Versatile Mage - Chapter 2651 - Tranquil Imagery

Chapter 2651 Tranquil Imagery

Translated by Xephiz

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan was convinced that the two brothers were not good people after witnessing the scene before him. The animals that were running out of the burning forest were not even true Undead. They were like living specimens being tortured constantly in a sea of flame. They were bound until they were needed to release their hatred!

“Burning a mountain is serious enough to imprison the person responsible for life. Your country really doesn’t have any basic decency if it doesn’t control scum like you!” Mo Fan took a step back.

The animals that had been sacrificed to the fire were scarier than the Undead. Even the Undead did not possess such a strong hatred. Even a look into the animals’ eyes made Mo Fan feel like he was going to burn to ashes! “Your people grill animals alive to make the texture of their meat better. What right do you have to rebuke us? Besides, the forests were my property. I have the right to let the animals live or turn them into sacrifices,” Kunoy replied disdainfully.

Fire Sorcery Beasts!

They used to be ordinary animals instead of demon creatures, but the evil sorcery had turned them into a terrifying army after they were sacrificed to the flames and became the Sacred Bears’ slave warriors.

They fixed their eyes on Mo Fan and charged at him at Kunoy’s command.

The wolf that only had half of its body left pounced at Mo Fan. The strength of its claws was utterly shocking. The Circle of Crystal Teeth protecting Mo Fan failed to withstand a single blow from the Fire Sorcery Wolf Beast!

Red oil suddenly emerged under Mo Fan’s feet while he was backing away. A filthy rat monster dug out of the ground and snapped at Mo Fan’s knee.

Mo Fan swiftly gathered the Circle of Crystal Teeth to wrap around his legs and protect them. He raised his foot and stomped on the rat monster, smashing its skull.

A burning bull cried and charged at Mo Fan from another direction. Its hateful stare was strong enough to freeze a person in place.

It was like a creature in a frenzy trying to pin someone down and set them both on fire!

The bull was not going to ram into Mo Fan. It was trying to spread the fire on it over to Mo Fan so he could also experience the pain of being burned by the fire!

The pain was not something an ordinary human could withstand. The flames could even burn a person’s mind and soul.

Mo Fan knew it was not about how high the fire’s temperature was. This was an ancient Sorcery from northern Europe. It was abusing the sacrificed animals to spread their hatred and fear.

Mo Fan could not break free from the bull’s stare. The fires of even a little fox could easily hurt Mo Fan, even though he had a Greater Heaven Fire Seed.

Mo Fan was just like a normal human in the burning forest. In contrast, the animals that had died in the fire were like demons with strange abilities.

“No one has ever made it out of the forest alive. Have a taste of the pain, as it will last longer than you can imagine!” Kunoy burst out laughing like a madman.

Mo Fan was surrounded by the burning beasts. This was most likely Kunoy’s Absolute Domain. The difference in strength between Kunoy and Mo Fan no longer mattered. Once the Absolute Domain was established, an enemy had to obey the rules in it.

However, an Absolute Domain was not necessarily invulnerable. There were ways to break it down. Mo Fan could not rely on his brute force this time. He had to calmly figure out the weakness of the Absolute Domain.

“Tranquil Imagery!” a voice echoed in Mo Fan’s mind as he was trying to calm down.

The voice was extremely familiar to Mo Fan. It was Xinxia!

Mo Fan was surrounded by raging flames and fiery beasts charred beyond recognition, but he suddenly felt a soothing breeze wrapping around him after he heard Xinxia’s voice.

The terrifying scene was changing rapidly, like a magical stroke had just turned a painting of death and destruction into a calm and peaceful drawing

The ferocious beasts, the scorching flames, and the cries of agony were gone.

Mo Fan was able to calm down. The evil beasts had disappeared, together with their pain.

“I’m afraid your little trick has stopped working,” Mo Fan grinned as he looked at Kunoy.

Kunoy was apoplectic.

What kind of magic could possibly turn his Fire Sorcery into bubbles? The Fire Sorcery was not just an illusion, it was actually similar to a Summoning Spell. It was powerful enough to torture even the strongest Super Mages!

Kunoy looked to the other side and saw a beautiful woman riding a unicorn. Her straight dark brown hair hung down to her waist. Her fringes were combed to the side of her ears, revealing her beautiful face.

“Old Santel, take her out!” Kunoy snarled, pointing at Xinxia. The woman was obviously a Psychic Mage who had mastered some secret art that had easily nullified his Absolute Domain!

“Don’t worry, it’s just a young woman!” Old Santel stepped forward. He was startled when he took a closer look at the Radiance Unicorn Xinxia was riding. It was a rare sacred beast from Europe. Most importantly, the Radiance Unicorn was merely her mount, instead of her Contracted Beast!

“You must be from a renowned clan. The Northern Sacred Bears do not like to offend people for no reason, but that doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want to us. Show me what a young woman like you has!” Old Santel said with a confident smile, as if he was going to teach the young woman how to behave herself.

The Radiance Unicorn approached Old Santel, its hooves tapping the ground rhythmically.

Xinxia was also looking at Old Santel. The old man immediately felt like a huge mountain was collapsing onto him.

The closer she came, the stronger the pressure became.

Finally, Old Santel fell to his knees in a huge sweat as Xinxia arrived in front of him. He could not climb to his feet, no matter how hard he tried!