One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3952 - A Perfect Match (148)

Chapter 3952: A Perfect Match (148)

“Actually, I’ve never had the habit of eating breakfast, but there was a time I had issues with my stomach, so after that I’d just make do with a sloppy breakfast.”

“This is not sloppy at all!” Liang Yin immediately said, “I think such a breakfast is exquisite!”

“Is it exquisite? This is all whipped up quickly.”

“It’s considered exquisite. At least, I can never make such poached eggs.” Liang Yin loved poached eggs. The soft egg yolk would break with a poke to go with the fragrant egg white. She certainly did not have this level of skill.

“But… how did you form the heart shape?”

Qin Zhou looked at her like she was a fool. “They do have a mold for that.’

“Oh! Oh!” Realizing that she had asked a stupid question, she knocked her own head a couple of times in frustration. As she ate her toast, she looked around curiously. Seeing that there was an oven in the kitchen, she asked in surprise, “You know how to use an oven?”

“Mmm. It probably sounds boring, but I enjoy experimenting with baking.’

“You can bake too!?” Liang Yin was even more surprised. “What a family man.”

Qin Zhou smiled. “A necessary skill for a single man. Since I don’t have a girlfriend, I have to do everything myself.”

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“…” For some reason, Liang Yin turned a bright scarlet and lowered her head shyly. She felt a little embarrassed! She actually… quite liked Qin Zhou! Except, she didn’t seem to be a qualified “girlfriend”. Sigh.

In terms of cooking, she didn’t seem to have much talent. She would ruin something as basic as instant noodles. Even if she really became Qin Zhou’s girlfriend, she would probably be despised! She could only handle household chores, but could not cook…

Hmmm! She had decided! She was going to learn to cook!

As the saying goes, if you want to capture a man’s heart, you have to capture his stomach!

Having made that decision, Liang Yin looked up, planning to gather some more information. “Do you… have an ideal type?”

Qin Zhou studied her intently and said meaningfully, “You and I are both men. I suppose our ideal type wouldn’t be too different.”

“I don’t understand… Everyone has a different sense of aesthetics and ideal type!”

“Waist-length dark hair. Pretty. Big boobs. Pert butt. Simply these.”

Liang Yin said sourly, “I heard that women with big breasts are more brainless.”

“It doesn’t matter. My woman doesn’t need brains. The best kind of woman would be someone good-looking, sweet, and dependent. As long as she’s responsible for looking beautiful, I’ll be responsible for taking care of her.”

Qin Zhou’s words made Liang Yin feel hopeless. She subconsciously looked down at her… C cups. A C cup is hardly ‘big’! It could only be considered normal.

“Shallow!” she spat.

The man laughed and casually spread blueberry jam all over his toast. Then his lips curved meaningfully. “Men are all shallow.”

Liang Yin fell silent.

Qin Zhou paused for a moment before continuing. “However, if one is particularly outstanding in other areas, even if one’s figure is not a killer, it’s not impossible to make an exception and accept them.”

“Such as?”

“The particularly coquettish kind.”

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“Coquettish!?” Liang Yin was surprised. “You like girls who act coquettish?”

“They’re the cutest.”

“I don’t really like coquettish women.”

“Being coquettish is a sign of a high EQ. When a smart woman acts coquettish, it makes people feel comfortable. When a stupid woman does it, it only makes a man feel hypocritical.”