Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 27 CH 27: Training for a raid

A few weeks after we all meet. Mikhail and Lil came back around. This time they had a few people with them. I assume these will be the ones joining our raid.

Lil came a bit before they did to see what I wanted to do. She knew about me hiding my identity, and had some items with her.

I told her I didn't need them. I had developed a new technique, and it gave me a new ability.

When I hide my light, I use my darkness to cover my wings. Mikhail has harnessed any traces of darkness in him. It has become the middle set of wings on his back.

I however, choose to use my darkness to cloak my light. It gives my wings a coating, and stops all the light from shining. This makes my wings appear black like the abyss.

I refuse to deny my darkness, and I allow it to be a part of me. As it is a part of my nature. Just as much as my lights is.

It's funny though, when I do this they become so black that they reflect any light that touches them. So I'm still shining even in the darkness.

My new ability was called "The King's Shadow." I named it that due to it being His idea for me to be Mikhail's shadow.

I use my spatial control to step into the abyss. I then I create a pocket using sense of dominance, but I do so with in the abyss alone. I don't use the barrier of the realms for this.

I do this, and block my light while I'm in the pocket of the abyss. I then take the pocket that surrounds me, and draw it in.

Afterwards, I cover myself with the condensed properties of the abyss. To create a whole body effect like I do with my wings. I block my light before this however.

I do that, because I don't want any light trapped in the pocket. I think it will become a part of my new full body cloaking.

I can then use this cloaking ability, and attach myself to someone. For now I can only do it with those I have a bond with. Soon enough I might be able to do this with anyone.

I explained all that to her, and she was amazed by it. She said she was going to go let Mikhail know about my plan. She told me that she would let the others know that the party was safe to train there.

Them two came up with a story about going to train outside the wall. They said that they wanted to do that so they could have a chance for real battle. If anything showed up, it would be great for their training.

Apparently my cave is home to a demon, and Lil wanted to scout for signs. That woman, and her stories. I'm not going to try to stop her either.

I'm sure one day she will write beautiful stories of her. Then add them to her library.

This will be the first time that I use my ability with them knowing. I can hide my presence very well now. They haven't noticed me when I used them to test my new ability.

Sometimes I catch Lil before she comes to the cave. I can get Mikhail when he patrols the wall. He likes to walk to outside of the wall. Just incase he catches me out, and about.

Mikhail is a bit taller then I am. He is also wider then me so he is the better choice. The King does make excellent decisions.

We trained hard everyday. I would relay my thoughts, and instructions to Lil. She would then tell them to Mikhail. That's how we built our strategy.

I worked on syncing my strikes with his. Making his strikes quicker, and adding power to them. Me, and lil worked on a way to send her arrows threw the air with my cloak around them.

It became as though me, and Mikhail were one person. Then Lil would use the pockets of of shadows I would leave around behind Mikhail.

She was able to see them since she could use her eyes to see into the abyss. She developed that after being in there with me. She said she trained her eyes to find any pockets of my spatial control.

So we worked on using it in battle. Mikhail trained with her to build strategic tactics that complemented his attacks with me. This way I wouldn't have to do much other then be there for supporting them.

This was the first time we trained like this. Not just because of the covert operation of it all. Also because of the small group of people with us.

Mikhail said that I would make a great general one day. Lil agreed with him, but she thought I should be a scholar. Of course I was trying to be both.

In order to be a strategist you need to be a scholar. That's the best way to learn new strategies. There is something to gain from all studies.

We became an offensive force that was balanced, and unified. Each person understood their roles, and how to play them.

I decided that the fallen were to intelligent to worry about attack formation. Taking a relaxed approach was key to victory.

Most people wait to see your formation. Even if they don't, showing the enemy that your prepared isn't a good thing. If you look capable, but not properly trained in teamwork.

The enemy may get the impression that your not that acquainted. They might assume your weak at team fighting, and show weakness. If they don't the odds are that they will show you their formations.

If they attack you they will do so with tactical based actions. The relaxed, but aware approach. Allows you to see the pattern of attack, and play out a defense.

I had Mikhail order other Angels to attack us randomly. That way they others were caught of gaurd, and had to quickly learn the enemies movements.

Also a limber body responds quicker to sudden movements. It leaves the body room for impact as well. If you brace for an impact, you can cause yourself more damage.

If one is limber on impact, the body will flow with the blow. If you're ready for it you can flow with it as well. Then control the enemies next move.

Giving you control over their body. Then a skilled fighter can take an enemy by surprise. The surprise is an effect of the power they put into an attack.

It is taking over by the one being attacked.

The limber body can use this flow to push the flow forward. Causing a loss of control. That is your point to strike, but do so with at least one move of your own to follow up, and two moves of defense in mind.

The others learned to use these teachings to grow their skills. The training was going very well. It was a few months before the raid actually was ready.

From training with everyone my abilities became much stronger. So did Mikhail's, and Lilith's. Each of the others grew much stronger in their own ways.

I was able to become the shadow of anyone in the party. No one else even noticed me doing it to them. That became a useful asset.

Lilith was able to create her own cloak around the arrows. Mikhail said he gained an ability to reinforce his weapons. He used his Angelic essence to cover his weapons.

It was like our cloaking of darkness except it was with his light. He couldn't do much about the darkness around him. Lil however, she was fast, and could go into it herself.

That made it easier for her to learn my dark based abilities. Most of them are speed based. The only light based abilities I have are with using the air.

Basically all my light is wind based. I believe this is the reason why The King calls me "The Lord of the Wind." His advice about being Mikhail's shadow was a better idea then I originally thought.

A few days before it was time. My bag started to do something strange. I never saw the bag itself glowing. Any glow from the bag, usually came from something inside of it.

I opened it up, and there was a piece of parchment sticking up. It was a note from the craftsmen in the bag. It said that they recieved my request, and had finished the work.

They added an extra item with it. They said that they were thankful for leaving so many things with them. I was happy they didn't hate me, or anything.

I was also excited to learn that I can communicate with them after all. So I wrote them back a nice note of my own. I told them that they could keep the fruits that was in my bag.

I only asked that they not eat the main grape. After sending my note back. They sent out my items with another note. This one was just a simple thank you. With a side note about farming the fruits.

They had placed the book of poems I asked for in a beautiful box. That was was attached to a necklace made of Angelic silk. The box was made of emeralds from another realm.

That day emerald green became my favorite color. They made a match one for Lil. Hers was made out of amethyst. The designs engraved in them matched each other.

The craftsmen have so much talent in their work. The extra box was empty, and had a note in it. That one was instructions for Lil to place her book in the box.

I couldn't wait to give it to her. Two days before the raid we all met in my cave. Lil arrived before Mikhail as always. That made it easy for me to give her the gift.

She fell in love with it, and gave me a thank you note for them. When Mikhail did finally get there. We drank the day away, and he even smoked with us.