The Legendary Hero's Brother - 11 Attacked by Monsters

(From the point of view of Roberto Carmichael)


I drank an orange liquid from a triangular-shaped potion bottle that I took somewhere on my shelf while I looked at the wooden door in front of me. I kept chugging and gulping that orange spirit as I sat on the bed as I tapped my legs with my hands. What I just drank is the strongest—far, far strongest and most potent—strengthening potion throughout Luxael.

What is that potion you say?

Alcohol, of course!—Bourbon!

I burped as loud as I could before throwing the potion bottle into the wooden door, crashing right away and sending loud noises of glasses shattering on a solid surface.

When I did so, a gurgling noise immediately resounded on the other side of the door. It didn't really break the door right away and barged right in to fight me, no. I believe that I have seen one of these kinds of summoned monsters before in the Psychic Wars. The gurgling noises outside continued, making me scowl in disgust once more as I heard it utter more indistinguishable cries. It sounded like what people with phlegm stuck on their throat would let out when they try their hardest to push it out of their system. I'm sure you've done it before—you know, that KHAAAAKKK sound you do when you can't pull a lump at the back of your throat. That was precisely how this summoned monster sounds like, only this time, it was also accompanied by the sound of water boiling. Can you even imagine that—that KHAAAKKK sound along with water bubbles popping? Can you imagine just how absolutely fucking horrible that sound may be? Well, you can't, dummy, because you're not here with me to listen as three of them circulate literally right outside of the wooden door before me.

Suddenly, I heard a hissing noise on the other side of the door. I see, so it has begun. Smoke then immediately started to traverse the thin spaces around the wooden door. As the hissing grew louder and the smoke became thicker, I took three potion bottles containing green blobs of chemicals inside of a big compartment in my bag. I then held all of those potions in between the fingers of my right hand and waited for the—


... for that.

The door immediately flew out towards me after that colossal explosion, and I quickly knelt down to evade it from hitting my face as I rolled onto the ground—still with my massive bag on my back. When the smoke finally subsided in the surroundings, I finally saw the silhouette of three monsters crouching around the doorway. Of course, that won't kill them quickly—that would be stupid. The three monsters stood up one after another, revealing their bodies and ugly fucked up stupid absolute garbage faces before me. Oh fuck, god, holy shit, they look ugly AS FUCK!

They're all thin, so that must have meant that their owner died recently. I'm guessing the one who murdered the person or thing who summoned these monsters is the giantess that Madame Violet defeated with the aid of Sir Damian and the little prince down there in the catacombs. They may look like walking stickmen now, but based on their flabby skin that hangs around their bodies like melted muscles, I could easily guess that they were ones either super fucking fat or absolutely fucking jacked—I'm leaning to believe the second one.

They all have humongous heads that don't fit their willowy bodies at all. They all have bald heads, but based on a few hairs still remaining on their heads, I could faintly guess that the ones had heard when their summoner was still alive. They have no genitalia, luckily, which means that there's only flabby skin of nothingness between their feet. Okay, fine, I know it's awkward for me to be talking about a monster's dick, but come on, I'm sure you won't be able to resist looking down there when you see a naked monster, right!? Oh, shut up!

Anyway, that was disgusting and all, but what's even more disgusting is their faces. Since their skin literally looked like blobs of melting bile right about now, their faces have the same quality. Thus, the wrinkles below their eyes were even more pronounced now more than ever, making their eyes pop more like one of those flowers in Nihilheim that explodes when you touch it—spherical, white, and with red veins running all around it. The only difference now is that these monsters still have pupils, which moves around in random directions uncontrollably. This is because these sons of bitches are blind. The only way they can hunt their prey is through sound, which is a stupid design considering how they don't have ears... but I'm sure future summoners can do something about that. They also have no noses, which led me to believe that they must have been designed to have no senses... which again, doesn't make sense, but maybe the people of the future can do something about that.

Their most defining feature is their mouths, giant mouths to be precise—waaay too fucking large, I say! When they open their mouths, they can extend from their head down to their navel. If they do close that long stretchable thing on their faces—which they never do, by the way—it would be big enough for them to eat their own heads off, which is AGAIN another design flaw! Who made these things!? The more "frightening" aspect of these monsters is the fact that there's nothing but teeth in their mouth—no gums at all, and I bet there are even small teeth inside their throat. These summoned monsters also have a long tongue that can stretch up to half a meter, and it can fuck you up so fucking damn easily with one lick because, you guessed it, their tongue is covered with teeth! How do they eat!? Well, to be fair, I believe that summoned monsters don't need sustenance, sooo...

You see, these monsters have a name. Ghouls, that's what they call them.

But, maaan! That name is boring as shit! That's why I call them Mouthpeople instead. I personally think it's much better, and it highlights their strength more. I should copyright that name, to be honest.

The thing is that they SHOULD be scary, and they SHOULD make me worried, but...


"KRRRRHAAAKKKK!" The summoned monsters screamed with that same gurgling sound, but this time it was accompanied by a loud screech that echoed throughout the room. It was so damn loud that it almost broke my potion bottles if I used a weaker glass.

However, again, this is supposed to make me scared, but I have seen enough of their kinds in the psychic wars to know that they will stand no chance against me! I quickly tossed the potion bottles in my hands towards their giant open mouths, and it immediately broke on their teeth-filled mouth. As expected, the green blob inside of the bottles immediately scalded the monster's skins, and in less than a few seconds, they all started to turn into some kind of liquid black shit on the floor, hissing with a pungent smell that almost made me throw up. In a perfect world, this would have taken much longer than this. However, since their summoner had died, they've also gotten so weak that they can die quickly with just a single slice of a longsword. I immediately stepped out of the room as the Mouthpeople turn into a liquid because of the poison I threw at their mouths.

Who said only Madame Belladonna is allowed to use poison?

I then came outside to see the horrifying reality of the battlefield. Damn. It was all too quiet, but that was because everyone else who's ought to create those noises are already just corpses on the ground. Monsters or men, none of it matters; they've all traveled into the underworld now with Vilhelm, the god of death, and was embraced by the cold winter of afterlife. Now, their souls have turned cold, and it is now their bodies turn to do the same.

We're inside of the castle, but the battle still raged on like crazy. I couldn't even imagine what was happening outside. I looked at my left and my right, but they all looked the same to me. Just bodied—corpses, rotting flesh, torn arms crushed heads, bodies without limbs, blood and dark bile forming together on the floor, and a mixture of smoke and death permeating the air.