The Legendary Hero's Brother - 21 Some Kind of Heaven

(From the point of view of Vonerich Lardizabal)


Bare chest, busty breasts, silk cloths, thin satin drapes, sweet amorous scent in the air, and sweat lingering every skin present in the room, ah, this is paradise! Why must men ever wish to attain a place in heaven if such already exists here in my hall in Varba? I placed my hand around the pale lady beside me while gripping her breast gently, which is enough to send her into all sorts of pleasurable dimensions in whatever plane of existence therein lies beyond human comprehension. Meanwhile, the tan and thin boy continued to caress my chiseled chest while licking my right nipple, making me shoot my head back with a moan and chuckle. Both the lady and the boy chuckled after seeing my member rising from within the thin fabric of my black silk harem pants.

The sound of panting and moaning filled my hall as a crimson light streak out of my red-tinted glass windows. The colorful macabre engravings all over my rooms turned into a single blood-like color. My circular white bet turned into a soft pink color under the imposing hue spewing out of my reddened window. Meanwhile, a thin pinkish smoke filled the air, making every person in the room turn into some kind of sex-crazed maniac that wishes to have someone, anyone, remove the itch spewing from their bodies, inside-out.

"I love you so much, your highness!" The pale lady beside me slowly whispers in my ear, which makes the blood in my head travel into my hardened member.

The tan-skinned boy beside me also stopped licking my nipple before saying, "I love you too, my kind master!" A reddened head then laid on my chest, which made me feel his warm skin as I noticed my stunning abs shake with intense euphoric fervor.

I then swept my dark hair while the lady and the boy caressed my tan and bare torso. "Oh, and I love you all too!" I said while puffing uncontrollably as I finally felt the effect of my favorite incense in my body.

... there's no way I would be like the rest of the people out there in the world, grieving the death of some philanthropic queen... though I am sad about her passing too. Perhaps, this is why I forced my servants to do this with me again while using my favorite incense. Thus, the pleasure that the sweet scent of the smoke had gradually began to make me forget about the melancholy brewing throughout Luxael. Ah! If I am not the first-in-line for the throne, I would have spent the rest of my time doing this every single day, no breaks! How I envy my younger brother for that!

I then saw the two people standing a few feet away from my sizable circular bed stand up in a fighting position. One is a muscular lady who's wielding a red orb on her hands while wearing nothing but a few chainmail covering her breast and her waist. Meanwhile, a tall and muscular man stood a few inches away from her while wielding a sword studded with many different colored gemstones. Aside from the shield on his hands, the man is bare naked like the lady before him. Thus, they're both showcasing their beautiful chiseled body, swelling with so much stiff muscles that made me lick my upper-lip slowly with a soft snicker.

"I'm ready, your highness." The muscled lady said as he pointed his orb at the giant shield that the naked man is wielding.

I then raised my upper body slightly but made sure that I did it slow enough so my two servants would not be distracted from the superb worshipping that they're doing on my body. "Are you ready, captain?" I said to the tall scowling man as he hid the entirety of his body behind the gemstone-clad shield.

He then nodded slightly with eyes filled with determination. "I am ready, your majesty!"

I then sighed with a worried expression as I gently pushed my two servants away from my body with a soft smile. "Excuse me for a minute, my loves." I then kissed the pale lady beside me on her lips before doing the same thing to the thin tan boy on my left. I then stepped out of my bed and stood beside the muscled man who's hiding behind the gem-filled shield. I then wrapped my hands around the man's stiff neck, making me feel his trembling body. He's such a liar, look at how afraid he was because of this experiment I forced him to do. "Be honest with me, captain, are you afraid that this won't work?" I said as I placed my head on his shoulder.

"I'm... I..." The captain then sighed as he closed his eyes before looking at my smiling face. "I wouldn't want to lie to you, your highness, I am not very sure if this experiment will work."

"I see," Unlike me, the rest of my men are not as confident of my intellect when it comes to producing great inventions for the betterment of Varba. Although I give great successes time and time again, a lingering fear that something might go wrong creeps into their head, thus, it is my duty as a prince and an inventor to make the people undergoing an experiment with me to feel at ease. I tightened my grip around the captain's neck before kissing his lips gently. "Don't worry, captain, I will stay here with you. If you burn, I'll make sure that I burn first."

"BUT, YOUR MAJESTY!" The captain flinched and jumped away from me after understanding what I had just said. My two servants also heard what I had just said, and I saw them looking at me wearily from the bed. Since the captain moved the shield away for a bit, I noticed that the muscular lady before us had also hesitated after hearing what I had just said, so she swiftly dropped his hands.

"No buts, captain!" I exclaimed gently with a playful grin before licking his lips. "You, too, professor!" I said to the lady who's standing before me with the same gentle smile. "Trust me the same way I trust the two of you. I will not put you two into this much trouble if I didn't know this won't work, won't I?" I then laid my head on the captain's cheeks as I snuggled his hard-muscled body gently. "Now, commence with the experiment."

The captain then placed the entirety of his body behind the giant gemstone-clad shield, making it hard for me to see what the professor is doing before us. However, after feeling the sudden rise in temperature coming from the professor's direction, I knew then that the experiments are going exactly as I planned. The naked muscular professor then shouted as a giant cone-shaped flame then rose from out of her orb. If my hall is just smaller by a few square-meters, I'm sure that this cone of fire would have already burned everything around us. Luckily, my room is big, and my experiment worked! After less than a second, the shield that the captain is carrying slowly drained the entirety of the flame coming out of the professor's orb, like water entering a metal pole.

