The Legendary Hero's Brother - 20 Hello—end of Volume 1

(From the point of view of Nevermore Frostenden)

"Hello, there prince Nevermore!"

"Greetings, my prince!"

Goo-goo gaa-gaa!

"Huh. What the hell is this?"

"What do you mean what the hell is that. That's prince Nevermore."

"Oh, don't be sarcastic with me now, bitch! I know exactly what I'm seeing, Dominion! What I'm asking is why the hell did we awaken while the prince is still a baby!?"

"Haa... Why don't you tell me again what the condition is for us to awaken."


"Just do it, Dantalion!"

"Alright, shit, you don't have to be such a bitch about it. Look, it says here in our binding contract that we will only awaken if the prince had already officially learned how to use magic!"

"Now, you know. Look at the red lines around the prince's body."

"Eh? What about it?"

"Are you really an idiot, or are you just pretending to be one to make me look smart?"



"Aw, look at what you've done! Now the prince is angry at you, Dantalion!"

"I didn't even do anything!"

"Haa... Am I really supposed to waste an eternity with you here?"

"Well, it's your idea to tag along with me! I'm just here to live inside of the prince's soul like a good boy, but you just have to be a bitch about it!"

"Is that your favorite word? Am I going to keep hearing you say that word over and over again until the prince dies?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely, bitch!"

"Ugh... How vulgar! Look, my point is that the red lines around the prince's body mean that he cast a spell that's too strong for him to handle. That means, yes, the boy prince managed to cast a spell, and yes, he managed to do so while still being a baby."

"But... HE'S A BABY!"

"Yes, that's exactly what I just said. Now we're gonna have to waste our time here until the prince is old enough to understand us."

"And when exactly is that, hmm? You keep saying all these stupid shit, but you're not really giving any concrete plans!"

"Hmm... Well, we can come back and show ourselves again to his consciousness when he's 18?"


"What do you mean, why? Of course, it's 18! That's when everything starts to become legal for a person! You can drink, fuck, and die, and no one is supposed to judge you for it! Look, I thought you're the evil one here, Dantalion; why am I the one schooling you about this stuff?"

Well, maybe you're not as smart as you think..."

GOO tee-hee gaaaaaoooo!



"Well, this sucks... What do you plan to do now, Dominion?"

"Man... I'm stuck here with you. Haa... Maybe I should learn how to knit?"

"That's such a woman thing to say."

"Now that's exactly what a man would say, you know?"

"Oh, shut the fuck up, bitch. Eh? Hey, so what's the deal with that egg right there?"

"Egg? Oh, now that you mention it, there is an egg here."

"It's just... it's sort just chilling there in that throne right there, isn't it?"

"It's also shaking too, plus there's a crack all around it, so it might be hatching soon?"

"Well, at least there's something for us to look forward to while we watch the prince go goo-goo-gaa-gaa on us..."

"Like, I said, we can just reappear once he's 18."


"Okay, okay, gods, you don't have to be such a drama queen about it."


"Alright, alright, gods, let's just return once the prince is 20 years old then..."

"When will that happen?"

"20 years for now."


"Yep. Let that info irk your soul some more. Oh, hey, look, there's something written on the egg!"

"Eh? Ooohh... You're right, Dominion! What's this... Da... Dar... Riu... Darius? Darius!"

"Is that his name?"

"Dunno, but it's here with us now, and I don't wanna name it once it hatches, so let's just call it that."

"Darius, eh? We're all a bunch of Ds in this place..."

"The triple D..."


"I guess... we gotta have patience... ahaha...ha...haa..."

"Oh, I have a few of that, but I don't know about you. You like to have fun."

"Oh... What do you mean? I am... having fun... yaaaaayyy..."


gooo GAAA! Ugyuu...