Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 22 CH 22: A grand display

I arrived at the caravan, and there was the monk. The healer doesnt seem to be here at all. It seems as though Lilith is with them today.

"Hey Foxx, I didn't expect to see you today."

I was shocked to see her as well.

"Hey Lil, what are you doing with the caravan?"

She ran over to us, and shook my hand. I think the monk saw threw that hand shake. He had this "I caught you" kind of grin on his face.

"Today I'm on caravan duty. I'm from the healer tribes, so I can sometimes be placed on caravan duty."

That's right the healer was with the monks last time as well. I think he took the duty to purposely meet me though.

"That's pretty cool you get to do more relaxed work sometimes. I know patrols are pretty relaxed, but they are also boring."

We all laughed at that, and walked over to the carriage to take a seat.

"Young Lord I have some gifts for you from our friend." The monk said reaching under his seat.

"So he did send the weapons i requested?" I said excitedly.

He pulled them out and the shield was much smaller then my previous one. It had a glove attached to it. While the other weapon was what caught my eye.

It was long slender sword, with beautiful accents on the hilt. The blade itself was double edged, and slightly curved to the back. At the tip it hooked back to the front.

It was like it would cut, and grab at the same time. It's design looked to be for cutting threw the air. While still having a shredding, and ripping effect.

"He called this sword the "Foxx's Tail," and the shield has no name. He said that was because your defense is deception."

I was exuberant about recieving these weapons. They looked like they are very effevtive.

"Hey uncle, how come they don't have and cosmic energy coming off of them."

He had a puzzled look.


I smiled at him. I had thought that up when I was studying The King's book. It said that a male figure who is the brother, or close friend of your father. Can be called your uncle.

"Well you're close to The King, and He is like a Father to me. That's the feeling I get from our dealings with each other."

He smiled back to me.

"I'm glad you have accepted our Lord. I'm sure He has a place for you in his heart as well."

"They have no energy on them because you have not accepted them yet. Now that you have the crafting sprites will weave your cosmic fibers into the weapon."

The craftsmen can really do things like that? Those sprites are really handy people.

"How does that work?"

He pointed to my bag

"Place them in your bag, and they will do what is needed."

I did what he said, and left them to their work.

"That was some cool weapons you got Foxx. I can't wait to see you use them." Lilith said as she jumped off.

"I have to get back to work. You guys try not to get too distracted. There is a Fox demon on the lose."

She said in a spooky voice, teasing me as she walked away.

"So now they do their work, and then what?"

Back to the conversation I was having with the monk.

"They will weave in your cosmic essence. They have been collecting it this whole time."

The craftsmen have been doing that all this time? So they probably have been doing all kind of things in there.

"Why were they collecting my essence?"

He sat back to get more comfortable.

"They respond to the owner of the bag. They take your essence and make a type of yarn from it."

"Then they make a storage of this yarn for their work. They use them to repair your items, and more."

I'm so happy I picked up this bag, and was allowed to keep it.

"How have you been since our last meeting uncle?"

He nodded back.

"As peaceful as I was that day, and any day. I am a King in the Kingdom of Heaven."

He is a great king by my standards. I don't have much experience with them, but he is ok with me.

"How are you nephew?"

He has accepted me. Good I'm glad he is my friend as well.

"Not really sure. I have been blown back by the air. My wind has been disrupted." As I looked over to Lilith.

I could feel his smile. He knew exactly what I was talking about when I said that.

"If not careful, one can breathe too much. Yet, if you don't breathe enough. One can fade into the abyss."

I looked at him.

"Make sure your wind compliments the air that you breathe."

I'm not sure what to make of his wisdom sometimes. He has a mischievous side to him in there somewhere.

"I will try my best uncle."

We continued to talk about philosophy, and things as we always do. Lilith was working with the monks to spread the word. Everything seemed to be at peace.

The fox spirits all came rushing back to the caravan. Is this another ambush like last time?

"Foxx can you sense anything?!"

Lilith yelled back to me. I activated my full range of sense. There was only three of them, but they was strong.

"Three Devils are coming. Two are from the southwest of us, and the other is to the east." I yelled back.

She looked at me, and I looked at the monk. It was agreed on the next actions.

I was at her side instantly. She was preparing for the enemy. I handed her the old dagger, and reached in for my sword.

At first I thought it was three Devils. These were no normal Devils. They were all fallen Angels.

"We can't take them lightly Lil. These are fallen that are coming."

She looked up at me. I don't think she can sense their auras just yet. Then she faced forward as soon as she could.

"Shall we dance with them my pet?"

I looked at her, and she was smiling. She was really having fun with this whole story about us.

"If that is your wish my queen."

We vanished into the abyss together.

She knew how to read my attacks. I didn't even have to say anything to her. She knew I was going for the two that was together.