"It worked, your highness!" I heard the professor say in front of us as her joyous tone filled the room.

The captain then slowly moved the shield away from our faces, making me see the professor's ecstatic expression. I then swiftly walked towards the muscular lady and held her waist tightly before pulling her towards my warm body. Without further ado, I dug my lips into her smile and let my tongue play with hers inside of her heated mouth, making both of us moan in pleasure. After a while, I pulled my body away from the professor but started smooching her lips once more when I saw her dazed and reddened face. "You did well, professor!" I said as I caressed the professor's waist while giving her the sincerest smile I could ever give.

"Th-thank youuu... my prince..." The professor said as I saw her wet lips move in excitement while her legs trembled uncontrollably. I then wordlessly gestured to my servants to take the trembling professor into my bed. They then happily complied, and after a while, the three of them had started to "play" in my own bed. Heh, cheeky brats; I'll have to "punish" them later. Hehe! Being with the professor continually made me feel so safe even when we were young; perhaps, it's because of those giant jugs she's rocking, which always stirs my mind into a sexual uproar! Nonetheless, I never failed to tell her how I envy her beauty every single day.

My attention was then directed towards the dazed captain who's kneeling a few inches away from me while looking at the shield with eyes-filled with utter amazement. It seemed that he saw the way I intently started gazing at his awe-struck expression because he began to move his eyes towards me. "My prince... this... THIS IS INCREDIBLE, NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! I can't believe I was given the opportunity to be the first to witness such an amazing feat of yours, your majesty!"

"I know I'm amazing," I said playfully with a chuckle while observing the way the captain held the shield on his hands like his very life depended on it.

"Now... Now, no one will ever say that swords and shields are a dying technique, your majesty! You bred a new beginning for us, sword-wielders!" The tall and gigantic captain uncharacteristically said with a tear on his face, which made me almost bawl into a fit of laughter.

I chuckled instead. "How can warriors be a dying breed when amazing men like you exist, my captain?" Upon hearing the way I addressed him, the captain slowly looked at me with eyes filled with intent. "Throw the shield away, captain," I said as I placed my hands on my waist with my feet outstretched.

The captain did so without reservations before I leaped towards him. It seemed that he had seen this coming since he immediately grabbed my body in midair once he saw me coming towards him. We then fell into the soft carpet on the floor as I dug a passionate kiss in the captain's lips as our tongues played like two worms in the forest. Being with the captain always made me feel his overpowering strength around me, which made me so ashamed of being a man since my strength is nothing in comparison to him. Nevertheless, I never fail to tell him how much I envy his masculine might every single day I meet him.

While I laid there on the floor on top of the captain while my two servants played with the professor's insides, I heard a loud banging on my door.

"Prince Vonerich, your father is calling you!" I heard the familiar voice of my best friend outside of my door.

I clicked my tongue as I unwillingly pulled my head away from the captain. "Tell him I'm busy." I then grabbed the captain's face again and started licking his lips.

"... the king said he needs your help." I heard the sullen voice of my best friend ringing on the other side of my closed door.

This time, whatever he's saying had finally caught my attention. My father is an old and lonely man, so he would always call upon my brother and me to have a playful chat with him, but seeing my father ask a favor from any of his children is a rarity far beyond any gemstone the world could ever produce.

"Come in, Frigg!" I said, giving the man outside of my room the permission to enter my hall. I then gave the captain one final kiss with a smile as I wrapped a scarf with colorful patterns around my bare and sweaty skin.

"No way! Just get out of here. I'm not stepping inside of that room!" Frigg said outside of my room with an audaciously cheeky tone.

"I then pulled the captain's arms to help him stand up from the ground as I raised my eyebrow while looking at my closed door. "Wha—why?"

"Your room smells like shit, Rich! There's no way I'm ever stepping in there!" The loud voice coming from outside sounded angry but with a hint of playfulness in it. "Just come in. The king didn't tell me anything he wants, so you have to listen to him yourself."

I then whispered to the captain, "Does my room stink that badly?"

The captain then moved his gaze to the side with a hesitant expression, "Well..." He then gulped his saliva before saying, "kinda? Forgive my frankness, your highness, but your room smells like bleach and onions. Today it even smells like burnt chili, my prince, err..." he then added while scratching his nape, "but the sweet kind." He said with a distorted face, showing that even he doesn't believe what he's saying.

"Aww! You guys are so harsh to meeee!" I said with a playful grin as I embraced the captain's bulky chest. "I'm going to leave first, guys!" I then waved my hands, which then instantly sent a soft gust of wind in the surrounding, making the smoke all over us disappear. After giving the captain's chest a sweet kiss, I closed a golden box on a table beside my circular bed; it contains the incense I'm using throughout the day. After doing so, I placed the box in a container below my bed and said, "I hope you guys had fun too. Go ahead and take a shower for me, okay?"

My servants then politely nodded while the captain and the professor were still in a daze, although I had already made the smoke around my hall disappear. Wrapping the colorful scarf around my sweaty torso, I opened the door at last.

"Hey," I said as I looked at the man who's patiently standing beside my doorway.

What I saw is a man far taller than me, which means I have to tilt my head back just to gaze at his silver hair. A grin is plastered on his face, accentuating his awfully pale skin.

"... you fucking stink!" Frigg said as he slapped my back to make me move forward.