One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3699 - A New Addition (315)

Chapter 3699 A New Addition (315)

All had come to an end.

The absurdities, the ambitions, as well as the hatred that had been lingering for decades, he had truly let go of. Gong Shaoying sighed. From the back, he seemed to have aged significantly.

“Time to eat!”

The family sat down at the dining table. The dining table was huge, more than enough to seat seven comfortably.

Hua Jin hurried back from the production set when he heard that Little Yichen had returned home.

Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi sat on one side, Gong Jie and Youyou sat on another. On the other was Little Yichen and Lisa, while Hua Jin and Little Yueyao took the last.

Lisa only felt that everyone at the table looked simply dazzling. Especially Gong Jie and Hua Jin, they looked really outstanding.

Gong Jie was one who paid great attention to his own appearance, and Hua Jin had just returned from filming still wearing a thick layer of makeup on his face. Little Yichen teased, “Uncle Hua Jin, aren’t you going to remove your makeup before eating? What if the powder on your face drifts into my food?”

Almost choked by his words, Hua Jin said angrily, “Little Yichen, to think I was so looking forward to your return, but you insult me the moment you’re back! I’m most upset!”

“But it’s true!”

Yun Shishi immediately stopped them by interrupting, “Alright, it’s a rare and happy occasion. Stop arguing and get down to eating! Try my cooking.”

Initially, everyone was holding their chopsticks, however when they heard that Yun Shishi had personally cooked, they were stunned.

“Isn’t this Brother-in-law’s cooking?”

Mu Yazhe replied with an innocent expression, “No it’s not.”

In the many years of being married, Mu Yazhe usually did the cooking. In just a year, his culinary skills had progressed significantly, even though it was not as advanced as Youyou’s, who could be compared to that of the chefs of five-star hotels. However, the basic home-cooked dishes that he made were considerably delicious.

Yun Shishi rarely cooked, but Gong Jie and Hua Jin both remembered that whenever Yun Shishi did try cooking, they would always be served those plates of mysterious dark-colored cuisine. They would hesitate when it came time to start eating.

Feeling aggrieved, Hua Jin said, “I really miss Youyou’s cooking. I wonder when I’ll be able to taste it again.”

Youyou frowned in confusion. “I used to cook very well?”

Everyone looked at him seriously and nodded in unison.

Gong Jie remarked, “I’ve always been picky with food, but I’ve never been able to find fault with your cooking.” Youyou was stunned for a moment before Hua Jin chimed in, “Youyou’s cooking is really good. At least, I’ve never tasted better cooking than his.”

Lisa clumsily picked up her chopsticks. She knew how to use chopsticks, but she was still not used to it. She looked at the dishes, unsure of where to start. Because… she had never heard of these dishes, they were all new to her.

After being with the Hurricane Group for so long, she was used to western food and rarely touched Chinese food. The occasional Chinese cuisine that she might eat would have been heavily influenced by western food. Hence she had never had authentic Chinese cuisine before.

“What’s this?” “This is Chinese steamed chicken. Dip it in the sauce. It’s very delicious.” Yun Shishi added, “It’s ready-made from the market.”

Just as she finished speaking, everyone fought to grab some of that chicken with their chopsticks. The woman could not help feeling exasperated.

The moment they heard that she didn’t cook this dish herself, they became enthusiastic. These guys must be out to destroy her!

Lisa picked up a piece of chicken and dipped it in the sauce as Yun Shishi suggested. Her eyes lit up when she took a bite.

Yun Shishi’s looked on fervently. “Does it suit your appetite?”

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

“You can try other dishes. For example, I made this braised pork.”