Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 25 CH 25: The King's plans

I was meeting with Eternity today so I was trying to hurry up with my other duties. It's been a good while since I saw him. I wonder what new things he has learned.

Lilith has been collecting his work on poetry, and letting people read them. She has even come up with a pseudonym for him. I'll let her tell him that one. I'm not sure how he is going to take it.

My brother is such a loner. He doesn't even come requesting for me much. He doesn't even request Lilith at all. Then again she does go to see him on her own a lot.

They have a deeper relationship then me, and him. I don't think that's a problem at all. I just wish she would tell me about her trips before she goes to see him.

I know she wants her time alone with him, but we're all friends. I don't really tell her about my trips to see him. Half the time Father sends me to deliver a message to him.

I can't help but think that He has a plan for us. I know He is making a new area here in Heaven. If He is doing that for Eternity that would be awesome.

Then I could spend more time with him, and show him around. Better yet, I think I might leave the tours to Lilith. She might not like me taking him around the kingdom.

I'm sure if that is Fathers plan my brother will accept. If not, I wonder who the next king will be? If it's not for a King, then it must be for a new scholar to open a school.

No matter what He is planning I know it will benefit all of us. I do know that He has some kind of plan for Eternity. If He didn't I wouldnt be sent so often, and He surely wouldn't speak with him.

My Father doesn't really speak to anyone directly. That's what his messengers are for. He must acknowledge Eternity as much as the rest of us. If not more then any of us.

I hope my brother can lose his arrogance before he becomes a king. Maybe Father would make him start out as something else. To see if he can be a king in Heaven.

Finally I'm finished with my task it's time to go see him. I will stop, and pick up some ale. He also likes the medicinal herbs the healers grow. He only likes the ones you smoke though...

I'm not too found of them, but I smoke with him from time to time. That's my brother, he doesn't drink the ale too much. Yet smokes all the time out there.

I know he smokes before his meditations, and when he is relaxing. He watches the life around him in motion. He is always studying something.

I think he has one of the most complex, and compelling minds I have come across. You never know what he is thinking, or how he will play out those thoughts.

Lilith seems to have a handle on his thoughts. Probably because he, and her share so many thoughts with each other. I should find myself someone that I can grow with...

I was walking threw the market area of the farmers. They had really good fruits, and used them to make great wine. I think I will pick up a bottle of that to give to brother. Lilith likes the wine here, and I know he can't get her any on his own.

I can make a good negotiating plan with this wine. (devious smile) I can get him to do anything I want with this. Maybe I should get two bottles, and some fruits to go with it. (diabolical laugh)

"Oh, brother your going down in this negotiation." I said outloud.

Everyone close to me looked at me. I said that a bit too loud I think. Oh well, they won't ask questions anyway.

I picked up the wine, the fruits, and got some ale. Then I left to go meet with my brother. I'm sure he is in his cave studying one of his books.

I'm not sure if he knows the messenger bag can track him. Then again, he is smart, and might have caught on. He does leave his bag behind sometimes. Those days I don't catch him when I go out.

"Mikhail, tell hour brother to prepare himself. The raid will commence soon."

My Father's voice came with a message for my brother. He was calling him my brother more, and more recently. I know He has a plan to get him on this side of the wall.

"As you wish Father. Is that all that you need my Lord?"

He came back with a response.

"Tell him that he is to be your shadow, and he will understand. Lilith is to accompany him during the raid."

My Father at least had a plan for him in our raid. This could mean He had more raids planned with him involved.

"I will let them both know what you desire."

That was all from my Father. He had left me to do whatever He needs to make things possible. He has always made a way for us to achieve our own peace.

I went to let Lilith know what the plan was, but she wasn't in the kingdom. She might be on duty with the caravans today. That, or she is already with my brother.

If that's the case my plan for negotiations will fail. Good thing I grabbed two bottle of wine from the farmers. I will just put one at my house, and bring the other with me.

That way if she is with him already. We can all enjoy ourselves. Oh wait, i almost forgot to get some herbs for him. I promised him I would bring him some the last time we met.

I headed back to pick up the herbs. Then I went out to meet with my brother, and possibly with Lilith.