The Legendary Hero's Brother - 26 Plastic Love

(From the point of view of Lars Frigg)


I looked down at how Vonerich lovingly hugged his younger brother while talking to him about whatever random stuff the two of them had to talk about here. Vonerich was facing his back on us while Venne's head was placed on his older brother's shoulder as they both hugged each other tightly. However, suddenly, Venne's sharp eyes pierced right through me as he continued to tap his older brother's back gently. The contrast of the way he embraced his brother, and the way he looked at me was so vast that it made me instinctively roll my eyes in response to it. I then looked at Song Eight, and even she is not having it with this little fuck's plastic performance. She shook her head gently as she waited for Vonerich to end his moment with his brother.

Oh, Prince Vennefore Lardizabal, the second prince of Varba and, unfortunately, the Herald of the Gods himself, the legendary hero as written on the Monument of Herald, he is one two-faced piece of shit. And oh, I see right through his fake little charade, and I am not the only person around the royal family who sees right through it. Vonerich is a smart person, and I know that he is aware of his brother's fake ass attitude. However, this damn idiot big brother turns a blind eye on it just because of his undying love for this little shit.

Prince Venne does not at all wish to have people rise above him, no! He wants to be the most excellent swords master in the empire, and he wishes to become the most renowned magician in the world. In fact, lately, the young prince even dabbles in making magical items and trinkets just like his brother Vonerich, so he can also be number 1 in that field to defeat his older brother. Knowing these two people, I know that Vonerich will willingly let his immature little baby doll brother outshine himself because that's just how much he dotes on him! Spoiled, horrible, and plastic, oh, I can use so many more words to show just how his jealousy can get him into the realm of godhood itself!

In fact, I would not be surprised if Venne is actually mad that his brother is back here in the empire again. You best believe that he is the first person who rejoiced when his biggest competitor for his crown, as he would like to call it, willingly surrendered and waltzed out of the palace like it was just an ordinary Tuesday night. Now, Prince Venne didn't throw a party, he didn't flaunt around saying how much better his life was without his big brother, but everyone in the palace knows how relieved he was that he could finally boast about being the only heir for the throne.


I am giving too much hate on Prince Venne... At the end of the day, I am aware that his love for his brother is genuine. In fact, he wouldn't be glaring at Song Eight and me if he wasn't possessive of his big brother. This young prince would grab Vonerich around like his big brother is his own personal property, all for him to use. That's right, his competitiveness and jealousy seeped out of everything around him, and his toxic-like envy wouldn't just stay in his quest to be the constant number 1 in everything. Prince Venne is also jealous of everyone who's with his brother, he's angry at those whom his brother would flirt with, and he is more than willing to send out his rage while he's alone every time he knows that his brother is bedding someone. I know... He hates everyone in the empire just for those thoughts alone. To be fair to Prince Venne, he also knows when to keep it cool in front of people around him because, after all, he has this perfect-kind-cute-benevolent prince image that he has to project. I should know; I watched him grow with his brother, and every single day, his facade breaks and melts on his face, so people could sometimes see the real him, just like how I saw him glaring at me while hugging his brother. He's a lying and a jealous little bitch, but I cannot undermine his love for his brother. However, those same negative traits are also the reason why their relationship is starting to dampen... well, at least, in Prince Venne's head.

Everyone loves Vonerich! He's sweet, he's helpful, he's a man of integrity, he's actually a great magician without a need of a teacher, and, come on, he is BEAUTIFUL, without an ounce of doubt. Prince Venne has to work three times more than what Vonerich had to do just to be halfway through his big brother's level. He knows that; that's why he's been working extra hard every single day. While Vonerich is fucking, like, seven people at a time, Venne would burn himself just to know the things that Vonerich knows. However, well... Vonerich was a child when the Siege of the Wainrith Pass, or otherwise known as Psychic Wars, happened. A child born in a time of peace would never be able to know the amount of bullshit that a child of war has to see.

