Versatile Mage - Chapter 2714 - Licheng Afterglow Island  

Chapter 2714: Licheng Afterglow Island

It was a colorful butterfly tattooed on a curvaceous part of her body. The butterfly’s wings spread out and it looked like it was about to fly off. It was very lifelike. Mo Fan had no other intention except to be indecent through and through.

Mo Fan had always been a creepy person since childhood. He used to be a peeping tom and took pleasure in it. Eventually, Mo Jiaxin had educated and reprimanded Mo Fan on his behavior. He had come to understand that peeping on others wasn’t a very decent thing to do, that it was even considered a crime.

When it was time, Mo Fan returned to the group and pretended like nothing happened. The young women had all changed into new clothes. When they saw Mo Fan, they stepped aside shyly. Maybe recalling their fight from a while back.

“Master!” Shu Xiaohua was the most enthusiastic. She did not seem to be on guard against anyone, and she always had a big smile on her face.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Mo Fan asked curiously.

“From what? Those law Spirits? I was scared, of course but I am okay now,” she said.

“Then your mental state is pretty good. Speaking of which, your friends clearly have high cultivation realms. So, why is it that you all only rarely go out of the fortress? Are you in some kind of boarding school?” asked Mo Fan.

“We’re not from any school. We’re from Licheng Afterglow Island, which is a little far away from the mainland. It’s not really convenient to go out, so most of the people in Licheng Afterglow Island will concentrate on their training wherever they are,” Shu Xiaohua said.

“Oh, do all the girls in Licheng Afterglow Island dress like you?” asked Mo Fan.

The type of clothes they wore were rare but no one at the Northguard Fortress seemed to find it strange so Mo Fan guessed that it must be a local tradition here.

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“Yeah, we live on the big island and the coast. The sandstorm there is very fierce. The humidity is usually high and the sun is scorching! If we don’t cover ourselves, we easily get burnt.” Shu Xiaohua was not particularly concerned about anything, so she said what was on her mind.

“I see. I thought it had some special meaning.”

“It’s a tradition. We’re reserved so we won’t really wear modern clothing like jeans and T-shirt unless necessary. They look ugly anyway. Those things the fashion models wear look every strange and ugly,” complained Shu Xiaohua.

Mo Fan agreed with her. He had thought that they were perhaps isolated from the world and stuck to their traditional customs. He now understood it wasn’t like that at all.

“Licheng Afterglow Island sounds great. I must visit your place if I have the opportunity. I might meet many outstanding people there…” Mo Fan said.

“Sure. We used to see some tourists there from time to time. But now Licheng Afterglow Island treats itself as though it is on lockdown now because of the Ocean Demons. No outsiders visit anymore. When we traveled out of the island this time, people kept looking at us strangely. Since we dress a certain way, they think we are weird. They are the weird ones if you ask me. So ignorant and narrow minded! When the city was still intact, we were on the cover of the brochures!” said Shu Xiaohua in frustration.

Mo Fan was quiet. He felt attacked because that was how he had treated them too. He was flustered.

Mo Fan was now curious. If the Lichen Afterglow Island was closed and not many people entered or left from there, how did they defend themselves from the Ocean Demons?

There were a few cities outside of the Flying Bird Base City that were still preserved, but they were basically on the verge of collapse. Could it be that Licheng Afterglow Island had some special ability that allowed it to continue to prosper and survive even as Ocean Demons flocked to their lands?

“Won’t Licheng Afterglow Island be attacked by the Ocean Demons? The Ocean Demons are patrolling the coast. When they see occupied cities, they will destroy them,” Mo Fan said.

“That’s what is special about Afterglow Island. We have to thank our…”

Big Sister Ruan walked over to them and glared sternly at Shu Xiaohua. Shu Xiaohua had just realized that she had been about to blurt out something that was supposed to be a secret. She stopped talking and looked at Mo Fan sheepishly.

“Is it something you aren’t supposed to talk about?” asked Mo Fan.

“Mr. Mo Fan, your questions seem to be unrelated to the Mingwu Ancient City. I thought you wanted to know more about that city on this journey?” Big Sister Ruan was really very tall. She came to Mo Fan’s level and looked unwaveringly at him while she talked.

“I… uh… just asked out of concern. I want to remind you that the Ocean Godly Horde is still testing the waters, and their army will soon attack. At that time, there will be no place safe enough except for the Flying Bird Base City, so I hope that you can migrate to a safer place as soon as possible. If unique traditions and customs like yours were to be lost from this world, it would be a shame,” said Mo Fan.

“Well, thank you for your concern, Mr. Mo Fan. But you don’t need to worry about us. We have our own way to protect ourselves,” said Big Sister Ruan calmly.

Mo Fan did not press them further. He was still curious about the secret of Licheng Afterglow Island which helped them survive even when Ocean Demons infested the area. According to Shu Xiaohua, Licheng Afterglow Island seemed quite far from the mainland.

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If it was discovered by the Ocean Demons, the entire island would be surrounded in half a day. The people on the island would be trapped.

“Let’s continue our journey. We still have a long way to go before reaching Mingwu Ancient City. By the way, have you heard that the Hunter Dirty Demons are gradually appearing near the Mingwu Ancient City? They seem to be looking for something. They have killed many mages who visited to the Mingwu Ancient City,” said Big Sister Ruan

“Hunter Dirty Demons again.” Mo Fan frowned.

Hunter Dirty Demons were some of the most difficult races to deal with among the Ocean Demons. They could often be seen in the Eastern Ocean, especially outside the Flying Bird Base City. Hunter Dirty Demons were Scoutlike Assassins of the Ocean Godly Horde. They were secretive, good at sneaking and had extremely terrifying assassination skills. They were vicious.

Fanxue Mountain’s Shao Yu and Elite Patrol Team had dealt with them more than once, but they were still wary of them.

Mo Fan remembered Mu Ningxue mentioning once that wherever the Hunter Dirty Demons appeared, there was often a larger Ocean Demon or a powerful Ocean Demon Army nearby. Hunter Dirty Demons were often used to collect information about the area and clear the scene before the arrival of the main army.