Versatile Mage - Chapter 2713 - Claw Spirit Attacks the Women’s Team  

Chapter 2713: Claw Spirit Attacks the Women’s Team

They walked faster. Big Sister Ruan seemed to notice something amiss. She told the group to assemble and prepare for a fight.

“They purposely did that to drive you away so that you’ll be trapped in their meticulously designed trap,” Mo Fan blurted out.

Big Sister Ruan looked troubled. She realized that this was a trap. The ancient demons intentionally played with the group to cause them to panic so that they could not fight with a sound mind. The group was in the middle of Fengyi Centipede Herb field.

“We can handle them,” said Big Sister Ruan.

“Alright.” Mo Fan nodded. He had no intention of making a move unless he was needed.

Fengyi Centipede Herb was shaped like a green and black centipede. Its grass stems on both of its sides were covered in feet-like grass velvet. When one took a closer look, it looked like a centipede standing. Its soft body swung along with the breeze.

The herb was beloved to many pharmacists. The drug dealers collected and acquired the herbs in large quantities. It was extremely effective in detoxification and wound scabbing. Also, it served as raw material for blood energy supplements.

Fengyi Centipede Herb was affected by time and its surroundings. It provided a wide variety of usefulness. Most of the herbs grew at places where demons roamed about. After all, wounded demons needed Fengyi Centipede Herb to heal!

Beasts usually appeared next to a clean supply of water. Likewise, ferocious demons usually roamed nearby this type of healing herb.

The demons were smart. They usually lurked by the Fengyi Centipede Herbs to await their prey.

Just like the venomous living creatures found nearby the supply of water. Nature thrived, and so did the danger that surrounded it. Deadly traps were set everywhere.

Mo Fan frequently ventured outside. Although he was unsure which mysterious demon horde lurked around the Fengyi Centipede Herb field, he saw through its preying tricks.

Mo Fan could have warned the ladies to take a different path and get around the field. But the ladies were supposed to go out for training. They needed the experience to train themselves and Mo Fan respected that.

The demon who had been plotting the attack wheezed. Fengyi Centipede Herbs swayed around. The next moment, the dense grass split into half like waves, and an arching, black jagged Claw Spirit scurried out. Its green eyes glowed with some kind of dazzling light that could make one’s eyes grow weak. Within the blink of an eye, it lunged at Du Mei’s shoulders.

It extended its sharp claws and pierced the back of her shoulders. Next, it bared its sharp fangs and bit Du Mei’s face.

Mo Fan was shocked to witness such a thing. The Claw Spirit was wicked. It occasionally disguised itself as a mink collar and devoured the humans as they slept at night.

Fortunately, there was a Light Element mage next to Du Mei. She seemed more experienced compared to the others. When faced with sudden attack, she did not use complicated skills. Instead, she cast a simple blinding light spell to hurt the Claw Spirit’s eyes.

It was only then that Du Mei recovered her senses. She screamed while attempting to free herself from its claws. However, the claw stuck fast to her as if it was a part of her flesh.

“Rip it off! Otherwise, you’ll lose your face!” Big Sister Ying shouted.

Du Mei had no choice. She endured the pain and ripped its claw from her skin. A fair layer of skin tore and blood spewed out. She screamed in agony.

“Be careful of its eyes. It can daze us. Don’t let it crawl on you!” Big Sister Ying instructed.

The girls lacked experience. They panicked in the face of chaos and screamed. They could not even hear their leader’s instruction through the noise. Big Sister Ruan had no choice but to send her voice wave into their minds. Even so, not all of them paid attention to her.

Mo Fan shook his head in resignation when he saw their state. He had used his dragon sense to scan them. The ladies had a decent level of cultivation. Unfortunately, their actual combat experience was extremely poor. A warrior-level small demon alone was sufficient to wreak havoc on them.

Nonetheless, Mo Fan did not offer his help. As long as they weren’t in life-threatening danger, he would abide by his words. He would not act. Technically, even if the Claw Spirit killed them, it wouldn’t be his fault anyway.

As a guardian, Mo Fan’s responsibility was to take on the bigger demons that were much more powerful. Claw Spirit wasn’t very dangerous. The reason they looked in such a mess was due to lack of experience which they had to gain by learning and doing.

The Light Element lady was the key woman in this combat. Her light shone on the Claw Spirit, causing it to slow down.

In fact, the Claw Spirit was not really that fast. The main danger was the Fengyi Centipede Herb. The Claw Spirit could use the herb’s hypnotic effect to enhance the magical power of its green eyes.

The women saw the Claw Spirit scurry towards them in a flash. To Mo Fan, the women had been stupid to stay on the same spot allowing the creature to target them. Only when the demon crawled toward them did they regain their senses.

“It’s a fuzzy mental strike!”

The team leader had already informed them about the key technique for spring from the beginning. Unfortunately, they were too panicked to listen. It took them a long time to master the skill.

There were about twenty Claw Spirits in total. Thankfully, the Claw Spirits were of smaller horde. Not as huge as the Ocean Demon horde.

They were in a dire situation, too. Over the past twenty years, there were about twenty types of warrior-level living creatures that were alarmed of the increasingly harsh survival environment. As a result, the demons decided to come in hordes and band together in order to hunt for food.

“Please excuse us. I need to administer medication to my group members.” Big Sister Ruan approached Mo Fan.

This was why they had specifically looked for a female hunter. Mo Fan nodded and walked away. “I will patrol the area. You can take your time.”

When Big Sister Ruan saw Mo Fan far away, she instructed the group of girls to remove their clothes so that they could be treated. They did not have time to set up tents. The quickest way would be to request Mo Fan to stay away.

Unbeknownst to them, Mo Fan was a creep who had Shadow Element Magic. The first thing he did was to peep on them.

“So, it looks like this was once a safe zone on the outskirts where there are around three or five servant-class demons wandering about. It has now become a haven for warrior-level demons.” Mo Fan shook his head in resignation.

These days, basic-level mages could not possibly leave the city. Intermediate mages had to go out in groups. Even advanced mages could not go out by themselves…

‘I never expected her b*obs to be so massive considering her height… Tsk! Tsk!’ thought Mo Fan. ‘Even though she’s the youngest, she has the most… Eh, that tattoo…’