The Legendary Hero's Brother - -3 Ballad 245 or On My Death, a prophecy by Edolom the Wise

I will leave this world soon

I can feel it in me

I did all that I can

To speak the truth I see

To prevent tragedies

I have been visited

By gods, kings, and spirits

To stop visions foretold

So one last I time, I say

A poem to guide the youth

Heroes, they come and go

Those who have not killed lie

White feathers on the ground

With flames soaring the skies

Conquerors will soon fall

The moonchildren will rise

And kings will rule as one

But prophets, they'll soon leave

Now, I, too, shall follow

Though I am the last one

The last prophet standing

I did my part, I did

My dignity no more

My passion had withered

My dreams stood unfulfilled

But I saved people's lives

I saved strangers or not

Though none of them will know

Nor believe my past deeds

I still did it with love

I did what's right with love

Too bad for Luxael…

He will not do the same.

Too bad for you, Hero…

He will not do the same.

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