Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 16 CH 16: Ambush on the caravan!

We continued to talk for a good while, but then something strange happened. The fox spirit on the monks lap started to act frantically. What could have him in such a mood?

I looked to see if any other spirits had come back. There wasn't any that I could see. Did a Devil somehow make it past them? If so, is it a Fallen one?

I focused on my area of sense, and there was numerous enemies around us. How did they get this close without me noticing? I was too taken in by my conversation to pay attention.

"The Devils will be upon us soon. You should ready yourselves!" I shouted out.

"There are ten in total, three in front, three in the back, and two on each of our sides!"

"I will take the ones from behind. You keep the barrier up at all cost. When I dispose of them, I will come for the rest."

I went to the rear of the carriage that the King of the monks uses. Of course I was on the enemy in no time.

Three heads with no issues, and back to the carriage I went.

"Are you ok?"

He nodded back at me

"They sure don't like you guys much do they?"

I left for the front of the carriage. This time I use my spatial control ability. I was face to face with one of them. It went to jump backwards, but my blade is much faster then its thoughts.

I cut the width of its face in half. The look of confusion was still on it while it lay in my hand. The body had fallen to the ground before the life left it eyes.

The other two came for me, but once again I used spatial control to change my location. I was behind one of them, and the other was charging at us. I figure this was a good time to test a battle tactic is was working on.

I wanted until they were both facing me. Then when they were both close I used spatial control but without moving at all.

The force of that act caused them both to explode right in front of me. I didn't think it would work that well! I mean yea I knew it would have some kick, but damn I'm impressed!

I was accurately able to control myself enough to not move at all. That combined with the ability to aim the flow of force. Allowed me to create an explosive wall. I just thought it would knock them back a few feet, or so...

There was just four left after that. Two of them went for the caravan, and the other two came for me.

"You two must want to fade from this place. I have killed your clansmen so fast they are already fading."

Even though I stated the obvious. They still continued to come for me. I shook my head, and used spatial control one more time. I only have one use left after this.

I was at the caravan, and above the Devils that were approaching it. I dropped myself from the sky without stopping the rate of speed from spatial control.

The one I landed on was almost crushed completely. The other saw that and lunged at me.

I grabbed it by the horns, and flipped it over. I believe I may have broken it's back when I slammed it to the ground.

"Did I get too rough with you? I do apologize, but you interrupted my conversation just now."

"I don't like to be interrupted by ignorance!" As I slammed it in the other direction.

I could feel the remaining two working their way closer. They are moving pretty quick, but it's not quick enough.

I threw the Devil I had a hold of over in their direction. Then used my last spatial control to appear just behind the one that I threw.

When i got there i allowed the rate of speed to put foundation behind my kick. That force of that sent it rapidly at the two that was left. When it hit them, they had been knocked back at least a quarter of a mile.

"I think you should go now, I don't think that will keep them off long. I did it so you could return behind the wall safely."

I didn't notice, but the monk was standing behind me. It kind of shocked me, but my area of sense doesnt work as well during spatial control.

"I feel safe right where I am. What makes you think I should leave?" He said with a smile.

"You Angels really are weird, do you know that?" I replied smiling back.

They have gained their balance back, and was on the way back to us. I looked to the monk, and he was just staring straight in their direction.

"I feel like fate is at play right now. I don't think whatever is coming at us will be a problem for you."

"You're the dangerous "Fox Demon" who teaches the Jin after all." He smiled as subtly looked back at me.

Really, he's going to throw a low blow like that right now?!

"You're damn right I'm the dangerous "Fox Demon" who teaches the Devils to learn their place!"

"Too bad this Demon hasn't fallen yet, or else they would be calling me the "Fox of thee Abyss!"

I didn't hesitate to head straight for them. I almost forgotten that I was still making a name for myself. I guess this is another lesson of the monks.

Keep your eyes on the enemy was the lesson for today. Never lose sight of why your fighting, and what your fighting against!

I was surprised to see all three was standing. I didn't attack at first. I was still in stasis from spatial control. Time had not caught up with me yet.

I took the time to study them a bit. I was amazed I could go into spatial control again. Also at the time I was able to contain stasis. Another lesson has given me new gifts...

There was way too many openings at this speed. I think it's time for me to have some fun. I usually cant contain stasis very long. Right now I feel like I don't have to leave it at all.