"Haa... I want to chat with you more, Venne, but I have to meet father now." Vonerich said while looking straight into his fake ass little brother's eyes with the most genuine twinkle in his eyes.

"Can't you please stay, brother? I wanna talk to you more about magic!" Gods, can you see the way this boy speaks? It feels so choreographed and planned without an ounce of spontaneity. I see right through his words too. He only wants to keep his brother's time because he doesn't want to be outshined in the council room too.

"I can't, Venne. I have to go hurry with father now, okay? There's something important going on, it seems." Vonerich then stood up and walked past Venne without turning back after smiling at the young prince.

Venne then extended his hands and was about to pull his brother's shirt and said, "But—"

But I interrupted him by firmly gripping his hands. "Your Highness Venne!" I thundered, which sent echoes throughout the small park around us, but Vonerich simply moved forward without looking back at us. "His Highness Vonerich has made his decision. Please do not interfere with the royal family's official businesses." I tried to subtly intensify the way I said the words 'royal family's official business' to accentuate the fact that Prince Venne was not invited to the council room, but his brother was. After all, why would he be here outside if he has a place in the adult's world?

Prince Venne then forcefully pulled his hands away from my grip as he looked up at me with all the scorn of a little insecure devil. Yeah, that's right, look up at me. As long as you don't fix your damn attitude, you will never reach the acclaim and prestige that I hold dear at this very moment. I saw the way his eyebrows furrowed with shaking eyes while his lips vibrated uncontrollably. The young prince then bowed down to me graciously before quietly moving away from us to head up to his room upstairs, probably to have a little tantrum break.

"Ha... I can at least commend his hard-working attitude." Song Eight said as he walked towards me while eyeing the fleeing young prince. "And he knows how to keep a cool head, well, keep it cool enough, so he wouldn't run away like a typical son of a rich man, wagging his tails like a whining dog. I can commend his grace, don't you think so, little Lars?"

"Hmph. That's what he gets when the only thing he has is the approval of a growing rock and nothing else." I whispered beneath my breath as I walked towards my prince, the one true prince that Varba deserves, into the council room.

When we entered the council room, what greeted us is a magnificent sight to behold. The king was at the center while looking at a map laid out before him on a wooden table as his advisors all speak in such a chaotic state that the scenery itself looked more like a rumble party than a council meeting. When the three of us entered the room, the people then silenced and looked at us with varying expressions; some showed faces of relief while some showed a face of disdain.

"Ah, my son, you're here! I hope I didn't bother you in your home in your city, governor!" The king said, trying to be playful, but not only did anyone laugh, but even the king himself also looked like he had no intention of joking around. After all, his firm expression showed the gravity of the situation.

"I am terribly sorry that I'm late, father! I have to speak with Song Eight about my new invention, and I mistakenly headed straight to the throne room afterward." Vonerich said as he bowed before his father with his arms outstretched.

The room we were in is called the council room, where the king would officially make decisions regarding highly urgent matters. The place is made out of the usual red terracotta with a massive space to house about 50 people, while two large glass windows behind them show the image of two different roses. There are no chairs for everyone, so all must stand up, even the king. There's only a table at the center and some books on the side. The only thing that remotely shows a sense of opulence in it is the enormous glass chandelier on the high ceiling.

"I see that you are with one of Madame Miriam Song's foster children." The king said, making the other people roll their eyes upon things about what the two great magicians might have done earlier this morning. "Care to tell us what is so urgent you have to go there first before the summon of your king?" The king asked nonchalantly, but it is enough to make a regular citizen's feet wobble like jelly.

"I discussed with her an appraisal of a magical shield that I finished inventing this morning, my king," Vonerich said graciously while still bowing his head low before his father. "Then, I went and discussed a revolutionary idea that your great citizen, Song Eight, had come up with."

Song Eight then whispered to Vonerich with a worried gaze, "Y-your highness, please—"

However, Song Eight's words were interrupted when her foster mother, Madame Miriam Song, cleared her throat upon seeing the way her child rudely butt in between a conversation of two royal members. Madame Miriam Song then eyed her foster child to behave while fixing her red robe.

