Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 5 CH 5: Inside the box, that's inside the bag

"The bags outter shell is made up of Angelic silk. It's inner shell is made from cosmic waste actually."

"Cosmic waste can be cultivated to create new space. This can not be done easily, and is only done in The King's workshop. " He so calmly explained the bags makings.

So the Angelic silk can maintain such spaces. As well as adapting to the properties of that space. These guys have got some talent with this stuff.

"The bag is basically a realm created by The King, that can be used to hold objects without causing stress to the wearer. Am I correct to assume that?"

If I'm correct, and this is how this bag works. I can definitely use it for survival. I'm glad he does not want the bag back.

"Yes, it is also the home to sentient lifeforms. Inside that bag are craftsmens that can maintain the quality of the items that are placed in the bag."

"They have agreed to occupy the space created in return for their craftsmanship."

There are actually living things in my bag? Just what can The King do altogether?

"So the bag is it's own realm, and has it's own rules too right?"

There he goes laughing at my questions again. It's really fucking annoying too!

"Yes you are correct in all assumptions, and it is amusing to to see how quickly you catch on."

"I'm glad my Father sent me to be the one to interact with you. You're a very fascinating person indeed."

Fascinating, and amusing is what he thinks of me. This guy seems like an asshole sent to piss me off. Doesn't seem like it's much I can do about it for now.

"The dagger you have in your possession. I was going to wait to ask about it, but I'm much more interested in you now."

"What did you think of it when you were using it to fight? What made you want to fight with that Devil over the item he wanted?"

That's right, everyone says I'm not supposed to be able to use this dagger at all. I shouldn't be able to even pick it up is what they're saying.

"I wanted to keep what I found, and use it to gain some things to survive with."

"I had just learned of the Law of the Realms right before he confronted us. I felt like I had a right to fight for the items due to the laws."

That's exactly what I was thinking at the moment. I never figured it would turn out like this.

"When I was using it to fight, it gradually became lighter. I'm quick at learning things, and I am able to immediately apply what I learn."

That was the best explanation I could give him about what happened while I was fighting.

"I'm sure my adaptability to things I learn has some role in the use of the dagger becoming easier."

He started laughing at me again, and it's just as annoying as it was the last time.

"That's not the reason for your ease of use when fighting. I'm sure it helped the actual cause, but it was not a deciding factor." He answered back after his laughter finished.

"The real reason is because you fulfilled a condition of its use. One must possess righteousness in their core to use Angelic weapons."

"Righteousness is something mostly found in those of light nature. It sometimes presents itself outside the wall."

"In your case it must have always been there. I can sense the light that is in you. There is also a dark half to your nature."

"That in itself is enough to peek my interest of you. I now see that you do have some of our qualities as well. Not just those infantile wings of yours."

Now he is pissing me off. Did this asshole just call my wings "infantile?" He must have a huge chip on his shoulder from being a royal.

"Righteousness is what you called it right? What is it really?"

Moving past my wings, and on to more important things.

"It is something that is in almost all sentient beings of light. It simply put as the natural want to do something to protect others, and uphold the laws."

"In order to use Angelic weapons, one must have this want in them. Sometimes those outside the wall can briefly use them to protect a life."

" I have never seen someone outside the wall be able to walk around with one. So I assume your light has a certain level of righteousness to it."

I have righteousness in my core, and their weapons as made to find that in the user. I guess dark natured beings do not have this in their cores.

"So why did it become lighter as I continued to fight? If what you say is true about my learning it."

I just had to ask him, and learn more about the weapons use.

"That is because your righteousness must have grown when fighting. The stronger the feeling to protect, the easier it's use becomes."

It can even measure the amount of this righteousness thing. These guys really are amazing beyond the wall. I wish I could learn more from him.

"It is yours now, and I believe that you will make very good use of it. It belonged to my brother, and if it has accepted you. You must contain a good deal of righteousness, as well as other qualities."

He seemed to be amused by this fact the most as of now.

"My younger brother lost on the battlefield, panicking while protecting the box in your bag."

So this bag, it's contents, and this weapon belonged to a Royal Archangel. Then I can see why he is so interested in me.

