learning. It allows Him to take some attention off of Himself. Even if He doesn't have a message for someone.

This wins a way for people to go to someone new for answers. If I have any trouble I'm sure he will tell me what to do. If not, then I can assume He is ok with whatever I'm about to do.

He had to do this to give me my independence as well. As his advisory attendant, no one except The King Himself can give me an order. Maybe Mikhail can, but I doubt anyone else can.

That would mean my orders come from The King, or the prince directly. No one will oppose what I suggest, but I have to make sure not to order anyone unless The King says.

Does this also mean I will be getting more wings? It would be nice to have the ones on my ankles. I wonder if I ask The King to combine them with the lower pair that the Archangels have.

Mikhail says most have the three on their backs, but only he has the ones on his ankles. They give him access to the throne room. If I'm an advisor then I should be allowed in there as well right?

I can't lose my cool when I get in either. I have to play this like I have been there for awhile. The King might already have a plan to take care of that. Then again I have Lil, and she loves a good story.

She can conjure something up real quick. It will most likely be some unbelievable story that I have to live up to.

A few hours after that I had to take my patrol. When I got there i saw that Lil was waiting on me. She must be on post too.

"I should have known that you would be on post with me sooner, or later."

She gave me a hug, and a kiss.

"We have to watch over our school. Knowledge is powerful, and it is our bond."

It is one of our bonds after all. It's something we both share a deep love for. That, and a good hunt. We both want to protect the creatures outside the wall.

She, and I have stopped taking their lives. We started to study them, and learned that they have intelligence. It's fun to play hunting games with her.

"That is true. We cant allow the students to fall behind."

We sat down along the edge of the wall. Looking down at the school, which was dimly lit with green light.

"What are you going to teach?"

She jumped up to begin her tail.

"I'm going to teach everything there. Each subject Heaven has to offer. This is a university, and its students need nutrients."

"I want to be the teach on diplomatic philosophy. I thought if The King is letting you in now. Maybe He will let you teach in the school."

"I know you would be a great teacher, and leader to those who want to learn from us."

I already knew that she wanted this. I can do my best, but I need some time.

"You can teach something like fighting strategy, or some kind of philosophy. Maybe you will teach them some poetry."

I laughed at that idea.

"I'm not that good at it just yet. Besides I would want time to prepare myself as a teacher."

She looked at me with an adolescent stare. She was so goofy sometimes.

"I will give it my best effort to be a good teacher if that is what The King wants."

"I dont know what I would choose to do really."

I turned around to face the wastelands.

"I wonder if anyone else has ever been allowed to do what I'm doing. If so, what happened to them after that?"

She came over by my side.

"I don't think anyone ever has. I guess that's why He is calling you a saint. Because your the first one to come from the darkness into the light."

"You have gained a lot of acceptance in Heaven. Your definitely a rare individual, and I don't think your just any Jin."

she can always keep me level headed.

"You're someone who can do anything in The King's name. I never seen anyone do the things He wants the way that you do."

"You two have a weird way of loving each other. He tells you what to do, and you stretch the limits of what He says."

I do test Him back a little.

"Me, and the old man do have a passion for challenging each other."

"He trust me to do the right thing no matter what I do. I always give in, but it's fun to put up some disobedience."

She shook her head, and laughed at me.

"I don't know what you two doing when it comes to your relationship. I just know He likes it just as much as you do."

I do respect Him because of our relationship. I don't think I could trust someone who doesn't have an objection to any of my thoughts. Makes me think you're afraid of me, or something.

"As long as He likes it, I have no reason to change."

We talked the entire patrol. Just before it was over I left to avoid being seen. She came down after the relief came.

It is a few days before my next patrol. I dont have any idea when I'm supposed to start the new job. I think I should keep studying, and build a teaching strategy just incase.

Lil isn't the type to let things go easy. She might act like she is going to be patient. I bet she is going to be up Mikhail's back.

However they have been doing all this. I'm not complaining at all. I'm just nervous about this whole title. I don't want to disappoint The King.

I can't let my brother down either. He is the only other person with high authority there. He pulled some strings to get this to happen.

I'm sure he has been telling his Father the stories of our meetings. The King may already know. I get the feeling He likes to hear it from people themselves.

I still have to work on my light. I need a better understanding of how it functions. That should be one of my main priorities. I need some new tricks to show Heaven when I arrive.

I wonder if I can use light in balance with my abyss techniques? That would be hard to join the light with the darkness of the abyss.

I think I can figure something out. I need to use it like Mikhail does to fortify my weapons. I should ask him to help me out. I need to get help from Lil also.

If they help me develop new abilities. We can train in teamwork in unison with the new abilities. This could be beneficial for all of us.

The King must want something like this to happen. If so, He will wait until our training is done. He will know the best time to present the new piece to the board.