Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 12 CH 12: How to fly

I have been testing my speed more and more since I met the monks. My wings are amazing now. I can see the top of the wall now. It's really thick though. I can't really see what is beyond it.

It looks so bright on that side. I can see all kinds of light coming from there. I wonder why they have so much light. Is it because they are light natured?

If so they must be able to control it like I do. What if they don't want to? I only do it because I don't want to be seen. They probably don't have that problem.

Nothing from The King since then. He likes to sit back, and watch me. I know He is watching my actions out here. Does He see what I'm going to do before I do it?

I don't know how He can do that. I don't even know what I'm going to do next most of the time. So how can He know what I will do before me?

Recently I have been able to hear what the voices in the wall are saying. They ask for food, water, and safety. I don't know what food, and water are. They must exist in the material realm.

I stay to my area when I want safety. I actually understand that pretty well. I dont think I can help any of them. I don't know where the material realm is. I just keep hearing about it.

I wonder if some of the voices in the wall are from the lake. If that's the case, then why does no one help them? They could only be from the material realm...

I wonder, what is so different in the material realm that we can't go there? The King doesn't allow us to go there. It must be somewhere that we can't last long. They said material things don't really last long here either.

"Still haven't learn how to fly?"

I knew that voice by now. It has to be Mikhail.

"Did your Father tell you where I was? Doesn't surprise me that He knows where I am."

The King does have control of things somehow. If He can hear my mind, He can know where I am easily.

"No, I saw you come here after your fight in front of the caravan."

He followed me all the way back here? I didn't even notice he was following me.

"Don't think you can follow me around, and I will be ok with that. You really should make yourself known."

"I thought you had work to do. Why did you come here?"

He doesn't let it be known that he is here. Nor does he let it be know when he will come next. I'm not sure if I should be worried about that.

"I came to speak with you on my own. I want to make you an offer."

That's new! I didn't think I had anything to offer them.

"Your Father allowed you to offer me something? Well... I don't have anything to trade you."

He shook his head, and smiled.

"I want to go hunting with you that's all."

Hunting with me? I wanted to start reading the book. If he wants to hunt with me he will have to wait.

"I'm not going to go out for a hunt. I want to read the book, and try the apple. I will have to turn you down this time."

I don't care what he is offering me. I need to learn what is in that book.

"I want to teach you how to fly, but it isn't something that can happen at one time. We will need to meet a few times before you learn how to fly well."

Is it that hard to fly? I been trying on my own, but I never seen if done. When he jumps, he pushes with them like I do, but that's all I see.

"You can read the book for now, and taste the apple. I wonder how it will taste to you."

He stuck his hand out after he said that to finish the negotiating.

"If you accept my offer. You can go to the nearest gate, and ask for me. I will come to you so we can hunt. While we hunt, I will teach you how to fly."

"Do you accept my offer?"

I think this might be good for me. I didn't want to hear what he had to say at first. Now I don't want to turn him down.

"I accept, but you must only bring a weapon with you when you hunt with me. I think your light may be too much if you do not."

"I'm not even sure that will work. Do you not know how to stop it like I do?"

When I asked that he had a confused look on his face. Did he really not know how?

"What do you mean you can stop it?"

He really doesnt know how! I laughed at him this time. I actually know something that he doesn't.

I removed my clothing from my wings, and he looked very surprised. I guess he never saw someone stop their own light.

"How did you block the light from shining? They are big enough now that they should have plenty of light."

He shouted to me as if this was the most interesting thing he has seen. Now I can make my own negotiations.

"If you want me to teach you how to do it. You're going to have to give me something in return you know."

That got him to be serious.

"What is it that you want from me?"

This is a good chance for me to get something from him. Do I want an item, or more answers?

"I need sometime to think about that."

This was too good of a chance for me to let it go. He already made a trade for teaching me how to use my wings better. So I don't need that anymore.

"Ok, we will hold off on the negotiating until we meet next. I look forward to that time."

He left after that. He is good at leaving after he gets what he wants from me. Now I can read the book.

I went deeper in the hole. I put the clothing back over my wings, and my head. I let my light shine when I was covered. I can see much better, and I shouldn't be able to be seen this deep.

I took the book, and the apple out. I opened the book, but it was blank. How the fuck am I supposed to read nothing? I took a bite out of the apple then.

It had a nice taste to it, and then it had an almost bad taste to it. What kind of fruit is this?

I looked at the book, and there was words now. Eating the fruit helps you see the words. Ok, now I should eat that grape.

I ate the grape, and each word in the book that I looked at. Started to talk in my mind with a different voice. How is that happening?

I will have to ask the monk when I see him. For now I will listen to it.

I sat there for a long time reading The King's book. It was confusing, but interesting also. It seemed like mostly rules, and reasons why. There was also stories of ways to do things.

He says that you have to do things in a certain way. That way the balanced is kept.

The balance is needed so that all things can survive. We all need to survive, so we should take care for each other.

I don't agree with all of it, but the parts I do. They have ways to grow them in here too. I wonder if that's how you become a king under "The King?"

I need to get some rest now. I don't feel tired at all, and the fruits have a better taste to them. I'm probably just getting used to them.

After I wake back up. I'm going to go to the gate, and get Mikhail. I think I have an idea of what to negotiate for.

Since I have been holding back my light for awhile now. I was able to do it in my sleep. That made it easy to hide. I just needed to put everything in my bag, and go to sleep.

I gained some ability to sense things around me too recently. It wakes me when something harmful gets near me. It's grown in area since i first noticed it.

I don't want to deal with the Angels at the gate. They give me an odd feeling. That, and they talk at the same time.