We had spatial resonance within the abyss. I didn't need to slow down much for her to keep up. Plus she was a long range fighter, so she preferred to come from behind my ttacks.

She threw the dagger over my shoulder. It landed in the chest of the one of the right. She landed on the hilt, and kicked it in the face.

I was on the other one, and had landed a knee to the abdomen. It went flying into the one Lilith kicked. They collided with each other and seperated.

These were definitely fallen ones. They shouldn't have been able to take those blows that well. Plus I think the dagger just pierced the armor.

They had good speed to them, and acted as if they were a team. Have they be training to fight us?

Who was this Devil king that was teaching them? He has to be a really strong fallen Angel.

The third one was getting close. It was going for the monks. Good thing there are a lot of them today. Some of them were out to harvest the apples, and joined us.

Lilith had retrieved the dagger, and returned to my side.

"They took those hits pretty well didn't they. We might actually have to fight today Foxx."

The look in her eyes changed from protector to predator. She was serious finally.

"We can't use our abilities to their fullest with these two. They might learn too much from us Lil."

She looked at me and put her hand out. I knew exactly what she was asking for.

"It's about time you start taking this serious my queen."

I reached in my bag, and handed her a bow, and an Angelic arrow carrier. She gave me these just incase this kind of thing happened.

From time to time she wouldn't bring a bow with her when we trained. Those days she wanted to focus on hand to hand combat training.

"Your such a good boy..."

She readied herself for use of the weapons.

"No abilities is the plan. Then we have to use pure skills today." She said when she was finiahed.

"No time to pregame. They are coming at us."

She took to the background, and I went in to attack. Her first arrow came just past my right ear, but was deflected. I had to parry two attacks at that same moment.

She was holding one off while I attacked the other. They would switch which one was my opponent. Trying to take advantage of whatever they thought was an opening.

I couldn't get them to slip up. They had some skills as well. It wasn't an easy fight.

The monks were holding their own for now. I'm not certain they will last too long without weapons.

Just then I saw Mikhail beside me.

"Having some trouble brother?"

This guy, he shows up late to the fight. Then tries to make it seem like we needed him here.

"Not too much trouble. I see your fat ass can come outside, and play today."

There's no way I'm letting him get away with that entrance.

"Father said you and Lil was out here fighting. So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about."

He got ready as one of the fallen ones was coming from the front..The other was coming from above us.

"Stop calling me "Lil" Mikhail!"

Lilith only likes me calling her that. He better learn to stop it, or she might actually punish him for it.

"I see you haven't lost your ability to piss people off when you help."

He shrugged his shoulders, and knocked back the fallen one in front. He went after it, and I went to the air.

This idiot shouldn't have come to the sky if it wanted to attack us after training for us. Did it not learn that the air is our territory?

Lilith sent a volley of arrows into the air. Each one was perfectly place for me to step on to get higher. She already knew I didn't want to use my wings in this fight. Not after seeing their tactics since our first attack.

Mikhail has a great amount of fighting experience. He also has been training with me the longest. I have trained more frequently with Lilith, but he has been around me the most.

I know he will pick up on my movements easily. Lilith is in the background about to help the monks out. She is a master at support based fighting, and I'm sure she will keep an eye on us.

I see this one still has wings. They were curled up behind it. That must be how the fallen Angels wings turn when they fall.

I noticed that each arrow I stepped on went in Mikhail's direction. They dropped out of the sky pushing the other one back. He took charge right behind them.

The one above me had a weapon in its hand. It looked like a small scythe with double blades. Where was it hiding that thing?

When it tried to attack I was able to roll, and avoid the hit. It grabbed me, and threw me to the ground.

That hurt a bit. It's been awhile since I took any damage. I almost forgot it was possible. This thing is pretty damn strong.

It came directly down on top of me with a leg drop. I blocked it, but I had a good downward pressure to it. My knees almost buckled out from under me.

I sent in a kick of my own to its back. It went about ten feet before stopping. This son of a bitch wants to take me on in hand to hand.

I knew that from it dropping its weapon. It did so after stopping it's momentum from my kick. Plus it started to walk back, and forth.

I placed my sword back into my bag and I threw the bag over near Lilith. She saw that, and grabbed it on her way to take the third one away from the monks.

Mikhail was behind me, and his back was to mine.

"Hey brother, I think these two want to fight bare fist."

He looked for my sword.

"So I don't even have to ask you what you want to do about that."

He put his weapon in his bag, and tossed it to the monks.

"I don't know what you're still blabbering about. Shouldn't you be getting ready to try not getting knocked out?"

I was not about to take my eyes off this thing in front of me.

"You're one to talk. Looks like it already left a few foot prints on your shirt."

I looked down to see what he was talking about. There was nothing there...

"Eyes on the prize brother!"

Mikhail said to me, and it made me look up. When I did I saw the fallen comming at me.

"Hmph, you asshole..."