Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 4 CH 4: An interview or an interrogation?

The Angel took me with him in the direction on the wall. I was not about to refuse after seeing him deal with that Devil. I wonder if he's taking me inside the wall, and if I'm going to be able to get out after that?

Taking off at this range would be pointless as well, being as though he caught me at almost top speed. He did it so effortlessly at that.

"I wouldn't think of running if I were you, and surely do not attempt an attack. " He said so calmly as we walked. "I am an Archangel, and not someone that the likes of you should take on."

This guy means business, and I don't even know what the hell an Archangel is. His size isn't much different then mine, but he has a really deep aura about him. Better if I stay on his good side for now.

"Excuse me, uh.... Archangel? Where are we going, and why did you come for me? I'm just a scavenger, and I'm not from the tribes. I was just working the battlefield today."

Why not ask a few questions on the way? It seemed better then willingly walking behind someone that can bring me harm.

"We are going to the wall of Heaven, I came for you, because of the remaining items you have with you."

Just great, first a Devil wants my head, and now an Archangel. Taking this job is really starting to look like a bad idea.

"If the items are what you want, you can have them all. I rather not go threw anymore trouble over a few scavenged items." I began to plea for my safety, but he cut me off.

"I do not want to take anything from you without offering something of equal value for it. We Angels do not believe in offering one their life as a trade. Life is not ours to control, and it is not ours to bargain for it either." He so nobly responded to my plea.

"Wait, how do you even know the language of the Demonic? Do all Angels and Archangels know the language outside the wall?"

I just realized he was speaking perfectly in the language they teach outside the wall. I guess I was still in shock from witnessing him solve my Devil problem with ease.

"For the most part we do, but the Archangels have a bit more knowledge. We are the main guards to The King Creator himself. As well as all that is in the walls of Heaven."

"We are taught to study all that is around us. To learn of all things, in order to maintain the balance of all things."

"We are in servitude to The King, and all that He creates. Even to those that are outside of the wall." Proudly stated, and with authority too.

So the Archangels are stronger, and have more knowledge then the rest. Let's see what other kind of information I can gain from this one.

"Is there any particular item that I have in my bag that you want?"

Hopefully I can get an idea of how these Angelic items work from this guy. If I can learn how they work, I can better figure out which ones are of high value.

"Yes, there are at least three items you have that I am interested in."

"The dagger you have is an Angelic weapon, and shouldn't be able to be carried by one from outside the wall. I am curious as to how you can carry it, and fight with it."

"There is Devils clothing in your bag that I wish to study, and I will be offering you something of equal value for it."

"The last thing I am interested in, is the contents of the box that is in your bag. It is very special, and it is the reason I am taking you to the wall for negotiations."

I knew that box was something special, and of high value. I might be able to get some more Angelic items from him that I can use to survive out here.

"I will not however be negotiating for the box, or its contents. I was instructed to leave that in your hands, but I do need to discuss it's content with you."

There goes that idea, but what is in this damn thing that is so important I have to go to the wall for? I never heard of someone from outside the wall to be invited in with out delivery of items.

We reached the wall, but we are not at a gate. Maybe I'm not going beyond the wall today.

"We have arrived, I apologize if you thought I was taking you beyond the wall. I am taking you inside the wall, but we will become one with the wall."

"You will be literally inside the wall of Heaven. This way our conversation is protected under the highest order."

So this is to be an interrogation after all. He told me I was going to be safe, and that he wanted to trade.

"Is this the way all Archangels trade with those of us from this side?" I had to know before I went alongside him.

"No it is not, but I am not just any Archangel. I am from the royal family, and I have a much higher authority here."

Fuck! Out of all the luck, I end up fighting a tribal Devil, and now I'm going to be interrogated by a royal Archangel! I'm never taking a job from the scavenger tribes ever again.

"Do not be afraid. This is not a situation where harm will befall you. I only wish to acquire some of your spoils."

"I also wish to educate you on the items you have in that bag."

Educate me on the items in the bag?

"Why do you want to educate me on the items anyway? If you're a royal from inside the wall. Can't you just trade me for them all, and be done with me?"

That would be his easiest choice right? Acquire all the items, and leave me to the Devils right?

"I was instructed by my Father to leave you alone, teach you of the things you have gained, and make you an offer."

"I am not allowed to do anything more in this case. That being said, you have peeked my interest also."

