Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 26 CH 26: Friends at play

I was doing some reading when Lil came. She can always sneak up on me. I know my gaurd isn't down to anyone, but she seems to flow right by it. I think my heart is never alarmed by her presence.

"Hey there, I thought I would come by to tell you the news."

What news could she be talking about?

"What's up Lil? What's the news?"

She sat down next me, and handed me a book.

"This book is the news. It's a book of your poems. Now you too have a book in Heaven!"

She had such a big smile on her face when she said that.

"Is that even allowed? For an outsider to have a book in Heaven?"

She nodded back.

"Sure is, and prince Mikhail helped me do it. I'm certain The King is pleased with your writings."

Mikhail knew about this, and didn't say anything to me? She must have asked him not to say anything. She was always doing things on her own...

"If it's a book of my writings. Then why does it say "Written by the Morning Star" on the cover of the book?"

She leaned in to kiss me on the forehead.

"That's because you don't exist remember? You made it so the stories of you run wild."

"So I wanted to preserve your privacy."

She did always keep her word to me. I don't expect anything less from her.

"I picked out that name, because of you as well."

She stood up, looking away in the darkness of the cave.

"You live at our northern most corner, and protect our wall. I know you dont show your light, but I'm sure it's brighter then at least half of Heavens inhabitants."

"You guide all those you come in contact with, and you give them new light to leave with."

"So I thought giving you a name that was like the light of a new dawn was perfect."

She was taking this pretty lightly. To me it was probably one of the best moments in our friendship. She had found a way to get me into Heaven. Without me actually having to go there.

She was an amazing woman, who had so much love in her heart. You couldn't tell it if you had to fight her. Yet if you were her friend she would never fail you. Always standing for something or another.

"Thank you Lilith i will always cherish this book. I will never let it go from my side."

I placed it in my bag with a note to the craftsmen. I'm not sure what language they speak, but I learned how to speak the Angelic language. So I wrote it in that, hoping they understood.

I asked them to make that book wearable around my neck. To place it in a box, so that only I could open it. I told them it was special to me.

"When did you decide to do that?"

She turned back to me.

"I have always been looking for a way to share you with Heaven. You're a really good teacher you know?!"

"I decided to use your poems after you wrote me that first one. That one is only in yours, and mine though."

"I saved it for just us to read!"

Thoughtful as always.

"I take it that you like the book."

I shook my head, and she looked confused.

"I love the book Lil. It is one of my first real treasures along with the others."

"This one will be my sixth book, and my favorite one yet."

It was a book we both worked on. She compiled my work, edited it for punctuation, and designed it in a good order. It isn't in order that they were written, but in an order that makes them a story.

She is probably one of the best librarians that are in Heaven. She collects, and composes books. Such a talented person she was...

"I hope that your library grows Foxx. I have no doubt you will make your own books someday."

As long as I have her to help me with the books. I know there will be many more to come from "The Morning Star."

"So you two are together. I knew I would find you both down in the cave."

Mikhail came walking in my cave. It looks like he brought some gifts with him. I hope he has the herbs he promised me.

"You know I can't go too far away from my pet. He will miss his queen, and reek havoc in the wastelands."

She loves that story line too much.

"She's right you know. I might just start behaving like a demon if she's gone too long."

We all laughed at that one.

"I'm feeling honored to have so many guest in my cave today."

Mikhail came, and sat across from me.

"I came to bring your herbs brother. I also have wine, and fruits from the market."

That caught Lil's attention, and she came over to sit by my side.

"I have some ale if you guys want to have some."

He was pulling everything out of his bag. Looks like he grabbed Lil's favorite flavor of the wine. She is so excited right now.

"Did you bring anything else with you today?"

He shook his head, and handed me the herbs. I like smoking them when I need to think. I am always thinking, and since the abyss. I have been able to think in multiple times, and spaces.

The herbs help me keep one time, and space in mind. Also helps me process singular thoughts at a slowed rate. So I'm not thinking to far a head of myself, and forget what I was working on.

"Are you sharing your herbs my Lord."

Lil was moving closer to me. Trying to peek at my bag of herbs to see how much he got me.

"I could never tell you no with things like this my queen."

She smiled, and opened up her wine.

"Thank you for my gift Mikhail."

As she poured some into a cup Mikhail gave her. Then she did the same for the both of us.

"Keep the ale for yourself. You know we like the herbs more, and I'm the drinker anyway."

She was absolutely right about that. I dont drink much, but I can hold my own. She drinks wine as much as Mikhail drinks ale. We both like to smoke, but she let's me do most of that.

"Yea brother, I'm not up for ale today. It's too much for me."

He shook his head.

"She really is in control isn't she?..."

They laughed at that, but I was a bit hurt by that comment.

"We share all roles, and responsibilities. Though I must say, she is formidable at being on top of me."

She smiled and gave me a cute side eye.

"He knows who the boss is around here."

In reality she probably did have a handle on things much more then I did. She loved my arrogance, and understood it more then Mikhail. She also didnt seem to mind me being a smartass from time to time.

Now that she has found a way to get me into Heaven so to speak. She has one up on me when it comes to our relationship. Not that she cares about that stuff, or anything like that.

"Father told me to tell you to start preparing for the raid."

Mikhail said to me getting serious.

"He wants us to be ready for what is coming. He says that you should be my shadow, and that Lil should be yours."

I looked over to Lil, and saw that she was too happy with her wine. Eating the fruits, and reading one of my new poems. So I don't think she noticed what he said.

"If it weren't for my gifts I would have scorned you for calling me that. Anyway, I'm always his shadow, even when he doesn't know it."

I had an idea she would follow me around sometimes when I was studying in the abyss. I could smell her scent sometimes, and others I just felt like she was close by.

"I will stay within the abyss during the raid. I will be right next to you the whole time brother."

If I am to be his shadow, then I will be just that. The King knows I am my brothers keeper, and he is mine.

"Father said you would know what to do."

The old man could always read me like an open book. He really didn't need to say much threw Mikhail to get me to understand what he needs.

We drank, laughed, and talked for hours before Mikhail left. Lil fell asleep as she always does when she drinks. I take her into the abyss during times like this. I can't keep her there long though.

I go in, and out with her. If she sleeps long I have to do that. At least I think I have to in order to keep the area from effecting her.

I don't know if it will at all, but I'm not taking any chances. It would break my heart to see her become like the devils.

When she wakes up I will probably smoke with her again before she goes back. It helps with the after effects of drinking too much.

Plus when she stays with me, I can lay with her for awhile. After taking her into the abyss fight a bit. I can sleep next to her for a few hours. There's no sleep better then that...