Madame Song is one of the people who felt relieved when Prince Vonerich finally arrived in the council room. She is one fierce woman, who was well in her 50's now but still looked younger than 30. She is famed for her humanitarian efforts to save young girls who got orphaned after the war, and many people commend her for personally giving the needed education of these children from magic to arithmetic. However, she is also renowned for being a strong general who defeated two of the Seven Kings of Defuntalac during the Psychic Wars all because of her exemplary talent for warfare. She may be known as a virtuous and kind mother, but she can also be remembered as a stern disciplinarian who will befall harsh punishments to any of her children who deserve it. She then formed the first all-female squadron that she called Song's Coven, which comprises of nothing but the children whom she saved during the war. To keep them from being thoroughly disciplined, Madame Miriam Song made sure that they will forget their name and will only use the name Song and their affiliated ranking in the team as long as they are still dependent on the Song Family. Once they've proven themselves worthy of being independent, Madame Song would happily send them off with any name they deem fit for themselves. Such is the woman who taught Song Eight, and such is also the reason why all of Madame Miriam Song's foster daughters are amazing magicians and soldiers who can defeat an entire Izrecaelean battalion on their lonesome.

"Hmph!" The other man beside the king looked at Vonerich with a scornful gaze as her sharp eyes fell onto the prince with utter disgust.

That man is Prince Carnegie Lardizabal, the brother of King Devyn Lardizabal. He was one of the few men who scoffed after seeing the arrival of Vonerich. He has been one of the closest and loyal aides to the king, but also the most ambitious man in the world. Although he has no track record in the war, the now 47-year-old Prince Carnegie had been a powerhouse when it comes to economics and has been an exemplary civil servant. He singlehandedly manages to taxes of the empire and is the person to find before having a personal audience with the king. He is also very critical of Prince Vonerich's sexual endeavors and is the only person who celebrated when the prince left the Imperial Palace. After all, if the prince is no longer interested in the crown, then as a price himself, Carnegie is one step closer to being a king. I might be speculating too much, but when you see him partying the day Prince Vonerich left, you, too, will know that this fucker is one shady, shady little thing.

"Is that so? Hah!" The king once again spoke lightly while looking at his son with a playful smile. "Why don't you tell us what your new inventions are?"

"I believe it would be best if we can speak about it privately later, my king. However, I am proud to say that my dear friend, Song Eight, managed to invent for us an amazing magic ability that can potentially make teleportation a reality, my king!" Vonerich said excitedly with an unmistakable smile on his face as he remained bowed down before his father.

Such is the prince! What else can I say? No exposure for him, but all the accolades for his talented friends. It's always best to be on Vonerich's good side because you will always get the best of Varba, on or out of bed!

"THAT'S IMPRESSIVE, YOUNG GIRL!" The king said as he slowly clapped while looking at Song Eight with a vibrant smile. "Aren't you proud of your girl, Madame Song?"

Madame Song nodded with the biggest grin on his face as he nodded towards the king, "I have never been disappointed with my girls, my king." She then looked at Song Eight with a warm smile before sending her a flying kiss and voicelessly uttering the words, "proud of you" at her foster child.

Song Eight looked so ecstatic after getting the accolades of not only her foster mother but also the king of Varba himself. She was about to cry as she repeatedly bowed towards all the people clapping at her before tapping on Vonerich's sweaty shoulder.

Such is the reason why people will literally die for Prince Vonerich. Oh, let the Legendary Hero die for all we care! But Vonerich? He's far too special.

"Well, then, my son, raise your head and approach your king." The king then eyed Song Eight and me before saying, "Sir Frigg, Miss Song Eight, you may also step forward, for you might also pose an important role in what I am about to say."

Wh-what... exactly is this?

"My son, news from our allied Crespa arrived on our court this morning..." The king whispered gravely with a pale face. "Giants have attacked Izrecael."