Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 6 CH 6: Choices

After I accepted the terms of the negotiations. The wall opened up, and he escorted me outside of it. I'm not sure what to do when I get back to my area. I have been left with some choices to make. Also I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff in the bag.

"Will we meet again in the future? I think I would like to speak to you again sometime."

If these guys are interested in me, they probably will keep watching me. I'm not sure how they are able to see what I'm doing, or how they hear my thoughts. Well, he had called them "prayers."

"I'm sure my Father will send me to meet with you again. If not, He wouldn't have allowed you to keep the fruits."

"My Father can see what has yet to be seen. Therefore He knows better then any of us how to deal with who will benefit from the fruits."

He said this as he began to spread his wings. His wings were much larger then mine, and he had more then one set.

There was a large pair on his shoulders, with a smaller pair just under those. Then there was an even smaller pair then those near his waistline. Plus a tiny pair, not that much smaller then my wings. That are on his ankles, and the smaller ones are glowing.

The larger pair was shining, and the ones under that appeared to be darker in color then them all.

"Do all Archangels have this many wings, or is it just the royals?"

I was completely intrigued by what I was seeing. I could always see the larger pair of wings, but I had no idea he had others.

"No they do not, and even some Royal Archangels do not have this many either. I am one who is allowed in the throne room of The King."

Throne room of The King? This must be an extremely important place, and probably where The King himself is.

"My lowest set of wings along my back allows me access into the main kingdom. The ones on my ankles are what give me access to the throne room itself. "

"I will teach you more when we speak again. I have a feeling your wings will become more useful to you by then."

Then he took off into the sky, and over the wall. I wonder why he didn't just go threw it, or one of the gates. Was he showing off, or showing me what my wings can do?

If my wings can grow they can do things like what he just did? I wonder if these fruits have something to do with it.

Looks like there are no Devils lurking around waiting for me. I should still go back to get some rest, and play it safe for awhile.

I can get some more practice with this sword after I rest. I will take my time to decide what to do with the fruits later.

Deciding what to do with them is a big deal from what he told me. I shouldn't just be quick to sell them at the market. Maybe the other items I have will sell good enough for me to get things I need.

That will all have to wait anyway. I'm tired, sore, and I think I have learned enough for now.

It didnt take me long to get back to my area. I call it my area because no one comes near this area. It is close to the Lake of the Wanderers. They tell me being too close to it for too long. Can cause you to get pulled in.

It doesn't bother me much, other then the fact that I get noticed by them. When they do it's kind of creepy.

They just stare at me until I say something to them. Then they usually ask me where should they go. I always point to the gates of Heaven.

I see all kind of beings go there for answers. Some can't get close enough to ask, and some can just walk right in.

Not too keen on how they work. The Archangel didn't use the thing at all. Yet I have seen Angels, and Lost souls go threw them before.

Either way, when someone walks up to them, and Angel appears. There is normally a conversation of sorts. Then they pass threw, get turned around, or they are handed something.

When they get handed something from the Angels. I have seen them return at times, and be allowed in. So I guess there is rules to them just like everything else.

My area is a hole in the land that is near the wall, and the lake. I found it awhile ago when I was testing my speed. I almost ran right by it when I was running.

Had I not stopped to look back. It would have gone unnoticed, and possibly have ended up something else's area. I'm glad that it's mine.

Before I lay down and listen to the wall. I want to see what these fruits look like. I think i should open the box now, and get my eye on what I'm holding on to.

I opened the bag, got the key ready, and prepared myself to be amazed. If this box was like the bag. Who knows what kind of things are going to come out of it.

As I was about to open up the box. I got a strange feeling that I was being watched. I blew out my flame, and headed towards the opening.

I didnt see anyone or anything there. I couldn't smell anything either.

My eyes are pretty good in the dark from being outside the wall. If you can not harness the flames that are outside the market areas. Then your pretty much doomed anywhere the flames aren't at.

It took me a bit to get used to keeping them burning. Use can use almost any material element found here to keep them going. You will lose whatever you put in the flames.

I'm not sure how to get them back without walking to the outter lands. So I'm stuck in the dim light of the wall. I'm thankful for that light, and the things I can do with it.

"If anyone is out there, you should show yourself! This is my area, and I'm not giving it up without a fight!"

I screamed out into the open, but nothing came forward. I'll wait for a little while to see if that changes.

While I was waiting for something to come out. I noticed there was a dim light coming off of the dagger as well.

He did say righteousness had to do with protecting things. He also said that the dagger could tell I had it. Is it responding to my want to protect my area?

I'm pretty deep in this hole in the land. So I'm not easy to spot even when I do carry a flame. The light the dagger was giving off wasn't as bright as the flames. So i think it may work better for me when I'm doing my own scavenging.

since nothing came out even after I had waited awhile. I went back in the bag, and pulled out the box. The box, and the key both where glowing.

The bag did not glow at all though. So that means not all things that are Angelic have their own light. I wonder what makes the one that are glowing have some light. I'm sure the next time I meet that royal I will find out more about this.

When I opened the box I felt like I had been tricked. One item in the box was a book. I only knew it was a book because there are some of them in the tribal areas. The chiefs use them to teach language, and other things.

The other item looked like it could be consumed. The two of them were glowing slightly brighter then the box was. I'm still deep enough not to be noticed I think.

If I eat this smaller item, how will it make me grow? He said the fruit of life can be consumed, or grown to gain from it. Maybe that's what the smaller item is, and I shouldn't just eat it right away.

The book has to be the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. I'm not sure what books do, but I know people use the ones in the tribal areas. When they do, they can learn about all the areas outside the wall.

This is how they teach the new members how to stay safe. It is also how we learn the rules for each area. I can't use them at all, and I tend to leave them alone. How the fuck do you consume a book?

The stuff in it doesn't look like any of the things I have seen in other books. They I can at least understand a little when I see things I recognize in them.

This damn thing is not useful to me at all. Why did I ever agree to such terms not knowing what was actually in this box. I really want to see that damn royal again soon. That way I can tell him what I really think about his offer now.