Going off of what he has explained to me so far. There is no way I should be able to have held on to this weapon at all. I wonder what the remaining conditions are.

"Why would a Royal Archangel be panicked while protecting something? Is this bags contents really that important to you?"

I wonder why he would have taken his eye off of the battlefield to check the bag. That has to be how he took a loss in the war.

"He was panicked because of what is in the box you have. It is valuable to all of those who are inside of Heaven."

The box must have something seriously valuable inside of it. Is the box another realm just like this bag is?

"In that box is the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. As well as fruit from The Tree of Life."

"These two great trees have always given us fruit. They are not regular trees though."

Two great trees, that arent like regular trees, and I don't even know what regular trees are. There sure is a lot to gain from talking to Angels. I wonder why the Devils fight them so much.

"The two great trees are representative of different needs of all sentient beings. The Tree of Life gives us fruit we use to exist. While the Tree of Knowledge gives us fruit we need to grow."

Fruit used to exist must contain cosmic energy. Fruit to grow must contain massive amounts of information. I'm to be trusted with such fruits?

"If there are fruits in here that Angels need. Why am I being left in their care?" They just seemed too important to allow just anyone to have them.

"I'm not sure why my Father wants me to let you have them. I'm also lost as to why He wants me to make you the offer that he's allowing."

The offer he is allowing? Does that mean he isn't even allowed to make the negotiating terms on his own? The King gives me different feelings about his actions.

"Does your Father usually force the Angels to do everything He wants? Are you not allowed to have your own choices?"

I'm not sure I should accept anything this "King Creator" is offering. It seems like it might come with a price later on.

"No, my Father allows us to do as we please on most matters. Yet sometimes it is obligated for us to do exactly as He says."

"He has to maintain the order of balance on His own. The only help He has is the Angel's. When there is something of importance to existence itself. He obligates us to do His will."

Did I become one of these "matters of great importance" when I came in possession of this bag? If so, it still doesnt make sense that I be left with the contents.

"What is it that your Father is offering me in exchange for the Devils clothing?"

No need in wasting anymore time on the negotiating. I want to know what He thinks is of equal value for the box.

"My Father is offering you the key to the box's lock. He is also offering you something to cover your feet with."

"He says that your feet have been your greatest ability thus far. It would greatly increase your speed to accept these coverings."

Oh, that actually does sound like a fair trade. I give him something he can study, and possibly use. He gives me something I can certainly use, and whatever these valuable fruits are.

"If you accept our offer, you are permitted to put on the coverings now, but you may not open the box until you leave."

Why can I not open the box right now though? I can use the coverings immediately, but the box must be closed until I leave the wall. These fruits must be so important that even other Angels would come after them.

"What do I do with the fruits that are in the box. Do I eat one and plant the other?"

I'm so confused right now as what kind of fruits they are. I only heard about fruits being found on the battlefield once before. The one who found it was taken to a higher ranking Devil in their tribal area.

"You do with them what you feel should be done with them. It is not up to anyone other then the owner of the fruits to decide what is done."

He told me as if I knew any damn thing about fruits in the first place.

"Usually when one receives the fruits they find their own use for them. You can sustain energies from them both."

"If you choose to eat the fruit of life, it will provide you with life. If you choose to grow it, it will require laborious feat."

A fruit that can bring you life, or take from your life in a sense. I wonder what the other fruit is capable of doing.

"The fruit of knowledge however, can only be consumed by its owner. The only one who can grow fruit of knowledge is The King."

That's not good at all. I can't do anything with it other then consume it, or sell it. At least the fruit of life can be cultivated.

"I guess I have to choose what to do with the fruit of life. While I can only sell or consume the fruit of knowledge."

I don't have much of a choice in this if I want to keep them. Which I don't have much a choice in either, because he isn't allowed to take them. This is a troubling situation to be in.

"In a simplistic way, you are correct. I would advise that you take your time to choose which you want to do."

"Also be careful in how you consume the fruit of knowledge. It can alter one's core, and very possibly their nature as well."

So our core is separate from our natures? Then that means I have a split core, and a split nature. Is that something that happens normally. I guess not since everyone is so fascinated with me now.