Eternity Foxx: The rise to eternal knowledge - 1 Ch 1: New spectrum of ligh

Rubys, emeralds, diamonds, and all the precious stones of the world. These will fill in the major spaces of the molding.

In between the stones I will use the remaining ingredients I have in the workshop. I have created so many beings in this space, and I have only one mold left.

This is what the creator was thinking when he began to give life to me. I only have memory of these events because of my fathers stories, and teachings.

Sometimes I think I was a mistake, or a failure in the grand scale of creation. I didn't actually have a place in the heavens, or in the area that lay outside of them.

It was as if I was created to be discarded. Anyway the process of my creation needs a certain level of explanation.

After gathering of all the remaining materials the creator began the process. Filling the molding with all that he had left to use. Stardust, cosmic fibers, celestial elements, and more are within this mold.

Before this mold the creator had created many of things. Some having a positive nature, and some a negative one.

The difference in the two came down to which ingredients, and how much of each that he used. In this one particular mold he had to use left overs.

More so because he didnt want to waste any of the ingredients he had left. Also, he still had many theories on the creation process of life forms that he wanted to test.

In previous creations, the creator tried various recipes for creating life. If he weighed out a few precious stones, and a little bit of celestial elements.

Then the results were of a positive nature, but if he used more of the other elements. Then the results tend to be more of a negative nature.

So he wasn't sure of the outcome of such a blending of resources. His hopes were to finish with a being of light, and not darkness. Yet he couldnt help, but to think it might end up in the realm of dark nature. Either way, he had begun the process, and now it was time to see how it turns out.

Forged from the flames of smokeless fire, and cooled in The Pool of Infinities. A new being has been born, but it's nature flickers. The light coming from this one was balanced between light, and dark natures.

Equally shining on both sides, with consecutive intervals, and a repetitive flow of energy. Could it be that this one is both blessed, and cursed by the Pool?

That would mean even the Pool of Infinities is not sure what to do with this one? It could also be that this one can play any role within the Infinities? If so, does that mean he has no affinity?

The Creator's thoughts at first sight when I finally emerged from The Pool of Infinities.

The Pool of Infinities, is a place where The Creator finishes the forging of life process. This Pool is an eternally revolving pool of possibilities. When used in the forging process, it helps The

Creator produce beings that are needed to maintain balance. Since The Pool of Infinities is the finishing touch. All life that The Creator creates comes from this place.

This allows the creator to make things that are useful to life in the material realm. Once cooled there The Pool can see the possibility of all things that have been forged within.

It then chooses how to cool down the mixed ingredients, and selects what it needs more. So most things have a light, or dark nature when emerging. For something to come out on the line of both affinities. Is not a normal occurrence in the process.

The Creator was not sure if He should place this one outside the walls, or not. Inside the walls was for the Angel's, and outside was for everything else. This balance was what kept the Heavens in check.

It also helped to keep the material realm from falling apart. The material realm is made up physically solid things. These solids need other solids in order to maintain their form.

In the realm of The Celestials it is different. There is a physical element, but it is a choice to the Angels. Some beings in this realm come from the material realm.

They have a certain level of physical traits that apply to them. All these things put together the stasis area for the material realm. The material realm however, helps to produce energy for the realm of The Celestials. So they are keeping each other sustained, and forever growing.

So it is very important to make sure you do not place the wrong beings on either side of the balance. For that could make things troublesome for everyone.

This being was on the line of that balance, and that made it hard to place. So The Creator decided to place it on the outside of the walls, but He would still keep an eye on it for now.

Checking from time to time, to see if it would turn out to take hold of one affinity, or the other. Was this one blessed, or cursed by The Pool? Having a dark nature doesn't mean that you're cursed, but in some cases it means exactly that.

With that said having a light nature doesn't mean that you're blessed either. These two factors only play a role in your initial placement.

Afterwards you must prove yourself worthy of grace within the light, or succumb to the darkness embracing temptation. Some beings are gleaming with light at their creation, and others present a swallowing darkness.

These are the ones that are known from the beginning to be blessed, or cursed. The blessed ones are deemed Archangels from the start, and the cursed ones are deemed to be devils set on swallowing up the light.

These entities help create the balance that brings forth the material realm. Their conflict creates cosmic phenomena, and a result of that phenomenon creates physical elements in the material realm.

With all that being said, I hope that you have gained some understanding into my creation. I also hope that you have a new understanding of the placement process of The Celestials.

I really only know about such things from The Creator's teachings. The stories He tells me, and how He tells them. I guess I should get started on the part I know well huh? The part that only I can tell from the original point of view.