Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 2 Ch 2: Differences

Outside the wall was known as "The land of the Jin." In this place was all those things Heaven rejected, and fought against.

This side of the wall was almost always at war over something, and it was mostly with the Angels. In the Land of Jins there is a hierarchy just like that of which is behind Heavens walls.

On the lowest level is "Lost Souls," which are souls that come from the material realm, and have lost their way of being.

Next up from them are the "Demonic Ones," which are Celestials that were created with a more negative nature, but still a weak desire to swallow the light. The Demonic ones don't really fight the Angels, but they do seem to annoy them pretty well.

The next level is the ones that seem to fight the most." The Devils," they seem to be top tier Celestials, with a strong negative nature, and destruction of all light constantly on their minds.

It's as if their very core is determined to erase all light from existence. I'm not sure on how they decide the level of difference between them, but some seem to be in control of other Devils.

There are even some that command huge amounts of Demonic ones, and they use these numbers to fight the Angels. The Devils are the only ones I have a problem with myself.

I'm not sure if they want to destroy me, due to me having some light of my own, or if they are trying to control me. They attack me from time to time when they come out.

Somehow I manage to escape, but I have had my share of battles with them. I'm smaller, quicker, and have small wings that help me move more freely in the air. I try to hide these as my wings resemble those of an Angel.

Growing up on the outside of the wall was very troublesome for me. Always fighting, having to scavenge, and forever hearing the voice of the wall.

"The Voice of The Wall" is what I called the noise that I could hear coming from the wall of Heaven. All the others here don't seem to hear it, but I hear it clearly. It's almost like an endless amount of voices all speaking out at once.

I always figured that this was happening because I possessed light within me, and the others didn't. Sometimes I can get close to the wall and it becomes more clear.

There is still too many voices for me to hear anything that makes sense, but it calms me for some reason. I usually do this after I end up fighting, and it sets my mind at ease. I dont really understand the language that the Devils use.

The Demonic ones use a language similar to it, but more broken down. It's as if their language came from the language that the Devils speak. So this causes most of my confusion, and probably most of my problems.

The Demonic ones have kind of taken a liking to me in a way. They helped me learn their language so I could shop in their market. I was always stealing as I had nothing to trade. I didn't have the same desire to destroy that the others had.

So I never claimed any real spoils from my surroundings. The Demonic market is a place where all manor of things can be purchased.

Our realm has some physical presence, but it more so has an enormous Cosmic energy presence. Things from the material realm can be found here, as well as energy type items.

Energy type items are found on the battle fields after large wars. These are items that can be used for, and with cosmic energy to create other things. I'm not too sure how they are doing it, but the Devils are always trading here. Sometimes they like to show off their strength, and they ravage the markets.

One day while working in the market for a Demonic tribe of scavengers. We went out to the battle field as soon as a war ended to gather whatever leftovers the war party did not take.

There was a massive amount of Angels, as well as Devils laid out on the battlefield. This was my first time working as anyone's helper.

The tribe had lost a few of its stronger workers, and knew I was always on my own. They had members who helped me learn how to survive here. So they came to me for my help, and I felt as though it was owed to them.

I never really been hurt to the point where I feared for my existence before. So what I saw next was altogether strange to me. As we were cleaning up and grabbing things that seemed to be of value.

The bodies that lay there began to fade away, then leave nothing behind, but what was covering them. They just disappeared, both light, and dark ones completely vanished.

"Hurry up and clear the remains before they come back to claim what was theirs!"

The tribe's chief yelled out once the very last body had vanished.

"They come back?" Is what I thought at the moment he said that. How can they vanish, and come back?

Where did they go, and how long before they can come back? I will have to find out when we get back to the tribal area. For now I want to get a few things that I seen the Angels with.

The chief said I could keep up to five items for myself to do what i want with them. If i get the right items, and grab a good amount for the tribe.

I should come out pretty good in all this, and maybe I wont have to scavenge for awhile. I saw the one drop a large bag, and if I can get it. I will get whatever is in that bag, and be able to carry more.

I know I saw it over this way a bit, and it looked heavy as well. There it is! Since he can't claim it back with out purchasing it from the market after it leaves the battlefield.

This is the best thing to grab first, and wow it's really heavy. I wonder what's in the bag that's making it so heavy. If it's a bunch of junk, I can discard most of it now. So let me take a look in, and see what I got.

Tools, and they are all common tools at that. Trash those, and what's next in the bag? A small sword, or no a dagger I guess. The Angels are much larger then me as well.

So something this small must be like a dagger to them. I'm going to keep this, but on my side just incase someone does show up. Plus there are other tribes here to pick from the rubble.

This is definitely my first choice out of five. There is a bunch of other things I don't really understand, but they smell of cosmic energy. I think I should leave those in here until the tribe can look at them.

I'm not sure how to use such energy, so these things don't really interest me. There is something else in here, and it's got an odd energy to it. It looks like a box, and it has a lock on it. I think I want to keep this item for myself as well.

An Angelic box with a lock on it, and it was being carried by one of the larger Angels. So its probably really important, and the Angels will probably trade very well for this.

This bag is useful, and has a cosmic effect to it also. So this will be item number three on my list. Time to go fill the bag, and find my other items.

I wonder if any of the Devils dropped something similar to this bag. I can smell something strange coming from the east of me. It has to be the cosmic energy of a Devil.

It has a sulfurous atmosphere, and a very distinct layer of ash to it. That's how they smell to me whenever they are near me. There is something there that might be useful I better get over there before someone else notices it.

It's getting closer now, and it certainly reeks of Devil's scent. It's not a bag, but it looks like full body clothing. It's not armor, and it doesnt seem to be anything too special. It does however have to strong aura of a Devil surrounding it.

Somehow this clothing has been infused with cosmic energy, and that energy has consumed some of the Devils energy. It's small enough to shove in the bag, but I can only keep two pieces of it for myself if I want any of it.

Maybe if I keep the upper body armor, and the leg armor. I can get them broken down to make myself something from it. These are going in the bag, and so is this staff looking thing.

That thing has a massive amount of pressure coming from it. Good thing this bag seems to fit anything that the carrier puts in it. It does gain weight though as I place more in it.

"Let's get going now, gather what you have, and group back up. We must leave this place as soon as possible!"

The new orders from the chief, and it seems he is correct to leave. I can see a hoard coming from the southwest of us. They must be coming to claim their losses before they leave the battlefield.