Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 20 CH 20: Spying

It's been awhile since the "Tale of the Foxx" was spread. Some if the lesser Angels that were there that day have come out to see me. They don't come out much though.

After the battle I was so intrigued by the female Angel. That I searched for her aura around the wall every day. Even in spatial control I can't go over the wall. I can see the top of it, and those whom patrol it.

One day after the battle was over. I was in spatial control, and caught her aura in my area of sense. She was patrolling the wall right above my cave.

I went to her location to get a good look at her. She was breathtaking, even though she was pissed about something.

For some reason, while I was sitting in the abyss. I could still see her actions in real time. I knew it wasn't a prediction, because it lasted too long.

I could hear everything she was saying at the time. She was pissed at me I found out. Her sister thinks she likes me. I hope she does...

She had been on my mind for awhile now. I still haven't figured out a way to apologize. I surely wasn't about to try now. If I just pop up out of nowhere I will seem like I'm a creep. Then I really will be acting like The King.

I had to check my surroundings to make sure He didn't get ticked off by that. When I do that, He likes to return the sentiment in His own way. I would hate to get kicked out of the abyss right now.

Her anger has a certain spice to it that's attractive. Her size is proportionate to my own in a good way. Just a little bit shorter then I am, and slender with such stunning curves. She is so captivating to me...

I don't think she noticed me at all. I should leave from here before The King decides to pay back my sentiments.

So I left, and went to my cave. It's location is the North corner of Heavens wall. It's interesting that we call Heaven our North point. Yet they have a different point to call North. I wonder, does that have to do with spatial relevance?...

When I was in the cave I started my reading process. Releasing some of my light so that I can go deeper in the cave. Then I sat down on the ground. Got The King's book, and the apple out.

I don't consume much more then the apple now. Everything else has strange taste to me now. It's like the apple changed my sense of taste. It also gives me enough energy to sustain my own levels of cosmic energy.

I only fully release my light in the abyss. That place is absolute darkness. Even though my eyes are like those of the Jin. I still can not see in that darkness without my light.

I covered myself completely so that I could read clearly. It also makes the cold of the caves deep areas a non-factor. The light is certainly warming, and reliable.

"Did you find something new to study, and be creepy with?" The King spoke.

"I learned my creepiness from you old man."

He is always just popping in on me. Does He really do this to everyone?

"Are you going to study her as well?"

I don't like to study people without them knowing, but its useful. I think I can only study her from the abyss for now.

"I'm not sure what to do about her. I never felt this way before."

"Its not like with you, and Mikhail. I know you're my friends, but I think I made her my enemy."

This is the first time He has ever really conversed with me. It feels good to know He can stick around sometimes.

"If she is an enemy, then how will you defeat her?"

I haven't put much thought to that.

I mean I have slain all my enemies in battle, but I'm not sure I could harm one so beautiful...

"I'm not sure, but I don't want to hurt her. So for now I will just leave her alone."

That seems like the best course of action to deal with an enemy you can't harm.

"Is that really going to be ok with you?"

"I thought the "Demon of Repentance" would be more fearless then this!..."

What?! He thinks I fear her?

"I don't know what you're talking about old man, but I'm not afraid of anyone! The only one who can stop me is you!"

"Why the fuck would fear some woman?! She doesn't even..."

I had to stop myself. The King had done it again. He wasn't here anymore, and He managed to get me with that ability again. Tsk.. how does He always piss me off?

Besides He was right after all. There was no way I would be able to be ok with things the way they are.

"I can't keep creeping around like you old man. I'll find a way to talk to her one day. You just wait and see..."

A few days after that Mikhail came to visit me.

"Hey brother, why do you not let your light shine when your not hunting? Are you trying to avoid not being hunted?"

"I mean, if I was a Demonic being I wouldn't be hunting you. I've seen how you fight, and I know how keen you are."

Mikhail doesn't get it at all. He is so carefree on the other side of the wall. Then again even if he wasn't the prince. I'm sure his strength alone would keep him safe.

"I told you before Mikhail, it's because I would constantly be hunted. It's the dark natured beings one motivation."

"Devouring of all light, and those who believe in it."

He hasn't seen me bare my light in awhile. I know he has yet to see how bright it truly is. Spending time in the abyss has brought me much knowledge.

That same knowledge has helped me grow my light. I'm not sure if he knows that, or the fact that my darkness grows just the same. I can't grow one with out the other.

"I know brother, but I like to pluck your nerves a little. Someone came to speak to me about you by the way."

Someone went to him about me. What could have been about?

"She said that she met you on the battlefield. She wanted to know if you're a rare Jin, or an Angel on the verge of falling."

I'm definitely not an Angel. I can't even go in Heaven.

"How could I be falling when I was never in Heaven to begin with?"

He shook his, smiling at me.

"You're still just as much a jerk as you was when we met."

"Anyway I told her I would speak with you about meeting with her."

She wants to meet with me?

"What does she want with me? Last time I saw her she thought that I'm a demon."

He burst out in laughter. I looked back at him in astonishment. What could be that funny about what I just said?

"She actually said that's the reason she wants to meet with you. She wants to apologize for calling you a demon."

"I told her I'm not sure what you are, but calling yourself a rare Jin is a good explanation."

An apology is what this is about. Shouldn't I be the one to apologize to her for upsetting her? Wait... what did I do exactly to upset her anyway?

"If she wants to apologize. Then maybe she should come from hiding, and apologize!"

I couldn't catch her in my area of sense. Which was peculiar, because the only person able to hide from that so far is The King.

It was her smell that caught my attention. Shortly after Mikhail started talking I noticed a sweet scent. As we talked it got closer, and closer.

I figured it was her due to the nature of Mikhail's visit.

"Looks like my job is done here. I think I'm going to stop, and pick up some ale. Want me to bring you back some brother?"

Mikhail said that as he was walking out of my cave. He left before I could even answer him. I think he knew I was more focused on what I was seeing. Then I was on what he was saying.

She was radiant in the darkness of the cave. Her light seemed to glow gently against my eyes. Her voice was bliss in the wind.

"Um... I apologize for calling you a demon, and walking away like that the last time."

She had a hint of fear in her tone.

"No need to be afraid. I probably looked like one that day."

"I accept you're apology, and I hope you can accept mine."

I said to her as I walked closer. Her scent was filled with merit, and purity.

I learned long ago how to smell these things. Well I should say how to tell what it was I had been smelling.

The more good deeds a person does, the better they smell to me. The more sins they commit, the more they smell putrid.

I was just in front of her now.

"Do you accept?"

She was blushing, and looked to be flustered.

"Y-y-yes I accept..."

She really, really does smell so damn good. She must be one of the really loyal Angels. I bet she has all kind of stories in Heaven.