"My Father does not keep His eye on many things that are outside of our wall. That is what His Angels are for. They're the protectors of Heavens walls, and all things The King creates."

He was talking, and I was listening. Yet my attention was on the wall of Heaven. It began to open up as he was explaining things to me.

"This is where we will be negotiating the terms for our trade." As the hole in the wall became more clear.

There was a room on the inside of the wall. This place is amazing, and I think this is why I hear so many voices near the wall. There are royals in the walls talking to people, and making trades.

"Is this the reason why I can hear so much chatter when I get close to the wall?" I had to know for sure.

"You can hear chatter coming from the wall? Can you tell what is being said?" He asked in return.

"No it just sounds like an endless sea of voices to me. I can never make out what is being said."

Just then he looked at me with a very curious look on his face. Was I not supposed to be able to hear that?

"This endless sea of voices you are hearing is actually prayers."

What the hell are prayers? I never heard of these things, and how could they be coming from a solid wall?

"What are prayers, why are they in the wall, and where do they come from?" I asked as we walked into the room that was inside of the wall.

He waited until the wall had sealed itself back up to begin answering my questions.

"Prayers are the wants and needs of all sentient beings. Beings from all of the realms have prayers."

"The wall is made up of prayers, and is guarded by the Angels. Those who pray to my Father give the wall strength."

"We Angels are chosen to protect these walls. Which means we are chosen to answer, and serve the prayers of all things."

"I was sent to you directly by my Father, because you were praying to survive your fight with that Devil."

"I did not interrupt it, because I saw potential in you making your own survival possible. That is the best way to answer a prayer."

"You answer it by showing the owner a a way to answer it on their own. Then you aid the owner at the moment where it can no longer be dealt with by themselves."

So there are rules to the rules in this place? No wonder they are always so uptight about everything. Those of us outside the wall aren't actually following the rules.

Also there are these prayers they are talking about. How did I pray if I didn't even know it was possible?

"How do you pray, and when do you pray? You say I did so on my own, but I didn't even know they existed until now."

"How could I have prayed, if I did not even know about it before?"

He just sat there laughing at me, and that was annoying the shit out of me.

"Prayers happen on their own, and you don't need to know how to pray to do so."

"When someone wants something bad enough they wish for it. A wish is a basic form of praying actually."

"You're asking someone you do not know, and can not see to help you. Some call it luck, and some know it to be The King's work."

So wishes are prayers, and luck is actually someone's doing? Just who is this "King Creator" that everyone is scared of?

Is he a positive natured being, or a negative natured one. It's hard to tell sometimes hearing the stories. I mean He destroys, but He also creates. There is just too much information to take in.

"Answering prayers is known as The King's work, and it's the Angels job to do it. So when a being with in the King's realms is seeking such help. Angel's are dispatched to the person in order to answer their prayers."

"However there is a Devil King who opposes The King Creator. He is a destructive force that is always attempting to over throw the balance."

"We Archangels are The King's generals. We are dispatched almost always in situations where Devils are present."

So it is most likely to be the Archangels that I see fighting with the Devil tribes when I watch the battlefield. So the smaller Angel's I see that can take on the larger Devils. They have to also be Archangels, and be on par with this man.

I think that he may be in his own league though. He is a royal Archangel, and from what I hear about royals. They are somehow directly related to The King Creator.

If He is as powerful as they say he is. Then these Archangels must be really strong, and the royal ones have to be significantly stronger then they are. Is there a way I can study them more?

"I think it's about time we get down to negotiations, and the contents of your bag." He suddenly got more serious when he said this.

"I will get to the dagger last, but let's start with the bag itself shall we. It's not a bag that we would have liked to be in the hands of those outside our wall."

"Further more, it is a bag that has a high value even on this side of the wall. It's a bag whose outter shell can accommodate the wearer."

"The inner shell can distort space, and creates it's own area with in the bag. It is almost it's own realm on the inside of that bag."

A realm with in a bag, and it's size depends on the wearer. So once it left the battlefield, it became my property, and changed to suit my size.

"What is the bag made of? Are you making me an offer for this as well?"

I rather not give it up, but if he offers me something good in return. I may not have another choice in the matter. I still need to survive on the outside of the wall.

"No, I am only allowed to ask of you what is in my interest. I am interested in the clothing items in your bag, and nothing more."

So he really does only want to study them, but why all the secrets about everything else? That plus, he keeps saying he is not allowed. Why is he not allowed to do anything about the rest of the items?