Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 7 CH 7: Grow your righteousness

Since I didn't want to do anything with the items in the box just yet. I decided to make good use of the dagger. It was still like a sword to me, but it has gotten smaller as well.

I'm not really sure how this righteousness stuff works to be honest. He said "the more righteousness that one has, the easier the weapons use is."

Does that mean I have to be more protective of my things, and others?

What if I am using it to hunt the small beings that run the lands? Will I still be able to use it then as well? I have to try to hunt with it.

Hunting the smaller beings is one of the ways the Demonic ones taught me to survive out here. They always do something to it when they add it to flames. It's taste is altered somehow when they do.

I can catch them sometimes, but when I add them to the flames. They just taste like flames I guess. I never tried to eat the flames before, but I guess things have a taste to them after being added. One that is different if you just eat them.

I used to eat them after hunting them before the tribes started to help me. It was messy, but it kept me from wasting away.

I happened to see that once before, and it looked really bad. The one that was not able to hunt for themself. It just shrunk in size so much, that it seemed like it was eating itself. Then it went into the lake on it's own.

I never seen something like that happen. No one just walks right into the Lake of Wanderers.

I don't have a clue what happens when you enter the lake. I know that most of them do not come back without help. I'm not sure what makes them seek help, but every so often I am able to. I dont think anyone else wants to help them other then the Angels.

I happen to like the area around the lake, because it's also close to the wall. It's essentially the only way I can get any rest out here.

I should really get up, and start to go hunting. It's not easy to hunt outside the wall. It is always dark on our side, unless you are close to the flames, or close to the wall.

No one goes close to the flames until they are ready to collect them. I hear there are beings in the flames that have to live there. If you get too close to their area. They can grab hold of you, eating at your body, and dragging you in deeper.

The Devils can go in, and come out as they please. Most of the tribal areas of the Devil tribes are near the flames. There are only a few spots that aren't in their areas.

I a bit eager to go hunting, and flame gathering. I want to be able to use this dagger with better accuracy. I will need to get stronger when swinging it too. It's no good being able to hit something if I'm not going to do much damage.

"Grow your righteousness young one." Someone said to me from the darkness.

"Show yourself now, or leave me be! If you're the one from outside my hole, then you should know I am a scavenger!"

"If you want something I have, I'm sure we can negotiate for it!" I pleaded with whatever was in the darkness.

I recieved no response from anything out there. It was just more darkness, and myself in my location. I closed my eyes, and tried to focus all I had.

I couldn't smell, or hear anything near me. Until I heard that voice again say "grow your righteousness young one."

I know I'm not losing myself out here, but I feel like it came from the wall. I never could make out what the wall was saying. The royal said that it was prayers, but that sounded like a command.

"Want to explain how the fuck I'm supposed to do that?!" I answered this mystery voice coming from the wall.

I heard nothing at all back from the wall.

"You must be The King then huh? I'm not one of your Angels, and I dont like being forced to do anything!"

I'm not sure who The King is, but ordering me to do things. We haven't even met, and this guy thinks He can order me to do things.

Just then I felt like my entire being was crushed. I fell to the land, I couldnt lift my head, or move.

"I'm not sure why you're coming after me, but I didn't ask to be bothered. I stay to myself, and try to avoid everyone else. Why do you want to bother me?"

If I knew He was able to do such things to me I might not have pissed Him off. Then again, the royal said righteousness has to do with protecting. If that's true, why am I being hurt for protecting what I believe in?

He said "grow your righteousness," but when I did something to use righteousness . He crushes me, and stops my movements.

That's when the pressure finally gave way, and I could move my body a little. I couldn't leave my knees though, and my head was so heavy. It's was hard to lift it up without a struggle.

"Ok, I submit to you. I don't know how I can grow this righteousness you guys love. I just learned about it, and I'm not sure I learned enough about it."

"Plus if you keep me here I can't do anything at all. I probably won't be able to grow anything like this."

Reasoning was the only thing I could do. Fighting with Him doesn't look like an option right now.

The pressure got lighter, and my movements have come back to my control. This guy does make His own negotiations. What could He be offering me in return for following His commands.

The pressure is back, but why?! I didn't even say anything. Can He tell what I'm thinking?

"Righteousness is yours, and it is up to you how it grows."

It's mine, and up to me how it grows? So I have to figure out my own righteousness now?

He doesn't seem to give much room for growing. I just learned about this righteousness, and already He is telling me to grow it on my own.

The pressure left from my body, and I was freed from His hold.

"Is that the only thing I get to know? I don't even get a starting point?"

I asked Him, but I got no response. I guess it's time to grow. I dont have a fucking clue on how to do that. Yet, The King did give me some useful things when I met the royal.

This smell, it must be a Devil close by. I can't sit here much longer. They will be close very soon.

The strength of this odor is heavy, but at a distance. If I hurry I can get away from it without being noticed.

Wait a second! He said "grow your righteousness," and that it's mine to create. I wonder if I stand here, and fight this Devil. Will that help me grow?

I can't run this time. I have to see if this is what He means. The royal said that "The King can see what has yet to be seen." Did He see this Devil coming my way just now?

If so, the He must want to see me fight. If not, I'm about to be in some trouble. If that happens, will the royal come again?

No other options right now. I have to stand and fight. I want to know what will happen, and I want to speak to the royal again.

The Devil is getting closer to me. I don't know how big it is yet. I have to be prepared to fight, and to run.

I don't want to fade away like the others did on the battlefield.

Oh shit, this thing is twice the size of the last one. I have to run, but behind me is the wall. To the East is the lake, and it's coming from the South. West is in the direct of a gate. I have to try that direction.

That's when I realized it. The King did something to my wings. They were almost double the normal size. I only noticed, because I had moved a large distance from where I was.

In one step, and push of my wings. I had instantly jumped further then i ever had before. I stopped running away from the Devil.

Come for me, if my wings are stronger. I might be able to use them in to attack now. The King is one strange guy, but I think I like His ways.

From the way things are so far. He doesn't ask something of you that He doesn't give you the tools to do.

If my wings are stronger, my feet lighter from the coverings, and this sword has grown as well. I think I have a chance with this one.

There's no fucking way I'm running now. I'm certain this is what He wants me to do. I have some things I want to know from these guys. I'll follow His orders for now.