Super Gene - Chapter 3243 - Good Officer?

Chapter 3243 Good Officer?

Jade Wall City shook. The old buildings started to all apart. Upon seeing many elders crawling out of the buildings in their feeble escapes, Qin Jing Zhen wanted to laugh.

“Good. It is good that it has all been destroyed. If I cannot use them, even though they provide so many benefits, to me they are only resistances.” After a long time, Qin Jing Zhen sighed. He looked rather conflicted.

Black Dragon Promise was the base of the Qin family. It was the last barrier of the Qin Kingdom. Han Sen had used his one sword to break Black Dragon Promise and kill An Yang Ting’s leader, Qin Yuan, in one fell swoop. To the Qin Kingdom and the Qin family, it could be viewed as a grand loss.

To Qin Jing Zhen, things might not have been that bad.

No matter if it was An Yang Ting or the Qin family that was hiding in their old buildings, they gave him up as their king all because of the fact that he was dying. Han Sen had used one sword strike to destroy the city and break the black dragon. It was such a supremely terrifying power. Back in the day, Jian Bu Gu beat Wu Wei Dao Palace alone. While it was a grand feast, it was not as remarkable as what Han Sen had done.

If a man like that was able to say he could extend Qin Jing Zhen’s life span, it was extremely unlikely it was just a lie. On top of that, that man was standing by Qin Bai’s side.

Also, An Yang Ting and the Qin family’s hidden elites’ power were now destroyed. It would be easier for him to build his empire. Seeing Qin Bai look so excited, Qin Jing Zhen looked happy. He thought, “God, let me live a few years longer. Let me give my son a time that can truly belong to him.”

“Han Sen is so strong.” Qin Bai did not think much. He watched Han Sen kill Qin Yuan. It made him so happy that he repeatedly jumped for joy.

Qin Jing Zhen wanted to say something to Qin Bai. He was going to say it, but he stopped. He thought, “It is good that my son did not think of anything else. If he was thinking of something else, he might suffer losses. People like Han Sen are just like Jian Bu Gu. They take relationships seriously. To hang out with them is better for my son.”

After thinking of that, Qin Jing Zhen sighed. “With my son’s personality being what it is, it will be hard for him to become a good king.”


After billions of years of fortitude, a large crack cut right through Jade Wall City. The old buildings, which looked like dragons, were totally cracked.

The Jade Wall City that looked like a jade wall now looked like a wall with cracks that resembled cracked dragons. Some buildings were falling into space from Jade Wall City. Space looked like a mess.

When Jade Wall City’s shaking came to an end, the humans standing next to the cracks were silent. Countless eyes looked at the shadow of the man in space. Their looks were too complicated to describe.

There was hatred, anger, a desire to obey, and utter fear. All kinds of emotions were running wild through the people’s eyes that stared up at that man.

“One sword broke the city. Han Sen’s sword skills are just like Jian Bu Gu back in the day,” a Qin Kingdom elite confessed with a sigh.

An officer looked at the sky and cried as if God had died. “Why? Why? Why must these sword skills reside in the hands of an evil officer? Does God not bless the Qin Kingdom?” “I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing for such a character to appear in the Qin Kingdom. Black Dragon Promise has been destroyed, so what will the future of the Qin Kingdom be like?” Thousand Mile Reach’s eyes were fraught with worry.

“It is no wonder Jian Bu Gu decided to follow this guy,” Jia Shi Zhen said to herself as she looked into the sky with shock. “He really is the bravest I have ever seen.” The elders who escaped from the rubble of their buildings all looked grey. Their mouths were filled with blood. They stared at Han Sen, who was standing in space, with massive shock scrawled upon their faces.

The history of the Qin Kingdom spanned billions of years, and nothing had come close to the display of that sword. How overbearingly powerful was that power?

They were now all riddled with regret. If they knew the strength of that man, they would have listened to the plight of Qin Jing Zhen. None of this would have happened to them.

Black Dragon Promise had been destroyed. The Qin family had spent a lot of effort and resources to build up the system of the black dragon. Now, it had been rendered all for naught. It had been destroyed. Jade Wall City was like any ordinary planet. It was unable to withstand the attacks of the top elites in the universe. To the whole of the Qin Kingdom and Qin family, this was a grand loss they would be unable to pay back.

“If Qin Jing Zhen prayed to everyone and one of us had listened to him, the black dragon system might not have ended up in ruin. We did this to ourselves.” An old Qin family member presented a wry smile as he shook his head.

Another Qin family elite member had the same thought, but it was too late to do anything. That world did not contain the word “if” in it.

“That sword skill is probably invincible in this universe.” The people and nobles who had been shouting to kill Han Sen were now silent. They were terrified. The neutral people were now sighing.

“Without a doubt, Han Sen is the No. 1 swordsman in the Qin Kingdom.”

“Not just the Qin Kingdom. I would say he is the Now. 1 swordsman in the entire universe.”

The Qin Kingdom was a kingdom based on the system of law. Although Han Sen’s sword had shocked Jade Wall City, the Qin Kingdom’s defense system was still activated.

Countless battleships, weapons, and guards started to move. They flooded the space above Jade Wall City, but none of them attacked Han Sen.


That was especially true of the royal guards. They looked at Han Sen with a complicated look. They thought about Steel Scene provoking that man and thought it was hilarious. That person could break Jade Wall City. If Steel Scene wanted to kill him, he obviously had a death wish and deserved to die.

Countless battleships and weapons were pointed at Han Sen. They seemed extremely powerful. It was presumed they had a large advantage. Still, their hearts did not feel safe.

The loads of elites next to the countless battleships and cannons all felt as if they were totally alone in front of Han Sen. Because the culture of the Qin Kingdom taught soldiers to serve their kingdom and fear the law, it steeled their hearts and prohibited them from turning around and running off.

But no one had the courage to actually start attacking Han Sen first. Han Sen just casually stood in space, looking at them. He made them almost suffocate and be unable to breathe. Someone was already falling back.

Suddenly, a light screen showed up in space. The big screens in all the malls displayed a shadow. It was Qin Jing Zhen, who was the king of the Qin Kingdom.

“This is not a traitor who wants to betray their country and destroy the Qin Kingdom’s city and base. Han Sen is my son’s teacher. He protects this country and has just defeated a major traitor. He saved the Qin Kingdom. Having him as a good officer is in the best interest and fortune of the Qin Kingdom.”

What Qin Jing Zhen said was dripping with confidence. Many people were frozen, unable to think about what was going on there.

They did not understand what the situation was. They did not know why the Qin Kingdom’s most evil officer in history had suddenly become a good officer in the Qin Kingdom. Although this sounded all a bit dodgy, the soldiers and nobles surrounding Han Sen somehow felt relieved. They let out a long sigh.