Since i learned that in stasis things don't react the same as in real time. I wanted to try my theory of my relation to actual time, and space. To the effects of my actions with in stasis.

I cut the one Devils arm off, then the other ones leg, and took off the head of the last one. After that I stepped back to the monks side.

I released my stasis to see what the results were. When I did that the monk had a puzzled look in his face.

"I lost sight of you for a moment. I thought you went to att..."

At that moment the damage I had done to them finally took place. They were still trying to get here when it did

The limbs went flying in separate directions.

The monk never finished that sentence.

"I see The King was right to call you the "Lord of the Wind!"" He said with amazement.

"He calls me the "Lord of the Wind?""

He nodded his head with a big smile.

"He says you are one who can harness, and control the wind. I think He is right about that!"

I guess He is right to say that. That's exactly what I am doing when I go into spatial control. That old creep is always watching my actions.

"I still like the name I picked for me better. Though that is a nice name..."

It didn't sound bad at all really. "Lord of the Wind." The one who can harness and control the air. I finally got The King to acknowledge me, and give me a name. Not doing too bad...

"It isn't a name, it's a title!" The monk replied.

A title? Why would He give me a title? I'm an outsider. Titles are for those that have earned them. How can I earn a Heavenly title as an outsider?

"What did I do to deserve a title in the royal Kingdom?"

Completely in shock, and taken of gaurd. I had to ask such a question.

"You don't know what your deeds are? Do you not know what you have done for our King?"

He asked me in awe. It was like I should know what earns you a title. Mikhail never explained that part of them to me. I know what deeds are by now, so why has he not told me about my own?

"I'm not sure how to answer you. I do know what deeds are, but I did not know mine were being recorded."

Is The King the one who records the, or does He have someone else recording me? Are those damn craftsmen in my bag also recording me?

"All the deeds we do are recorded. The King has lesser Angels who do the recording for him."

"They are very tiny, and hard to see if you don't know they are there. They are called "Administrative Sprites.""

"They do a great deal of their own deeds for our King."

I could hear the Devils screaming out in the background. I wasn't concerned with anything that might come to answer their cries. Besides, learning of the Administrative Sprites. I wondered, what they have recorded about me?

"They record, file, and report all deeds. They do so by creating a book for every sentient being with in The King's realms."

"They are similar to the beings that are in your messenger bag. Messengers of The King's word carry them to store his books."

So the one who owned this bag before me was a messenger of The King's word? I thought Mikhail said it belonged to another Archangel. Can they be messengers as well as Archangels?

"There are a lot of beings, and realms in The King's area. How does He keep track of all these things?"

There really are so many things with in His control. He is an amazing king...

"That is what He has Angel's, and Kings for. Angels protect The King's realms, and we kings teach them ways of being."

"Speaking of which I want you to meet someone before I go. He is another king in Heaven."

One of the monks started to walk over to us at that moment. I just thought he was one of the normal travelers. I had no idea he was another king.

"Greetings young one, I am the king of a different tribe in Heaven. My teachings stem from this kings teachings."

"I am the teacher to a tribe of healers in Heaven. I was prepared to heal you when the ambush began."

"However I don't think you will need my help anytime soon."

A tribe of healers i Heaven? They are so interesting over there.

"I want to make you an offer. Are you in the mood for negotiations?"

I wonder what he could want from me. Obviously he thought I would need healing. So I guess he must have thought that would be his bargaining chip.

"What do you want from me?"

I'm not worried about what he will offer. They seem to be pretty good at making negotiations.

"I would like you to study my teachings also. I want to know what you think of my tribes practices."

He wants my opinion of his teachings?! That's strange for them to ask for my help directly. They usually do something to agitate me, and that always leads me into a task.

"I am honored that you would ask for my opinion of your work. I would like to accept, but allow me to set the opposite terms."

He nodded back at me.

"For learning your teachings, and giving my opinion. I believe that A new weapon be supplied to me. As well as a new shield."

That would be good. It's been too long that I am using these ones that I have. It's been something too long put off.

"You do not have to give me these things now of course. I would like for them to have significance to our meeting."

"I'm sure after seeing me fight. You can acquire a set that would be me fitting to my abilities."

We then shook hands and finalized our agreement. He reached in his bag, and pulled out a book. He then told me to put it in the box with The King's book.

After that they returned to the caravan, and went back inside the wall. They seemed to be very pleased with our meeting today. I think I might have made two more friends. No, I made one more friend. The monk was already my friend...