Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 31 CH 31: A Heavenly ceremony

When I felt like I was ready to leave the garden. I asked the monks that were in the garden to notify Mikhail. I asked for him, because he is a royal. When he is summoned, only he, and/or another Angel can answer it.

In this case they were told to notify him anyway if I was leaving. I was waiting for him to come meet me, and i was packing some of the wine. I grabbed some herbs, and fruits too.

Lil will probably want to come over for the day when I'm home. I think I will grab a few more herbs just incase.

I looked to notice Mikhail walking up.

"About time you got here. I was about to leave, because your ass is too slow."

Watching as my brother leisurely walked up.

"I'm not slow, you're just impatient, and lustful for Lil."

He grabbed a bottle of wine from the table.

"She does have my lust as well as my love. Better that I rush home to my woman, then to a bed of air."

He threw a grape at me. We shook hands, and began our journey back to my cave.

"Did anyone tell you about tomorrow?"

I shook my head.

"I haven't heard a thing from anyone. Lil hasn't been by for a few days."

He got in front of me, and started waking backwards.

"Lil is going to get her own section in Heaven She is being honored as a scholar. My Father is giving her a library, and a school."

This is awesome news! Lil always wanted to teach, and have a huge library.

"That's great for her. It's perfect for what she has been dreaming of. I'm proud of her for accomplishing her vision."

"I hope she will still have time for me now. She used probably going to be occupied more."

He shook his head, and started smiling.

"Father is giving her a place right behind the north corner of the wall. She will be next to you all the time now."

"She excepted a smaller area so that she could be there. She said she wanted to be close to you."

Wow she actually found a way to be responsible in Heaven, and to me. I would love to see her take someone on in a debate.

"There is going to be a ceremony also."

That's really nice of The King to do that.

"That's great, but I won't be able to see it. Make sure you tell her I said congratulations."

He just shook his hand in the air as to say "stop there."

"Father has assigned permanent patrol of the northern corner to The Morning Star."

What did he just say?

"Is Father letting me in?"

He shook his head sady.

"No, I'm sorry, but he is just allowing you permission on that corner. So you can watch over her, and her progress."

So I can see in, but not get in.

"Oh, I'm still not good enough for him to allow in. If it wasn't for Lil, I would turn that offer down."

"Your Father doesn't really love me anyway. I don't know why I said He was my Father."

"He won't actually accept me..."

This was the first time he punched me. He got me pretty good too.

"What was that for? You're already accepted by Him!"

He looked like he was about to punch me again. So I readied myself for a fight.

"I don't want to fight with you, but if you keep talking like that im going to hit you again."

He is serious right now. He doesn't understand what I'm feeling right now.

"Then you should just hit me. I don't believe giving me a corner to sit in is love."

He hit me again, but I just walked it off. I kept walking back towards my cave alone. No point in fighting him over it.

Lil should be getting herself ready for the ceremony. That's probably why she didn't show up for a few days. I'm going to take the patrol of the wall for her sake.

I guess I should get myself ready for the ceremony as well. I'm glad I grabbed some things from the garden before leaving.

At least I have some gifts for her. That's if I get to see her face to face. Maybe that's why The King gave me that corner.

That's probably the only way I will be allowed to see her now. He really gave me a corner to sit in. Then He does it right above Lil as if that's supposed to keep me complacent.

I think I'm going to ask Mikhail to assign someone else that corner of the wall. I will do it after the ceremony though. This way I don't hurt her too much.

I'm not going to just sit by, and be anyone's puppet. I'm not sure if I have to start this patrol tonight, but if so I'm doing it from my cave. The King probably wants me to fly over the corner all night.

I still can't actually walk on the walls ledges. What's the point of making me fly over the wall? Just so I can watch over her like she has done for me?

I never asked her to do it for me. Why should I have to be forced to repay a gift?

"Mikhail told me I needed to come talk to you."

Lilith was walking in my cave. She had something in her hands.

"I don't know why he would have done that. I'm doing fine now, and I'm back home finally."

I doubt she is going to let me pass, but I don't feel like talking about it with her right now.

"He said you were not being yourself. That you have been thinking negatively about things."

"You can't let your first loss get to like that."

That was a horrible way to lose.

"I almost died from his poison. He didn't even have to fight me."

She sat down next to me, and started rubbing my back.

"Are you going allow all your losses take over you like this?"

Why must she be so calm? I want to be angry right now, and she is just too calm for me to even do that.

"It's not the loss to him that's the problem Lil. It's the things he said, and me looking at them."

"Why is the most common question when I think about things."

I reached for my bag.

"I got you a few things before I left the garden. Congratulations on getting your own library, and school."

"I know you're going to be a great teacher."

I just dont know how I'm going to break the news about not taking the patrol.

"Thank you, and you're going to help me teach."

That caught me off gaurd. How was that supposed to happen with me stuck in a corner.

"The King has only allowed me to sit in the corner, andwatch over you. I can't even do it as myself."

"I have to be "The Morning Star." I said sarcastically.

I could feel how upset that got her.

"That's because he is already in Heaven. So no one will worry about who has watch in the north."

"Me, and Mikhail are the only ones allowed to join you. The King did that for us to be together."

"Why are you so upset about Him helping us? Now you can start working your way into Heaven."

Here we go with the debate. She'll probably tell me to look at the bright side.

"I have some parchment, and things for you. I want you to write down your theories."

"The more I can get your teachings into Heaven. The more your name will grow as something other then a demon."

I started to fill my pipe. I'm really not ready to hear this right now.

"Mikhail, and I are working hard to get you in. The King is giving us ways to do that, but if you're not ready then we should stop."

I looked at her to tell her to stop, but she was crying. That makes it hard to tell her anything harsh.

"I better see you on that wall for my ceremony. I will never forgive you if you dont!"

I reached out for her hand, but she ran off. I really hurt her feelings this time. She didn't take her gifts with her.

If I'm not at that ceremony she is going to kill me. She didn't hand me my gifts either. She just threw them down at me, and left. I better write something on the parchment as well.

I gathered everything together, and went to finish smoking. I thought about the situation I was faced with. Should I make The King mad, and turn down the offer?

If I did that would make Lil mad as well. If I take the offer I'm just making everyone else happy. Then I will be the only one suffering.

Why did things have to become so difficult. I still need to figure out what to do about Samael. I might leave things the way they are for now.

This way I'm the only person I'm hurting. If Lil would just let me go, and live her own life. This would be an easy fix.

She's never going to do that though. She has put in too much work for me to get in Heaven. If I don't write her a new book soon, that might be the end of us.

I won't have to worry about her forgetting me if I don't. I will have to worry about her hunting me.