Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 28 CH 28: The raid party

It was the day of the raid. Lil had come to see me first so I could attach myself to her as a shadow. We then went to meet up with the group.

We had a plan that I would sleep while the group was awake mostly. Then when they slept, I would come out to patrol our surroundings.

Mikhail, and Lil would take turns on patrol with me. This way if anyone woke up, I could easily go into their shadow before being seen.

It was easiest to sleep while traveling with Lil. Her energy, and mine have become harmonic. She likes it better this way too. She doesn't want anyone, but her to watch over me while I sleep.

She trusted Mikhail, but she was very protective over me. Mikhail couldn't tell when I was with him unless I made myself know.

I could communicate with the person I was attached to. If I whispered to them no one, but them could hear me. Lil on the other hand.

She could feel if I was with her, or not. Our bond was more connected then Mikhail's, and I. She would take lead when I wasn't with her. That way, she could use her eyes to direct the flow of battle.

We decided to travel without the use of light until it was needed. Fallen Angel's have a light to them still. It's usually a color that goes with the sin(s) that they enjoy most.

It's almost like me cloaking my wings. I reflect light, and it causes an almost rainbow effect. I gave it the name "dark prism" due to this effect.

Traveling like that while in smaller groups. Would allow us to use the largest field of vision. Plus it might lead the enemy to attack us. Thinking that we are lesser in numbers then we are.

Lil was bouncing from in front of us to behind us. Scouting the areas we passed threw. We avoided a few unnecessary along the way. Most of the Demonic that we encountered were lesser demons.

We saw a couple of Devils one their way somewhere, but no fallen so far. I'm glad that we haven't for the purpose of surprise.

I'm hoping that they don't have any idea what we are up to. If they did, it could be serious trouble for us. It might explain why we haven't see any as of yet.

In this party we had two healers, both female Angels who were high ranked under Mikhail. There are three long range fighters including Lil. There are five attackers, and including Mikhail two Archangels.

Then there was also me, but I don't have a leading role in this party. I guess The King wants me to be available first hand. This way if it gets too thick I can reveal myself.

I wonder who this Samael is, and why he is going against the grain. I do know I don't want to see what will happen if he succeeds.

We was close to the area where we was dispatched. The air itself was starting to stink to me. There was something heavy in it that made me second guess the raid.

That didn't last long, because we wouldn't have been sent here if we couldn't handle it. There must be another reason for this raid.

I went to talk to Lilith about what I was feeling. She order the party to group up in order to share.

I told her that I think this is a scouting mission. We are here to gauge the enemies strength, and numbers. This whole party is a farce, but neccessary incase anything happens.

I'm not just a shadow, I'm a scout, and your my backup. The training was to make sure we had skills together as a team. That way if we are attacked, we can perform at the best capacity.

He wants me to analyze the enemy from the shadows. Your supposed to keep an eye on me to make sure I don't get too far in the camp. The rest are here so that we can make it closer to the wall.

If it gets to be too much for us to handle. We will recieve help when we are close enough. That is our new plan of action.

Of course Lil went along with my idea, and Mikhail agreed. The rest of the group understood to a certain degree what was going on. They was told she was going to do the scouting since she had better eyes.

She really did, but I had the ability to invade. So she could relay any areas I needed to pay attention to. This will the most effect way to infiltrate their camp.

We headed for the southeast corner of the camp. She said there wasn't that many of them on that side. When we got there we saw that they was prepared for a war.

There was too many fallen, and Devils together. Hundreds of them all gathered up at the center of the camp. There was someone in the middle, but too far to see who. I couldn't hear what was being said, so I went in closer.

Lil was trying to stop me, but I can't let this chance go to waste. If there is someone plotting against The King. Then I want to know what they're up to, and how they plan to do it.

To get threw their walls, and breach the gates. Everyone has to go threw the wastelands around the wall. That's my area to patrol, and I'm not letting anyone threw.

As I reached the last row of Devils. I was not noticed by anything, or anyone. I kept getting a feeling that I shouldn't get too close. That made me uneasy, and I remained on the outside line.

The one in the center was talking about The King. Saying that He doesn't love us, He doesn't care for us, and that He just wants to use us in His game.

I wonder, what game he could be talking about? The King doesn't love us either? I thought He was always so giving, but this fallen one is saying it's to use us. He is saying that we are just pawns to be played.

"The King will turn His back on you one day!"

The fallen one said to the crowd, but I felt like he was talking to me. That can't be right, unless somehow he can sense me. If that's true, then this is Samael. He must be the one that Mikhail warned me about.

"When He is done with you. He will discard you like He has done all the other fallen."

He has to be talking to me right now. This is no good, and my only back up right now is Lil. If we get caught in a fight right now. We will have too much trouble, and I might lose her.

"Lil you have to leave me, and get the others away from here."

I said to Lil threw the abyss, but she was refusing to just leave me.

"There is no choice, and he wants my attention. If I give it to him, you all should be able to escape."

She was signaling to me that there was no way she would do that. So damn stubborn all the time. What am I going to do with her?...

I decided that the only way to get her to leave was to show her. So I revealed myself, and they just continued to look forward.

"So The King has sent yet another puppet to the stage!"

The fallen one yelled out to me.

"I hear you're doing The King's work from outside the wall. Does He not allow you to go in?"

He actually doesnt, but this asshole doesn't need to hear it from me.

"I do what I want, and what I want to do is live out here. I don't have a need for all the rules."

"I only do His work, because it's boring as fuck to sit out here with you lot."

He laughed at me. I'm not to fond of people laughing at me, but I have to play it cool for their sake.

"Then you are His puppet after all. Do you believe He will forgive you for taking so many lives?"

That was something I was always worried about. If it was ok to be killing them? If it was, then why was it ok?

"If he doesn't it will not matter to me. I'm already outside the walls as it is. He can't kick me in, and then kick me out."

"That would be childish of Him. I don't know Him much, but He doesn't seem that childish to me."

This guy really does itch me the wrong way. I hope I get to take him on someday .

"Children play with games the most, and He is playing you within one of those games."

"Does that not make Him a childish king?"

I really want to punch this guy in the face right now...

"We are all children then, because it seems like you're playing a part in this game as well."

I don't think he liked that comment too much. He has a pretty strong look in his eyes right now.

"So, are you angry that The King has such a strong pawn like me?" I mean i haven't even been given a rank yet."

"I'm still kicking your asses pretty well though!"

He started to step down from the stage he was standing on. This guy has this camp looking like a tiny village. He is pretty smart to have constructed such a life out here.

"You have only taken out those who were weak. You have yet to truly face any of my soilders."

This is why I wanted Lil to run. This guy is definitely full of himself, and he has such a fowl smell to him. A jerk that reeks of sin as if he is sin itself. I hope she is gone by now.

"That's what I figured, so I really just trained on them. The weakness in your army is going to cost you someday you know..."

I couldn't smell Lil anymore. Thank The King, she has decided to leave. Maybe He said something to her for me.

It's time I left a mirage for him to deal with. If I'm right Lil, and the others should already be retreating.

"If you're so confident in your soilders Mr. Fallen Angel. Then tell one of them to fight with me right now."

"Winner walks away with it's life."

His eyes opened up wide.

"So you can travel the abyss young puppet. Let me join you in a sprint..."

He saw threw my mirage? How can that be unless he has been in the abyss. He must be stronger then I was told.

He entered the abyss behind me after that. He was fast enough to catch up to, and almost touch me. This was about to get serious, and he can stand in the abyss.