The Legendary Hero's Brother - -1 A Proclamation of Legend, written by an anonymous ancient Varban Prophe

@@HEAR YE, men and women living in the barren lands in the south: tremendous Power resides at the very core of the soil you stepped upon audaciously! There, in the far distance, lies a powerful monument that will send the world to an era of prosperity.

BE WARNED, only He whom this stone shines upon shall be able to venture forth into that cursed land, for He shall have the blessing of the Gods!—and the world shall know that he is the Herald of the Gods, man of Legend!

COME FORTH, Herald of the Gods! Venture further into the nothingness beyond the southern world and destroy the evil lurking within the confines of this land! Only then shall the God of Death, Vilhelm, ascend from his throne and give you the Power to awaken the secrets of Cydonia.

- inscribed in a stone monument located at the center square of Varba; author: unknown.

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